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  1. Trying to get back!

    Thanks all for your words of encouragement and advice. Mike I am trying to take on your advice about writing about current affairs. Especially with what has/is happening here in the U.K. At the moment. I went to an interesting exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum here in London that was about revolutions and popular culture in the 60s. Found it quite inspirational to see the likes of the Beatles, Woodie Guthrie's, Sam Cookes and others diaries and lyric notebooks. Lazz great advice and I think you are probably correct about the pentatonic thing so at work (I'm a teacher) I have free use of the music practice rooms so I'm starting to use those and having a mess around on the piano there as well as a guitar and dying something different. Thanks all again and I look forward to posting some lyrics/music soon
  2. Trying to get back!

    Clearly I have also forgot how to post as well - apologies for the multiple posts!
  3. Hey folks, Feels a while (probably because it is!) that I've posted here. But yeah felt I should. Hope everyone is keeping well. I've had a manic few years, we've moved from the country to the centre of London and then to the outskirts. Moved jobs a few times, settled down, have got engaged and are planning a wedding. So yeah it's been quite frantic but joyous. The only issue is.... Songwriting. My vibe has always been melancholy or telling tales where the end is either minor or left open. The problem is I don't associate myself with those feelings anymore. I found some of my old lyrics books in a recent move and it kind of made me sad. A) that I felt like that and I didn't have anything to write about anymore. I tend to think that writing positively is hard, without coming across cheesy or corny. I fact I spoke to a friend of mine who released an album a few years ago after his dad passed away, he said exactly the same. He can't write a follow up album as he has nothing to engage him and I guess I find myself thinking the same. So I thought I'd come here for some advice, how do you overcome this, I have plenty to be thankful for and could write about. But don't feel I can do a good enough job and stew on it and don't write anything. Does anyone ever feel the same? If so what have people done to overcome this. Ultimately this is my only regret with my life at the moment is that I don't write as much. Some of that is timeframes but that can be overcome, it's the actual writing and content at the moment.
  4. Tools of the trade

    Many phones have built in voice memo recorders and though I haven't used it. I know it is popular with musicians, I listened to sodajerker on songwriting and Adam Duritz swears by it. Fine it won't record things as tabs but getting ideas down quickly its a cheap and easy tool, (you will still have the yelling in the background though )
  5. I've done a few FutureLearn courses in the last couple of years and the good thing about it is that the course stays on your profile so you can dip in and out as you like. Ok you don't get the discussions but for the exercises it may be useful. Think I'm going to sign myself up as well!
  6. Rhymes 8

    Lets bring in the new one as we left the old With a belly full of liquor to keep out the cold Resolutions for things we should have done last year 2016 the year of the same old... and beer. Next topic Tonic
  7. Roundabout 18

    Now the doctor is prescribing medication that focuses on self intercourse Flagellation of the body he says is good for the soul it's better than the pills used to tranqualize a horse Because there is no medication that can fill this mindless empty hole
  8. David Bowie RIP

    Was shocked by the news this morning. Have enjoyed Bowie's music since my teens (Ok not that long ago but certainly shaped my tastes). Was fortunate to see a retrospective exhibition of his life at the V&A museum a couple of years ago was very interesting. For a man who questioned society and shaped music, fashion and society, he was also a reserved and private man.
  9. Musical Goals for 2016

    For me it's simple - write more. I feel musically I let myself down last year. I let work take over last year and I didn't have time to relax so finding time to do anything was difficult. Thankfully I've moved jobs and I even have access to a piano as well so I intend to make the must of it and start writing again. At the moment it's just small steps - rhymes, ideas, storylines, poetry but I'm sure something will click and I'll get something together!
  10. Good idea Len! Would be interesting for folk to bring along early snippets of their own songs (maybe an incomplete: lyric, chord progression, riff, bass line, etc.) and brainstorm ideas to see how different people would progress them. Would get a cross fertilization of ideas to take away and add to each individuals songwriting tool kit. Andy Yeah that would be a great idea - would be really good to get in to some routine for songwriting!
  11. Most definetly a wonderful time, really glad I've met so many new faces and caught up with some good friends. Need to do a lot more musing I think! Thank you Sarah, Ellen and Alistair for organising such a great day. But also thank you for everyone who came there were some great songs, beautiful voices and great conversation! Just caught the train and on coffee number 3 or 4 already!
  12. Not as an exciting a journey as Ron's but I'm en route! I'm just Stratford looks a bit sunnier than South West London this morning! Got the lyrics out and practising - think the other train passengers think I'm a bit odd! See you guys all very soon! Really looking forward to it!!
  13. Messaged you Alistair. Looking forward to this! Should be a really good day! Looking forward to catching up with so many of you!
  14. Rhymes 8

    Digits fit neatly in to place as easy as 1,2,3,4,5 That first touch that makes my heart race That reminds me that love is strong and alive That reassurance you are by my side As we make our life's plans Knowing that we are in it for the ride stood together, holding hands Topic: Touching your toes
  15. Hello You :-)

    Nice to play with you in the Rhyme Game. Hope you can take my brand of wit hehehehe