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    My three amazing kids, autism awareness, percussion instruments, photography, arts education, knitting, handpainting yarn, daydreaming

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  1. Diurnal, unfortunately. I wrote most of my stuff at work--while I was supposed to be working.
  2. TO MY "FRIEND" IN SEATTLE I know your name, your age, your home. I know your birthday. You don't live alone. You're not very ethnic. You have a cute face. You're short and you like to bicycle race. I've seen all of your family but you don't know me. I live on the other side of the country. We've never met. I'm just one of the count of faceless friends on your not-so-private Facebook account.
  3. Je vous remerci. Mais je ne suis pas jeune. How did you know I had a bit of French?
  4. Have been in your friends's shoes. Didn't get poetry, just a lot of emotional blackmail.
  5. Leaves me breathless, as well. Do the captializations have significance?
  6. Very nice writing there, for you. Mine was just sophomoric silliness (not even--I was a freshman in 1988). My edges are rather near the middle, I'm afraid (I was a junior in high school when I wrote "The Edge").
  7. S & M U. I'm a student at S&M U. Our colors are red, black and blue. I'm good with chains, better with whips. My nails are long, to tear flesh into strips. ...and I'll tell you you're bad, so be glad to be had by a student at S & M U. The Edge Oh, damn. I've hit the edge. There's nowhere else to go. But after all this time, I always thought that there'd be more. I always thought that there'd be more, but after all this time there's nowhere else to go. I've hit the edge. Oh, damn.
  8. Yes, I am an introvert by nature because I tend to put a great deal of care and effort into my friendships. This leaves me very little or none for me if I spread myself too thin. That is very draining.

  9. I plagiarized that one from a friend on facebook.

  10. I composed this while I was up to my elbows in dirty dishes, then forgot most of it. It kind of started in the middle. As he got older, the chip on his shoulder became a boulder. Who can avoid the landslide? He always mistakes honour and pride. ...angry and he hates his life ...comes home and rapes his wife...
  11. But don't mind me. I haven't written a thing worth calling a poem since 1985 (until a month ago or so).
  12. This is a beautiful concept. Wish I'd thought of it.
  13. Your Pascal quote was the favourite of a friend of mine who died.

  14. Hell-o. You sound as introverted as me. I'm a poet too.