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  1. Hi, I know it's been awhile but I'm getting back into it again. I'd like to get feedback on this new lyric. I can picture this as a traditional country song. I do have a melody in mind but I'm not very good at playing guitar. Thanks for your help and suggestions. "Head and Heart Together" © 2015 Darin Martin (v1) I wake up every morning and it’s the same old thing This holding on and letting go is driving me insane My heart says yes and my head says no But I can’t stand the thought of letting her go My head says she’s gone but my heart says I love her I’ve got to get my head and heart together (Chorus) My head says one thing my heart says another Neither one never agrees with the other My head says she’s leaving my heart says don’t let her I keep telling myself that things will get better But it won’t if I don’t get my head and heart together (v2) I don’t know why my head and heart can’t just agree That it’s no good to argue like this so easily I keep telling my head to leave my heart alone But I can’t seem to do that on my own I guess this is the end of forever If I can’tt get my head and heart together (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) I never thought being in love would put me through stormy weather Until it was too late to put my head and heart together (Repeat Chorus) - Darin
  2. Hi, I just got an acoustic guitar/vocal back from my new co-writer Stephen Colarelli who was kind enough to put music to my lyric. I'm picturing this as the next "Jesus, Take the Wheel" kind of song. We're looking for feedback on lyrics and melody. Thanks for your time and suggestions. "Angels Don't Always Have Wings" (worktape version) http://soundcloud.com/user1484170/angels-dont-always-have-wings "Angels Don't Always Have Wings" Words and music © 2014 Darin Martin and Stephen Colarelli (V1) She worked five years at the diner down the road Worked double shifts to pay off her college loans People came and went, got achy feet and food stained clothes She went home crying every night Her momma called to tell her 'everything will be alright' (Chorus) You can't see their halos But there's a light where they go That shines on everyone they touch Helping those who need it that much We'll know them by the blessings they bring Cause angels don't always have wings (V2) He had breakfast at the counter every day Could make her smile and time would melt away They talked about having a future together someday They both got laid off around the same time He said 'let's pack our bags, everything will be just fine' (Repeat Chorus) (Bridge) They both found jobs in a brand new town Trying to buy a house but can't afford it now They just got news that twins are on the way In times like this, she can still hear her momma say (Repeat Chorus) - Darin
  3. Songs For Film & TV

    Hi David, First of all, welcome to Muse Muse!! I took a look at your website and browsed your placements pages. I saw you did have a few acknowledgements of which songs were placed. I started songwriting 3 years ago and I hope that one day I can be a staff songwriter. Good luck to you. Darin
  4. The "Secrets In the Snow" movie soundtrack is now for sale!! Buy a copy for yourself and for all of your friends!! http://www.everynewdaypictures.com/#!merchandise/vstc2=page-2
  5. Thanks everyone for the support. I recently got an email from the movie director that the movie soundtrack will be sold beginning on April 12th to online music stores! Be sure to mark that date on your calenders so you can get a copy for yourself and a friend! Darin
  6. Howdy y'all, I'm stoked to announce that I have singed a single song music publishing agreement with Meat Pie Music in Australia!! I'm excited that Brenda-Lee wants to represent me and five of my original songs. One of my songs "In the Middle of It All" that I co-wrote with Brandon Matias will be placed in an Indie Christian Film called "Secrets In the Snow." The movie will be released in the spring of 2012 and my song will also be on the movie soundtrack!! http://www.soundclick.com/darinmartin Keep on writing! Darin
  7. your songs are really good!(:

  8. They were able to raise the $15K in time. I got word from the movie director today that they started filming for the movie this past week. Thank you everyone for your support.
  9. Howdy, This will be my first cut ever! One of the songs "In the Middle of It All" that I co-wrote with Brandon Matias was signed with Every New Day Pictures!! One of the directors want to use it for the Indie Christian Film "Secrets In The Snow!" The song will also be on the movie soundtrack and is in the running to be on a promotional trailer! There will be a worldwide media distribution for the movie. The film could also be on the Hallmark Channel and the Gospel Music Network! Please take 5 minutes to watch the clip on the link below. When you donate $30 you will also receive a copy of the soundtrack! If it happened to me it can happen to anyone!! Keep on writing!! Darin
  10. Hi gang, I have been writing for two years now and have been trying to build my song library so I can get a cut by a music artist or placed in film/tv. I thought it would be neat to hear some stories of your first song cut. I don't care if it was by an Indie artist, a Major artist or placed in film/tv. How did it happen? Could you show us a link to your song on the final product? I hope this will keep me motivated to keep on writing.
  11. A little about myself. I'm 25 years old and have been a member of ASCAP as a writer since 2009. I have about 20 lyrics in song format written that needs music. I'm now starting to do co-writes since I'm not good at recording music. All of my co-writers don't mind the 50/50 and we always sign a collaboration agreement on paper. I'm also keeping a folder of all the songs I did with the co-writer's name and contact info along with the actual MP3 and lyric sheet. I don't mind the thread being hijacked. I still have alot to learn on the business side and the read so far has been very entertaining. After signing up with NSAI and SongU, I am learning so much. If I got this straight, I can't take several songs written by different co-writers and copyright them as a single collection. I can copyright them as a collection with just one specific co-writer as a collection though. Is that correct? Should I copyright them before submitting material to music publishers? I'm trying to build up my song library before I start so I can submit to alot of different opportunities.
  12. SongU

    Hi, I joined NSAI a few weeks ago and I really like it. I love the song critiques, workshops, webscasts and forums. I can't seem to find that many songwriters or evaluators that do Christian Contemporary music. I heard about SongU and I know that they do have a 10 day free trial. Has anyone had success after joining SongU and is it worth the $25 a month fee?
  13. Hi, I'm just curious if I should copyright each song as I get them done or if I should wait until I have 10-15 songs and then copyright all of them as a collection? Some of the songs I have done myself but there are others I have done with co-writers. What if I copyright a song and re-write it. Should I re-copyright that song too? I'm also learning that I should have a written agreement on paper no matter if it's a work for hire or a co-write. Which forms should I use to send to the Library of Congress? Should I do them online instead? I think it's $35.00 per song online but $65.00 per song or collection. As you can tell I'm a little confused right now. I will also get a three ring binder and put all of the paper with with a copy of the demo for each song in it. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Foxgrove Music Publishing

    I was offered an exclusive 'Music Publishing Agreement' but after hearing your opinions I'm not going to sign it. I looked up their indie record label company, FoxFire records and only got some girl on soundclick that supposedly is signed by them with lots of credits on her resume but I never heard of her at all. Something smells fishy.
  15. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has heard of, signed a contract with or worked for this group.