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  1. Lyrical Parody Parade

    I had forgotten about this thread, but gee I laughed! To Recap... LyriCAL's Market was written to White Room by Cream MrsFaustoPakistan's Playground was written to Copacabana, made famous by Barry Manilow Kesha373's 'unnamed lyric's origin remains unknown Good try kesha373, as much as I love Meatloaf, (since you don't know me that's an amazing guess) it wasn't one of his songs in this case. Which means.. Tracy somebody's Have you seen my behind? remains unknown And I'm not telling, so you'll have to guess or wait for the video to come out LyriCAL's Mojo's House is still unknown mick70's Look At My Bum is still alas unknown Monte's Norwegian Poop is also unknown Clemo's York Stone Fireplace is a new parody to puzzle over So if anyone has any ideas about the original songs that these were parodied from, we are still trying to figure some of them out, so please give us a hand. Clue's are allowed as well, as you'll soon see. By the way Clemo, your song sounds so familiar, I'm hoping it will come to me sooner or later. CLUE: Have You Seen My Behind was based on a song by a solo recording artist.
  2. Collaboration Contest

    I'd like to participate as a lyricist, but I always feel guilty like the musician might have preferred someone else. So if anyone volunteers to work with me I'd feel a lot better about it. Actually it is looking a bit congested with lyricists, so I'm happy to sit this one out😊
  3. October Lyrics Contest

    HUGE CONGRATS to ALL THE WINNERS DonnaMarilyn that was a magical lyric, so glad it WON! I liked the other top entries this month as well. As for me, I have never been happier with a lyric entry, and have never received so many 4s, what do we think that means ? lol A massive lot of entries this month but I really enjoyed going through them! Well done again to the winners this month!
  4. Reason For Edit

    I edit a lot of things, always perfecting on the run so to speak. So much so that I would remain silent on a platform where I couldn't edit something. It intrigues me though, every time it pops up it's intimate little asking head, who actually answers its intrusive call? Personally I don't, but I'm interested on hearing everyone else's practices. Do you or don't you?
  5. Evrythg I nvr wntd

    Hi =Bob= and thanks for the comment, I wasn't sure how the eyebrows would go, but I really wanted to include them . And thanks also for posting an easier version to read. Hi and thanks PaulCanuck for the kind words. I'm not quite sure whether you are just being cheeky at the end there or not . Hi John Voorpostel, I am glad you enjoy those lines, I can imagine them being sung by some 1980s girl band with layers of soulful harmonies.... Ok now I'm just being cheeky with myself . Seriously John, I was looking for feedback on those lines, so thank you for your help. Hi Ty and thank you for the positive feedback. As for the line you mentioned I believe it could probably work either way. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it . Hi kuya, thanks for reading......and...... LOL Ok i admit i had to look some of them up .
  6. Evrythg I nvr wntd

    Ur in debt up past ur neck and those inchworm eyebrows Who'll bail u out from the grip of drought before the heavy snow falls? Ur evrythg, evrythg I nvr wntd Ur evrythg, evrythg I ddnt need If ur evrythg, evrythg I nvr wntd How cn a love succeed? U waxed, u waned, u lost, u gained, in ur complexity Away from bed, u live life in ur head, in a whirl of fantasy Ur evrythg, evrythg I nvr wntd Ur evrythg, evrythg I ddnt need If ur evrythg, evrythg I nvr wntd How cn a love succeed? I lay myself down so u can walk all ovr me Baby u can walk all ovr me, cos Ur evrythg, evrythg I nvr wntd Ur evrythg, evrythg I ddnt need Yeh ur evrythg, evrythg I nvr wntd But baby u r the one for me.
  7. Rain and Thunder

    Hi, this lyric seems more like the tension before the storm rather than the release of the tension which the storm would allow. A Storm Brewing could be a great title for this. Good imagery and tension building throughout this. Great write!
  8. A Four Leaf Clover In The Snow

    Hello I had to reply just to say this flows remarkably well.
  9. Counting Moons

    Hi, I thought this was quite masterful on read through as it stands . I was disappointed about the lack of counting moons, hence I suggest having a closer look at what your lyrics are really trying to say and title it more appropriately. Whatever you don't or do, this lyric imo shows great craft.
  10. Least Said

    Thanks for your comment Barneyboy I didn't think the language was that much of a stretch, but okay. I have to admit I wanted to come up with this whole story about how the girl was picking chilis off the vine when she had a cut on her hand, and her father was trying to......but I can't be bothered. You caught me out, the third verse needs work . Thank you for your help Barneyboy, I appreciate it. Oh and my dad always said the more you scream and carry on (= having a whinge) about things, the more they hurt because you are continuing to focus on them (Not that it wouldn't hurt anyway ).
  11. Least Said

