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  1. A Line That Needs Help

    Pleased to greet you Mr. M personally, jus scanning it, an if me were you...so to speak took only one bone rattling, to shake your skeleton crew behind your back their tattling...now what you gonna do? they who pushed your shovel know where the bodies lay you wagered with the devil an now you've Hell to pay but, I lean melodramatic (my tendency) and I don't really think much good comes out collaborative lyric, over-all jus caught my eye an I love the pirate imagery! Looks like fun Mr. M., Cheers, and good luck!
  2. Someone Took The Stardust

    Danny! I'd call it a pop gem, my friend Josh Levitre, sounds more like John Mayer than John Mayer some lovely star-swept prose, tho' sounds to me, like a partnership that could grow bountiful fruit Cheers
  3. "Alongside Salvation"

    as a child, I was taught the faith of a mustard seed could make the mountains crumble for all our soul truly needs is to know even God is humble Cheers to seeds that tumble
  4. The Grasping Hand

    Wow, if I could pictures like this I would give up my day job!
  5. 4 New Paintings!!

    worthy of any wall no matter how grand or small and I would own them all but... "Lament in Colour" I see a White Whale dashing and handsome the flukes of his tail this is the piece for my tiny hall really tho' Stewart not one would I cull Cheers
  6. Playing with shadows and light.

    "Enchanting" was my first thought!
  7. Fabric Of The Night

    this cloth you have woven on love's golden loom with star for your sequins and rays from the moon displays your uniqueness and warms up the room Cheers, for the hearts you have swooned
  8. In The End

    "You let your heart be chained to those who can't be trusted And left the sky to claim back everything you wanted" a love-life walking away seems they always return with one last word left to say another bridge needing burned Cheers, to the lessons we've earned
  9. Blue-Collar Struggle

    pleased to meet you captain I'm just the lowest of crew wondering what has happened to perhaps one more verse or 2 appears to be a song with a subject sooo very broad that to make one believe you belong you should dig your hands in the sod a blue collar man is a toiler living on societies bloat feeding the wealthy man's boiler right now he reads too remote
  10. Mobius

    Thank you again, my dear old friend it was great see you at the fawm it looks like collabs came in the end I have too many to work on... Love to see you liked Möbius Tho' I believe it's just me and you He damn near got the best of us by the time that Whale was thru Cheers, from me an Möbius for taking the time to peruse
  11. The One Minute Long Song

    that's all love does, or perhaps can even do shine a simple, sweet ray of hope in to our world like this simple, lovely tune Cheers, to your wisdom strung on pearls
  12. A Gentle Slave To Calming

    I'm echoing Tracy here... sooo many fascinating prose, but wow what a tangled web you have wove out of these threads of melancholy definitely ain't a quick read but the imagery is very compelling So Cheers!
  13. Mobius

    this was a Whale of a write for me i started one evening and didn't finish till the wee hours of the following morning i have a long love affair going on with the Sperm Whale Un-requited of course...but i remain Un-deterred Had no idea where this was going when it began, but it just kept coming Hope Melville fans will forgive my impertinence, but it jus happened! Where the name Mobius came from...i haven't a clue... simply went with it Bless you, if you make your way thru this i chopped out a lot of verse, but the story is still a ponderous one Mobius Whale by now, you have all heard the story from that one fearless, fool, i let live tis a tale of a price paid for glory was his tale...but i've mine to give i dropped into this world the color white like a pearl when it shines in the light i was a morsel for ev'ry shark in site i was so attuned to dorsals, i couldn't sleep at night to bulls of my clan, i wasn't worth the fight A Great Sperm Whale is not the color white Whale to you, my name is echoed "Moby" but, "It's Möbius", i told that foul puke! when i captured your creature, Un-holy an sawed off one half of its fluke a Great Sperm Whale dives into the trenches down where the squids grow thick & huge "the shallows, they exist for the wenches" Now there's an echo, this whale, came to rue... from other tales, you know i had it tough always proving i was made of sterner stuff my flukes were growing larger than any other bull there was no harder charger, than me, in my school but nothing i did mattered, in their sight for a Great Sperm Whale is not the color white Whale to you, my name is echoed "Moby" but, "It's Möbius", i told that foul puke! when i captured your creature, Un-holy an sawed off one half of its fluke i can still see the ocean on that day like an echo that doesn't fade away an i hear my mother's song, calling out my name (((Mobius i love you all the same))) Whale i slapped the surface hard an drew my breath to the giants down below we echoed "death" was diving with my pack to the bottom of the trench into the blackest, black where the pressure grows immense when suddenly i snapped with a fear so intense that i blew my lungs right there, an made ascent in my shame i swam for shallow ocean to beach this flesh & rot it in the sun my mother cried out echo-locations but i couldn't face her eye with what i'd done on that very day, your demon swam our seas on a monster fish with squid hung on trees it vanquished my clan, who had lived there for an age in the snap of clam, i heard their echos fade my shame turned to grief, then grief turned to rage an "Moby Dick" swam onto your page Whale to you, my name is echoed "Moby" but, "It's Möbius", i told that foul puke! when i captured your creature Un-holy an sawed off one half of its fluke Poseidon, O Poseidon did i echo Please, O Father, hear my sad lament an my heart sank as low as any Whale can go to the bottom, of a bottom-less trench arriving i found no Whale left alive surely, it thought one of us survived when suddenly a spear was thrust into my side i turned an saw the fear in those bottom feeding eyes with one kick of my fluke i tossed him in the sky an into the trench i did dive above me, i could see that foul creature swimming on the top of the sea my rage had increased with the pressure it was now jus the monster and me Whale to you, my name is echoed "Moby" but, "It's Möbius", i told that foul puke! when i captured your creature, Un-holy an sawed off one half of its fluke stripped of all my pride, i had purpose the dead-eye of a shark, did i possess my hump was like a rock when i surfaced an i smashed thru the bones of its chest when i breeched the monster went with me an my lungs gathered up its full stench to the floor of the sea, i took his fish with me where i tossed it to the squids down in the trench from that day on, your creature did hunt me but we Sperm Whales are great hunters too in his dreams my echo would haunt him in his sleep, i would show him his crew again, i let your creature find me where only a madman would ever dare this time, i'm aware for the past is behind me The Great White Whale was i, an needed no remindin i took him to the sea where i prepared to become that DAMaged Flippers worse nightmare
  14. Tree art.

    who doesn't love a tree especially it's winding roots digging down so deep while thrusting up it's shoots this reminds me of Jabba the Hut with his minions huddled round lying across his massive gut about to be gobbled down
  15. "Far Into The Night"

    this one came from your youth i remember these moments well but now we're long in the tooth an this water bills gonna be Hell Cheers to these nights we re-tell