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  1. I'm There Beside You

    Thank you for taking the time to read my poem. I did try to create a lyric out of this poem. I believe I posted it here a few years ago when I first joined. I no longer see anything from me in the lyric section. Do I dare repost it? I had to laugh at your comment on "breath", TP. But you know, the breath in this poem is sweet as honeysuckle (oh boy is that cliche or what?), not like that of someone who just finished scarfing down an onion laced burrito.
  2. Great American Desert

    Bravo, TP. I lovee your way with words.
  3. Haiku

    Hey, I wanna play.... good evening all.. Laziness abounds In my hammock I shall nap Peace soothes my old soul
  4. I'm There Beside You

    I'm there beside you I'm the passion that stirs you You think you feel me But you're unsure You breathe me in And taste my desire I satisfy your hunger You feed my soul I'm the candlelight that guides you I'm there in the distance You exhale and I dance upon your breath I'm there beside you I'm the raw excitment at your fingertips I'm the unbridled energy that rages deep within I'm the feeling of youth in the depths of your soul I'm there beside you A part of me thinks I'm just rambling on. Would love some feedback.
  5. ah, what a sweet picture...so much better than that silly generic head. ;)

  6. I noticed noticed the B-Day greeting you left on my profile page yesterday. Thank you.

  7. June Lyric Writing Comp

    Congrats to the winners!!
  8. For what it's worth, I read a book called, The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing, by Randall D Wixen. Someone referred it to me so I cold see how the business end of songwriting works. I'm certainly not expecting a career out of my writing but just incase that miracle happens with one lyric, I don't want to be totally naive to that end of the business. I was also told a good thing to have was, The Songwriters Market by Writers Digest. Good luck to you!
  9. A Place Like No Other

    My thoughts are all scattered and I can't seem to get a decent lyric going these past few days. I have this instead... The alarm goes off I hit the snooze The news is on And it’s not good I want to go back in to my slumber I want to dream of a place like no other A place where dreams float upon the air Where you can reach high and take your pick A place where peace, love and compassion reign Where the innocence of our children is not at risk A place where they can grow strong and stable Where never a harsh word could be spoken Or a clenched fist raised A place where war has no meaning A place where men and woman don’t have to Die to be free A place where tears turn to laughter A place where the sense of loss becomes A little less heavy Until that exists in the world I’ll continue to dream of A place like no other
  10. Home

    I can only say one word. Beautiful...
  11. There's A Force

    There's A Force There's a force that pulls me I try to resist But I am beat There's a voice that haunts and soothes me I have no control I can only yield to the beauty of the words They cover me like rain I bathe in the soft downpour I do not seek shelter As it is warm and satisfying There's a force that pulls me And I embrace it
  12. Haiku, Post Yours!

    my form and balance may just stumble and falter without self control
  13. Unseen Notebooks

    oiy, Feel like a fool using the word bearing. I can't even claim it as a typo. One of those stupid mistakes that could have been prevented by proof reading. I made the changes and I do like it better without all the ing ing. Thank you everyone.
  14. Unseen Notebooks

    Unseen Notebooks Words tucked away In unseen notebooks Bares her soul Where no one sees Afraid of the truth And how it's perceived Vulnerable and defenseless Quietly sits alone Reveals her darkest secrets Records every milestone With her words tucked away In unseen notebooks
  15. Can I Be Your Muse

    Thank you, surfer. Sometimes I fear this could be as good as I ever get. I whipped one up when I got home from work. I'll post it.