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    Green Day, Jason Mraz, Jay-Z, Blackeyedpeas, The Network, Bowling For Soup, Simple Plan, Snow Patrol, Good Charolatte
  1. Help with verse chords

    So are you saying this: E E/Eb A Am... as in, the second chord is an E with an Eb bass? If you're in the key of E, you have dozens of chord choices. The obvious ones are A, B, F#m, G#m, C#m. Usually your melody dictates the chord choices. Neal Neal, Yes. E E/Eb A Am (key of E too) and I know all of the chords in e but i cant seem to find which ones fit well with the chorus.
  2. Help with verse chords

    So I've got the chorus progression: E E(drop root half step) A Am but i cant figure out a verse progression to go with it... Any ideas?
  3. Then She Smiles

    If u listen closely you can here 3 parts... one is doing chords, one is doing octaves, and the other one is riffing.
  4. Then She Smiles

    I apologize in advance for quality lyrics are: Verse: Waking up, going to school Looking at the hall I walk in Pre-Chorus I see her, looking beautiful She sees me, Chorus: Then she looks away Then she turns her head Then she looks away Then she smiles Verse: Looking up, in class Almost time, to see her Pre-Chorus Chorus Bridge: Then she’s gone Why? Oh Why? Completely gone Chorus
  5. Hey, I love punk music, thanks for posting on my page. anwsering ur question, I have tons of influences, my influences are: operation ivy, early green day, bowling for soup, rise against, lost memories, the ramones, iggy pop, simple plan, link 80 the list goes on & on...