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  1. Dream dream dream

    Moon circled by ring of yellow Broken shell of garden snail Dog chased and ate its tail Jumping cards Play by themselves Queen of hearts runs away Cupboards open and close at ounce Pots and pans jump out to dance DREAM Dream dream
  2. Magic Poles

    Your right dog, its a silly song and I love it to death, it's certainly not a duck. KG
  3. America's Wounded

    Victor I know they are for they were being followed by the FBI who were being followed my the CIA who were being followed by Peter Pan looking for the movie rights for Disneyland. Kg
  4. unsure how to title this...

    Satan, you could call it Human Race KG Oh yeah- Loved it.
  5. just discovered picnik...

    Satan I like your unique style. Just make sure he frogs not a poison one. KG
  6. America's Wounded

    VC fascinating stuff KG
  7. Christmas you asked?

    Rudolf the Reindeer Suddenly wanted to buck off From pulling Santa's sled a lot Made from the old pig troff Stolen from the butcher shop While all the other lazy helpers Left behind to rest Watered and well feed at best Snuggled up in soft warm beds Of strawberry hay and lemon bread "WE eat and lay all day," they said All swinging on the led Still on full pay there getting ahead Except the old elf with the smelly ass Who's gone to see the vet at last "Thank good for that,' they gasped Rudolf down on his luck Not so mush the splendid buck Like a dying duck in a thunder storm He pulls the sleigh all a lone He pushers on in groans Like a Christmas turkey stuffed and plucked He was feeling mighty stuffed With busted blinkers And legs out stretched to match There's know going forward there's know going back Down below Jumbo the elephant Was eating cream buns by the ton When Santa's sleigh landed in the lot Jumbo was smart and quit aware Of whipped cream on its trunk Strawberry jam on it's ear "You rotten lot of Santa's queers, You all get out of there," it glared For you do not bring me christmas cheer In the christmas crisp night air!" Santa's red silk hat a perfect fit Stuck out of the cream a bit With all the presents to match Christmas cards by the stack Willy elf nursery rhymes written on the back About three blind mice Spiders and plums and all things nice Santa blinked away a bun And wondered what had just been done While the moon and stairs laughed down at such a silly sight "This christmas you've mucked up rally nice Santa cried while going for the carving knife! "Not my fault did my best," Rudolf confessed leaping from the mess Pack your busted boney horns Your blinkers bells as well And make it quick Thats it! You useless furry rat Pick up your tracks there mack Collect your wages from the old toy elf with smelly crack But, what ever you do, don't ever come back YOUR SACKED!" Hey you- Pink flying pig I like that yellow ribbon Tied around your bristly head Would you like his job instead towing me sled!" Sparkling eyes blue calm and clear But covered in poo it smelt, Oh dear Eating chocolate mince pies Covered in wasps and black blow flies It raised one eye And moved quit strange the sight Puckering her callous lips She then farted with all her might Excited and delighted now Rudolf rang his silver bells Then ran towards the randy pig Like a horny hound from hell and rally did quit well With romance in the air The yellow moon above Trotter in hoof in love Rudolf and the pink flying pig Flew to the heavens and never returned Every christmas now, look up into the starry sky Just by the crack in the big yellow moon You can sometimes see them move When the hand strikes twelve on the dot The moon turns reed like the head of a cock When christmas cheer is everywhere Oh look oh look "LOOK AT THE ANGELS UP THERE!" Copyright ApraNZKG
  8. New York New York Minute

    POVERTY AND WEALTH SMOLDER UNDER A NEW YORK STREET LIGHT LIKE THE EYES OF NORMA JEAN DRESSED LIKE PLAYERS OUT ON THE GAME BUDDHA WhORE A PUSH UP BRA JESUS WORE THE SAME Your Money or your life! A crack head screamed Springing out from nowhere It was not a sin Buddha knocked him out with a rubbish bin Jesus turned and said Shall we walk or take the sub way train?
  9. Lost Angels

    Victor thats just thee emotion I was looking for in the poem thanks kindly for your fed back. And Victor your poetry is great! KG
  10. Wind swept

    Umm no, but interesting I may leave it like that. And satan I'm worming up to you
  11. Lost Angels

    Eyes cold winter ice King of lost Angel 's Is out and about Dancing across the roof of hell Flames flicker From skull to skull When it stuck a gun To check out head It had cocaine wings White and black A vacant stare Like the empty car lot out the back "Give me money!" It cried it cried it cried it cried Angry sun in big bold sky It looks to be on fire Check out dead in virgin blood He shot her through the eye And for everyone that lands Another takes to flight Los Angles Guns and knives Is the barber were you go to To have your feathers clipped just right
  12. Neptune

    Tammy this poem is great KG
  13. They Used To Be Wealthy

    Victor for me, this was great insight into another world, and I loved it, yet all at the same time it's a universal tale. KG
  14. connection

    As above as below. KG
  15. Escape

    Thank you satan always glad to hear from you. Question, does the poem drive the writer, or does the writer drive the poem?