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  1. Jason Kalman

    July song competition

    Big thanks to Fab for running this month's contest! Congrats to Jambrains and HoboSage! Thanks to everyone who enjoyed Prima Donna. Appreciate the kind words from Steve, Eric and Kook. Life is a fleeting thing – PaulCanuck– Beautiful Piano composition. Song has a timeless feel to it. Kinda crazy – Moptop– Shiny, fun classic pop rock. Can’t help but be in a good mood listening to this melodic joyride. 10,000,000 – HoboSage– Rocks! Very tasteful arrangement. I enjoyed the production effects (vocal echoes etc). Has a retro and modern vibe. Venom & Vitriol – GocartMoz– Really good lyrics. Enjoyable tune! Great lead guitar J The Underground – neuroron– Solid production! Always top-notch lyrics that tell a good story. Fun melodies throughout. Active Shooter – RoadDog– RAW and Rockin’! I could see this song doing very well in a live setting. Silver Tongue – ScenesFromPalacio– Class-act. Love the rhythm, instrumentation, lyrics, accordion, phenomenal bridge, well I love everything about this song actually. This was my favorite song of the group. Bullets and Lovers - Eric Burgos– Very beautiful instrumentation and melody. Gorgeous chorus with harmony, has a classic Tom Petty feel to it (one of my favorite all-time songwriters). Great job! The Moon Is Scheming – Zeligovitch– hauntingly beautiful. Sparse instrumentation, especially on piano, that creates an effective unsettling mood. Gorgeous vocals. One of my favorites this month. Bleed – Qindfish– I enjoyed the tune. Very poignant lyrics and pleasant keyboard and guitar. The Jesus I know – Donnie– old time classic country tune, very nice. Long - Mike B– Enjoyable, has a modern yet timeless vibe to it. The Meanest Man Of All - Short Order Kook– Love the banjo and mandolin. Very classic timeless sound. Has a Neil Young vibe. Without You – Jambrains– Fun tune with a very catch melody and arrangement. Lyrics steal the show here. One of my favorites this month. Leave A Little Light – Murphster– Sparse arrangement. Lovely melody and lyrics.
  2. Jason Kalman

    July song competition

    Prima Donna Lyrics, Music, Performance by Jason Kalman I took this job To pay the bills But what I found Was a girl that kills She walks around Like she owns this town Like an actor Winning an Oscar Prima Donna is what you are to me Prima Donna you're not very nice to me She said: “You see, That’s not my job And you’re not my boss So kiss off” But that’s ok That’s just fine Cause I know one day She’ll be mine Prima Donna is what you are to me Prima Donna you're not very nice to me When you would walk by in the hallway You never thought to say hello As if I was insane Somehow a criminal I wanna be a superhero So you could be my Louise Lane
  3. Jason Kalman

    June Song Contest

    Congrats to Steve and Fab!!!! I enjoyed all the songs this month as usual! Thanks to everyone for listening to "Dreaming of You." Thanks to everyone that provided comments. Most importantly thanks to Neal for stepping up this month so this contest could even be possible. Below are some of my notes from when I graded the songs. If you would like a more detailed look please PM me and I'd be more than happy to share my thoughts. Sunday Christian Good melody. Summertime Song Fun, lyrically and vocally it reminds me of Weezer, a band I adore. Lyrically it is fun and free-spirited. New School – A nod to the 80s, but still relevant. I too miss record stores….a lot! I enjoyed the lyrics. Loved the melody meter. Also liked the beat change in the chorus. Overall an enjoyable listen. The Truth Comes Stumbling In - Old school sound. Very enjoyable nod to an age long passed. Cool harmonica and harmonies. Tomahawk – Enjoyed the distorted guitars…total chaos. Bottle – great lyrics. Music was fun. Liked the bridge transition. Forever – Vocals are good. Chorus is cool, nice melody. Right there and then – Adore the melody. Nice lyrics…the innocence of the early 60s. Great melodic guitars and the old school keyboard sound. Love and Joy – Loved the tempo change, key change. Favorite line and melody run "some day we're going to be ash in the cemetery - l Know it" Very clever songwriting all around. New Life Around the bend – Really good lyrics I’m not giving up on Love – nice lyrics, vocals, but especially the brass and instrumentation. Star in this town – Strong lyrics.
  4. Jason Kalman

