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  1. Zeek, Some Beach is a great song....contrasting all those bad things with sitting on a beach somewhere. There are a ton of artists in and near the trop-rock world. Jimmy Buffett got it going, but really built it from Caribbean influences like calypso, reggae, etc. Now, well-known artists like Blake Shelton, Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and a zillion local artists are doing it to.
  2. Pete, Thanks....I love it when someone remembers the hook to one of my songs! Catchy is a great compliment IMHO. JGarcia, I like the James Taylor song....of course he can/could sing anything and it sounds like James Taylor and is automatically hit material! Colin
  3. Thanks for your thoughts on this. The song has drawn a lot of comments, good and bad. Towards the end, we made some changes to aim it at the opportunity mentioned above in the thread. Initially, the song was inspired by Knee Deep by The Zac Brown Band (which is an extremely popular current song by a very successful country rock band which may not be on the radar screen of some of you). I don't know whether we have achieved anything in the class of Zac Brown, but that's the back story! Keep your comments coming. We still may change it.
  4. Thanks Hybrid, We would appreciate your forwarding the email to: symandalay@gmail.com
  5. A Much Warmer Place

    LMK - thanks for your suggestions. I have modified the drum track to warm it up a bit and added some delay to the voice. My drummer still has four arms at a couple of places. Will fix that next.
  6. Ordinary Man (full version)

    Overall I like this. I think it holds up well against many songs in the singer/songwriter category. It makes me think of the Kinks for some reason....did they have an "ordinary man' song? I agree with others who think the hook is a bit over utilized. On the nitpicking side, I would have liked a bit more meat in the lyrics. Maybe some examples of what she required vs what an ordinary man had to offer. And what did she not forgive in the bridge? Overall, pleasant to listen to and that's what it's all about.
  7. Sweet (when it fades)

    I don't know what you call your genre but it is not one I spend much time with. Having said that, your lyrics make me think of poetry rather than songs. They are very poetic and creative, but do they work as a song??? The problem is that lyrics pass quickly and there is no time to ponder the meaning, so simpler is often best if you want the listener to understand the message. I doubt if a listener would understand or even identify the words in this one. On the other hand, music is about sounds, and lyrics are often unimportant as long as they sound good. Your choice!!!
  8. Mastering Plug-ins

    I am happy with the basic T-racks system which comes with four plug-ins. I think it is all you need unless you work in a fancy studio as a career. They can sell you about 6 different kinds of EQ based on a famous board in Outer Mongolia, but it is still an EQ.
  9. I think these are both real good for the purpose you intend. You never know what will catch the ear of a music supervisor so no use worrying about the kick attack, etc. Either they will love it or not....
  10. We have not changed the lyrics at this point but here is the latest version with improved production. All comments are welcome...... http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=552255&songID=12737748
  11. A Much Warmer Place

    Mephisto....thanks for the hint on the drums. First time someone has called me out on the muti-armed drumming, but I will do as you suggest! SoddyBottoms....thanks for the encouragement on the Pinot Grigiot. I know what you mean. You will enjoy the weather here at this time of year. Just about perfect this week. I would miss young females at the Villages however. Rick.....yeah the lyrics were cranked out quick during FAWM and they are pretty simple. I will reflect on making them more subtle. Oswlek....another vote for fancying up the lyrics...gotta try that. Mike....and another. Thanks for compliment on my voice. I do better on some songs than others. I will never win The Voice.
  12. A Much Warmer Place

    Zeek....thanks for the comment. I didn't know you were there, but it was a flying visit and I was freezing since I have lost my tolerance for temperatures below 65 degrees. Had to get home!
  13. I have been neglecting the Muse for a while....hope to fix that! I wrote the lyrics to this during Feb Album Writing month and just recorded this version for a project that wanted a somewhat mournful song with specific instruments. I live in Florida but had to visit Rhode Island in November which is where the idea came from. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=552255&songID=12736930 All comments welcome... Thanks Colin A Much Warmer Place Copyright ©2014 Colin Ward V1 Bleak, brown and cold, Flurries in the air, Trench coat round my shoulders Ice in my hair V2 Fishing season’s over, Boats are in the yard, Last few leaves are falling, Water’s getting hard Chorus And soon I’ll be home to a much warmer place, And soon I’ll be gazing on a much warmer face, And no matter what the season, no matter how cold, I will be just fine, as long as you are there to hold V3 The tourists left some time ago, The ice cream shop is boarded Colors fade to brown and white, Snow plow’s out of storage V4 And the crackling of a fire, And the smell of hot food steaming, It all seems worthwhile, When I see your face beaming Chorus Bridge Four months of winter, And then we’ll see the shoots, Meanwhile we can take some time, To get back to our roots Chorus
  14. Thanks for commenting on this song. I would like to mention that the production and mix of this is only half complete....there would be a lot more work put into it including turning the shaker down, improving the vocals, adding harmonies and lead guitar hooky riffs, etc. We are not asking for production comments. We are interested in your thoughts on the melody/chords though. One of the inspirations for this musically is a Zac Brown Band song called Knee Deep. Someone asked which modern artist would sing this and the answer is it is aimed somewhat at Zac Brown. Criticisms on the other forum were aimed at the word vacay and the expression "in the worst way" (by a native English speaker who lives in Europe). What do you think? Have you ever heard anyone say Vacay? Thanks for listening...... Colin
  15. Cool! We love sub-tropical blues. Hope you do buy it!