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  1. Paramount Group?

    Mark are you a lawyer? No I dont think so, Every Great book on song writing will tell you dont go down that route, Telephone A.S.C.A.P. or get a copy of their rules and you will see I'm right. Never Ever Pay some one to put a tune to your lyrics. As Jodi states you are leaving yourself open to a time bomb of problems, as well as doing something completely stupid.
  2. Paramount Group?

    Hi All, No one seems to have mentioned the fact that if any one pays for a melody to be put to their lyrics, A.S.C.A.P and maybe B.M.I. will not allow any member to register the finished product. So what is the point. Let's face it if they were talented enough to be able to write hit songs or even V.G.Songs they would not be doing what they are doing. They are a couple of idiot dudes, who get their money by conning people into having demo's made by themselves. The Demo's I've heard are so bad any legitimate, Publisher or A and R exec. would bin the demo just after hearing the intro. Only naive writers use them, and most just the once.
  3. Hi There, There are many ways to pitch your songs, you need permission to send to a Publisher. You can send or meet up with local bands, or direct to an artist maybe through a musician the Artist employs. Presentation is very important, and if you meet up with a Publisher, you would need to be able to talk shop, They have no time for chancers, i.e. One hit wonders, and People who behave like amateurs. Networking is very hard for most writers because in general they are not sales persons, So many scams out there, to beware of, Demo Studios run by people with dated ideas on arranging your demo, people living in the past. willing to promise everything and delivering nothing. I would advise finding Pro Minded Critiquing services, like the one run by Jasdon Blume, you will get an honest opinion of your work, something you wont get from friends and family. It's very hard to break through, and you will get many dissapointments on route.
  4. The Best Critique you can get, is from someone with a brain, who does not know you, (Has not exchanged views in the past) Replies like "Thank you for sharing' and "One of your best Yet" are drivel, written under "The Old Palls Act." you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Why someone says critique this song and in another breath tells us some Nashville Pitcher is pitching it around town, is beyond me, because he's already made up his/her mind that it's ready for pitching, Some judge a demo by the fact that the singer sounds a bit like some current star, If that Country songs any good it dont need Steel guitars at this work demo stage , That can come later when the song is finished, Too many are too hasty, bowled over by some inspiration that they believe is headed for the number one, when in the real world it's just an average song, that needs lots of work. What they should be doing is getting Pro Critiques of their work . Listening to people who have been there, and made all the mistakes they are making now. Lorna