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  1. I have been asking question after question. and upon going to the link you provided many of them will be answered.. I briefly took a look at the site and found it very helpful for music production and understanding the best fit of instruments to use.. especially if you aren't technically a "musician" like myself but love the "live band" sound.. Thanks
  2. Black Girl Lost

    Ok so I had a friend who found her self caught up in this relationship.. And I stood up for her. was there for here and she kept going back. so one night i wrote this.. This was years old.. my thoughts after findig out she went back to the person i had put all my energy into protecting her from.. yuuup.. I don't neccessarily consider these poems but scripts.. Black Girl Lost soooo lost sooo lost that she cannot find the time to stop and rewind back to the moment that led her to the point of the destruction of her self n mind I try to shed light in her journey of darkness but then I see that it doesn’t matter day or night she’s blind blinded by the false definition of love by the one that was beat into her by the one that substituted sense with dense-ity suggestion with demand friends with solitude dignity with self worth lessness joy with pain no need to question the only answer is given by the one who beautifully brainwashed every bit of self pride of out this girl all the while convincing her it must be love it must be what I need it must be what every relationship will be like this is it "love" she cares she worries she wants the best for me she allowed this to happen she now cannot live without it she’s addicted to being hit and ****** nolonger the happy jolly outspoken girl I used to know now shes a clone of a domestic trend I spent mostly all of my life observing the inner workings of "Love" so called love n I don’t want it I want love the love that makes u feel good takes care of u never takes u from u that completes you set fire upon ya soul little disputes but never physically throw blows or seperates you from the world that slave **** that do what I say bitch or u will get whipped u belong to me **** I ain’t for it n never will be one lesson I didn’t have to experience to learn early..... Black girl lost will she ever find her way.. I pray...
  3. Patience Time Balance.. Ready to Improve!