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  1. Black Ice

    Enjoyed this much-ly. Lyrics tell a clever story. Do have something to consider. Maybe open the story with something akinto, Your slippery slope was dark and deep. As a way to start the slide effects of black ice before you get to the chorus. Cool dark and definitely folky, Cindy. ...
  2. The Wedding of Ricky and Amber

    Whether redneck or harvest. This is further proof that you have hilarious skill in writing a comedy lyric. Enjoyed this as much as Hometown kings. You made me smile out loud, again...
  3. Music in your heart.

    If you were Paul Simon, you would write this and fans everywhere would sing and dance around its beauty. Sorry I can't be a roaring crowd of encouragement but I can be me and enthusiastic about the bit of music left in my heart. As you intended. Thanks, BigHappy. Till your congas beat about their horns...
  4. The Toreodor

    I don't hate it. Enjoy it quite a bit. Does have a poser vibe that takes some getting over. I may be wrong but I think Toreador is only a word that means bullfighter in Bizet & Merimee's Carmen (the french opera about sexy crazy Spaniards). And I also think Ole' isn't very Mexican either, but more of a cheer used (exclusively?) in Spain and Hollywood and at football games that look like soccer. Especially like the notion that this "brave" guy might only be a figment of imagination or intoxication... he did humorously consider bringing a gun to a bullfight. Best and more, Big Happy...
  5. Me time (revised with added bridge)

    As always, I'm enjoying one of your lyric stories. only nit involes the baby/baby bit of hmm in V1. Perhaps something like this could be worth considering: Lazy/Crazy to the point of ruthless Baby don't call me useless Other'n that, if even, I like it all and love the new bridge. Keep your keep on... p.p. I really like Baby cries me a new tooth enough to enjoy getting lost on it. Is the meaning similar to Baby cut me some slack?
  6. Fall

    I'm up too late for details but this made me 'ah' in awe. Brava, Tammy...
  7. I Hope it Rains

    I read this earlier, Emily, and had the same pre and chorus contradiction as Liam. But now, after enjoying a few reads more, I like that I won't dig my grave, oh, because I'm gonna drown and float away. This is so smartly, sadly and beautif'ly written. I do love the comfort of your misery, here and in "Touch Me", so I'm gonna hope this feeling is more about fiction than my autobiography. Oh'n I didn't ask permission, didn't have time, but I kinda read with the vibe of The Weepies song "Gotta Have You". Sorry if this akins-to blaspheme. Cheers in a forward looking way...
  8. before the end of time

    I've enjoyed this enough to come back and re-read on more'n a few occasions. It being Voyager specific didn't matter me much. (Cool to know, though.) I just liked the words and way you wrote this story with all it's near & outer space-y images. Very Cool! Cheers and more, before the end of time...
  9. Too hot on the S's

    If you have the original vocal tack avail for use (or one not overly compressed) then maybe this de-essing tutorial might help: .Cheers...
  10. An Angel In Hell

    Hey Barney. Don't know if you're keeping track of IMO's but I don't find this offensive at all. It's smart and musical with a few images that appear cliche to some but function as relatable to others. Of course Mama isn't the classic hero type but there are many in this world who actually and unconditionally love the hard living Mama's who bore them - without apology. More so, or so it seems, if the parent dies or disappears... then the strongest and fondest memories turn into legends that could easily involve deals and devils and angles and ultimate sacrifices. Maybe I'm blessed with the curse of personal experience here but I think your lyric delivers an impressive story of complicated love and devotion. Maybe she or someone similar is the reason for all the good Hells Angels do for families surviving in and below poverty. All the best and more...
  11. My Little Furry Friend

    Very Cool! Can appreciate how they keep each other well - fur is forever! Not sure why but I read this with a RHCP "My Friends" vibe in my head (only not as lonely). Whichever direction you take this I hope to hear it. Best and more...
  12. We Found True Love (But I Threw It Away)

    Hey Joey. This is really nice. A pleasure to hear - music and story in equal measure. Do have two thoughts. One, ending your bridge lyric with a 1/4 rest + again, "And I've got to find a way to make you mine... [again]." I know 'again' is present in V3 but I think its use in the bridge would add a bit of tension and syllabic color to the bars that lead into the final chorus. It's kinda gimmicky to folks who write songs but I often find the effect very satisfying. Two, transistor coolness was the 60's -70's and Shania was coolest in the 90's. Of course I enjoy the sound play between resist/transist so I hope there's a fix that puts singer and device in the same decade. Things worth mentioning - I think, but I can easily enjoy hearing it as is. Peace and more...
  13. Before I came to "by faith" Christ (revised 2)

    Wow, mcjensen. I thought the original was very well written. I had some concern about the repetitive use of "I remember..." to open both the verses and the chorus, especially when you also have the bridge sing "...when I think back." But this revision soars above any concerns with a super solid and vivid Romans 7:24 story. Some might find the situation hyperbolic and a bit too hard on itself (Meh, vice sh-mice. What's wrong with a little fun?)) but I think you've chosen the right sins to raise a saint up from. It'll resonate with the many who celebrate deliverance, then ruminate deliverance... then celebrate, again. All the best as you move this forward in the song world...
  14. Temperance

    This turned out really cool, Liam. And the music is darn close to what i heard as I read your lyric post. Happy for you and your collaborator(s) .
  15. When Life Begins at Eternity (formerly T-Minus Immortality)

    Hi Mike B - Appreciate you mentioning the rhyme pattern. I do have a simple chord progression and flatline melody. They're not worthy of airtime but the do convey my intention to create a musical feeling with the combination of perfect and non-perfect rhymes. (Also hoped the use of near identical couplets would further support my efforts) Perhaps the obvious end rhymes that open the verses create a want for more of the same throughout. Definitely worth a reconsider... as for now, thanks for sharing your your time and thoughts. Hello SongWolfe - This is based on my inner conflict about life support as a way to prolong life, manage pain and suffering, until a cure or death arrives. Hence the use of the word 'plug' in the bridge. These images and emotions are real-life experiences so I'm thankful you found them authentic. I've made changes regarding your input and expect more will find their way in as I continue my rewrites. Thank you for taking time to read and reply what you consider standouts and worthy of tweaks. Good afternoon Joey - I did not want to come across as judgmental or in your face about this subject so your softness, tender, spiritual, and touching descriptions help me believe I've achieved this goal. Creative confidence can be hard to find when the lyric story is sensitive and the approach is unconventional. Thank you for thinking this powerful and worthy of your time and compliments.