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  1. Hey Hugozhor Thanks a lot, glad you like it. that couplet's one of my favourites too. Cheers Joe
  2. Hey Hugozhor Thanks a lot, glad you like it. that couplet's one of my favourites too. Cheers Joe
  3. Hey Don Thanks very much, I couldn't make them more sinister cause I don't know who they are. Cheers Joe
  4. Hey Earl Eric has pointed out a few of my concerns, plus this does seem to be kind of one dimensional. It comes across as kind of flat. You have some good lines though. Cheers Joe
  5. This is a very thickly veiled criticism. It comes across as just a bunch of random sentences(although cleverly written). I assume you have music for this. Joe
  6. Hey Megaboy: Glad you liked it. I don't want to meet them. Cheers Joe Hey Obi: I don't know what it's about either. glad you enjoyed it. Cheers Joe Hey Dinorider: Sorry mate my translators on holiday. All the best Joe
  7. Hey S.B. That's where I got the title. glad you liked it. Cheers Joe Hey INL. I think it's more dramatically humorous. Cheers Joe
  8. Hey Theresa You'd be surprise at how many songs I write as I'm waking up. I'd like to think this speaks to people, what it says who knows LOL. Peace Joe
  9. Hey S.B. I got the title for the X-Files(though I've never seen it). My idea was aliens cause that's what the show was about, but whatever floats your boat. Glad you liked it. Cheers Joe
  10. Hey G. Thanks, this one is a bit unusual for me but glad you liked it. I haven't actually seen the Matrix movies. Peace Joe
  11. Hey Jim That's as good a guess as any! Cheers Joe
  12. Hey Eric It can be about who you want it to be. To me it's aliens in human form, but that's just me. Cheers Joe
  13. Hey Jim Clever stuff with some great lines. I've known quite a few guys like this and in my youth acted much the same for a short while. Cheers Joe
  14. Hey Gwyneth We've had more of those trials by media in this country lately(mainly soap stars and DJ's). But I digress I think this is an excellent lyric, cleverly written. Forget all about the religious stuff. Peace Joe
  15. Hey Mortal A little bit different from your usual stuff(though none the worse for that), I think it's great. presumably you're still working on verse4. Cheers Joe