    Least Said: Soonest Mended Tracy Edridge C. 2017. V1 In my tower I was living like rapunzel when I was young A handsome Prince he came a calling, I let my hair become undone He vowed to catch me in his warm arms as I leaned out on the ledge Then he turned his pretty back on me and I careened towards my death C But, least said: soonest mended I kept silent with my pain Least said: soonest mended and I'll be smiling once again So I dont mention everytime you pinch my sore and sorry heart Cause least said soonest mended, learned that lesson from the start V2 You know my brother he liked to help me, didn't know he helped himself Could not believe that he'd put money, over good people like myself And when I found out, I didn't react, I was so stunned by what he'd done Brother freaked out and then he walked out and he was angry for months to come C But, least said: soonest mended I keep silent with my pain Least said: soonest mended and I'll be smiling once again So I don't mention everytime you pinch my sore and sorry heart Cause least said soonest mended, I learned that lesson from the start V3 I used to pigsqueal like farmers daughter, my daddy'd rush in to keep me calm Don't put no chili on your wounds dear, you need a cool and soothing balm The more you whinging the more it hurts now, so just be still and trust it goes Least said soonest mended and that's all you need to know
  12. Breakup Ballad lyrics

    Hi Margaret Maude I think this is really lovely, I mean I was impressed. In the interest of trimming, I think the lyric works a bit better like this. Keep or sweep (whatever you do with this I feel it's going to be amazing anyway!) Verse 1 Yesterday, I met you in the garden Trailing behind me We stood upon the gravel in the morning Waiting for something Pre-chorus Anything to happen Was it you, was it me? How did this happen How did rain fall on your cheek and shame on mine? When I looked into your eyes I died Verse 2 Yesterday, you told me that you loved me You left me speechless And I, being the fool in all the madness Heard three words, but couldn’t speak them Pre-chorus Everything will happen Wasn’t you, wasn’t me, yet it has happened Rain will fall on your cheek and shame on mine. For a long time Chorus You loved me but I let you go Crushed you deep inside your soul Took you in and threw you out The fire was quietly burning out You held me tight in your arms Yet my heart felt oh, so far Your love’s tearing me apart Into shards Bridge Oh, oh oh oh oh [x4] Pre-chorus Anything can happen Wasn’t you wasn’t me, yet this has happened How did rain fall on your cheek and shame on mine? Chorus You loved me but I let you go Crushed you deep inside your soul Took you in and threw you out The fire was quietly burning out Loved you but I didn’t know The flame was slowly growing cold My mind was slowly getting old Drew our love to a close And I’m acting fine hope you won’t know Wear a smile just for show I see you’re at an all time low But please my darling don’t lose hope Someday she will come along A girl who might have heard this song before And will not sing to you This melody ‘bout what went wrong with us We have both been damaged This is our Breakup Ballad Verse 4/ ending Yesterday, I left you in the garden My head and my heart were aching Nobody told me it would hurt Doing the heartbreaking Fantastic write !
  13. Love's a Game

    Hi Barneyboy I liked the lyric, I especially like the first two verses, the makeup line is really tangible. I can't get past this line though, it trips me up no end . The only other line I'm not 100% sold on is Could it be deep seated tension? I don't know. I really love the bridge .
  14. By the Time the Rumour Got to Me

    Hope I'm not too late to the party, the flow on this is really good Paul, and I love the poignancy of it, the unique feel. Paul, the only tweak that jumps at me from the lyric is, And gossipers happily feed it. Great write. Love your versatility as a lyricist.
  15. Ban The Burqa

    Barneyboy Thank you, I am really glad that you replied to this topic, and I actually agree with a lot of the comments you make. Looking at this as a straight lyric, your points make sense. The present tense would be better, sounds like a forced rhyme for kill (which it is), the chorus is crap (my words) objectively that is all correct and I agree with you, I worked within the boundaries of another song and those are the weak points because of it. Your critical eye is really on point here and you took a lot of time on it, I really appreciate it. Thank you so much! One thing I will answer, the burqa could conceal bombs and other weaponry beneath it and therefore be used in terror strikes. (not my opinion, just answering). =Bob= thank you for your colourful input PaulCanuck, Should I stay or should I go now? Rock The Casbah, the good old days! Thanks for your comments, I tend to get tunnel vision, so it's nice when someone pulls me out of my own head to see broader options for my lyrics.