    June Song Contest

    Dreaming Of You music/lyrics/performance by Jason Kalman Why’d I let you go? Cause I don't want you to know That everything is hard for me I barely have the strength to be I can only hope that now You can figure out somehow I’ll be right here living in the shadows I’ll be right here living in the dark I will spend my waking hours Dreaming of you I will spend my nights alone Dreaming of you I’m not like everyone You deserve a better man I’m afraid of everything I’m afraid of everything but you I can only run and hide I can never go outside You are all I’ve ever known You spread your wings and let me in I am destined for misery Without you I can never be
  5. Jason Kalman

    March 2018 Song Contest

    Thanks Paul for hosting March's song contest! I enjoyed every song in this month's contest. For me grading was tough and many of the songs were close in score. With that said, my top 3 songs were: Your Life - Oswlek Gorgeous melody, arrangement, performance, lyrics. Pretty much anything you can objectively judge in a song you nailed. I got the Satellite - Scenes Always sophisticated chordal and vocal counterpoint. Such a fun song, lyrically, melodically and rhythmically. Old - MOSO Well written and performed guitars and vocals throughout. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed You Lift Me Up. I agreed with the crits posted here. Certainly a song I can continue to work on and make better. Jason
  6. Nice acoustic vocal piece. I love the story driven lyrics. For a full production, I wouldn't add too much. Simple bass and drums, nothing fancy. Light percussion might be better than a full drum kit. Acoustic bass might be a nice touch, but electric bass at low volume would work. Maybe some piano embellishments here and there. Some acoustic guitar licks here and there would add a nice sound. Overall very nice tune!
  7. Jason Kalman

    The Trouble is...

    Paul, Beautiful song. Wonderful chorus and lyrics. My only suggestion would be that the vocal delivery seems too upbeat for the somber lyrics and the accompanying guitar part which is also melancholy. I would consider redoing the vocals to match the tone of the verse. The chorus guitar and lyrics seem more upbeat so I think the vocals match well with the chorus. Other than that minor suggestion, the song is great as is!
  8. Jason Kalman

    March 2018 Song Contest

    You Lift Me Up By Jason Kalman Work at 7:30 Home at 9PM Working every weekend The shit would never end The job that would've kill me The job I left behind When I don't need the money I just need the time You lift me up just before I hit the ground You lift me up just before I fall back down I never was a wise man I never was a saint I never had the answers To the questions I replayed You always kept me grounded You always kept me safe I somehow never thanked you For that I take the blame You lift me up just before I hit the ground You lift me up just before I fall back down You were there for me When I hit the ground I was down so down And locked within a valley This fire keeps me warm The darkness moves away from me As light puts out the storm This cabin by the mountains So far from anything Sitting by the window Watch the rain soak everything You lift me up just before I hit the ground You lift me up just before I fall back down
  9. Jason Kalman

    2016 1+1 Song of the Year Contest

    Congrats to Goldfish, Bee3 and Road Dog! You were my winners also!
  10. Jason Kalman

    2016 Open Format Song of the Year Contest

    Congrats to The S! His song was one of my favorites! I also had Skin and Bones and White Gold as my favorites. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed The Wreckage and Cover You. I am always humbled to be included in the SOTY contest. I can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for all of us Jason
  11. Mike, has a great 60s vibe, love it. Great harmonies and guitars throughout. Dirty guitar solo! Lots of grit. Man what a vibe you created. Winning tune, that's all. I know you recorded this quickly, so there are the usual things you may want to go back and fix. jason
  12. Justin, love the ukulele and sparse but emotive arrangement. I hear so many lovely elements floating in and out. The melody is haunting. Brilliantly performed. I don't have any crits, just keep writing! your fan, jason
  13. Jason Kalman


    Pretty song. Interesting chords and melodies. Lyrics were very nice. Not sure how to get folks to cover songs. Sorry I can't help there. I think the song has lot going for it. I really enjoyed the listen. Very catchy melody! 🙂. jason
  14. Jason Kalman

    Middle Of A Love

    Joey, i enjoyed the song. The lyrics were well written. I thought the vocals and the music worked well together. Mix wise, the guitars seemed a little out of tune with the other instruments. This is a common problem for me. Guitars can become very difficult to keep in tune at times for many reasons. There is no quick fix for that, sometimes the climate really messes with the ability to stay in tune. Just something to consider. You could look at midi guitar options, or maybe it's as simple as a new set of strings. anyway this was a good country ballad! well done, jason
  15. Jason Kalman

    Together Till The End of TIme

    Ty, i do like the lyrics. The melody is ok, could use some more development, if I need to work on melody, I'll usually play it on guitar or piano. If the vocal melody sounds interesting on the guitar or piano, that is an indication for me that maybe I'm on to something. The guitar was played ok, plenty of room for you to add some arpeggios and licks as you see fit. overall good tune with tons of potential. cheers jason