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  1. If you happen to be *anywhere* near Austria - or planning to be - this would be a *great* event to check out. This is for the rock/pop oriented musician who is serious about improving his/her skills as a songwriter (composer, lyricist) and values the direct exchange with an experienced international rock artist: The English rock guitarist, singer and songwriter Neil Taylor (Tears for Fears, Robbie Williams, Tina Turner and many more) will talk about his personal approach to songwriting and will also share his own insights and experience in the international rock & pop music scene with us. He also will deconstruct one of his favorite songs for us. :-) More topics to choose from: Neil's songwriting heroes & education? / Superstar success: is it all hype or are there specific qualities in their writing? / The music business today & tomorrow: how to succeed as a songwriter / The art of pitching / when and how should you contact a publisher / Neil's opinion on social media, streaming services & the copyright debate Questions & Answers session - bring your own questions! Special Feature: Neil will give feedback & advice to 3 songs (will be drawn by lot) - bring your song on CD, USB Stick or smartphone or be ready to perform it live! Questions: Alexander Hrach 0043 699 1596 1004 or alexander@hrach.at Booking: only via www.vsc.or.at Note: Limited seats. If you are on facebook, please see https://www.facebook.com/events/539245762849578/?context=create&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming