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  1. Tracy somebody

    This is my renaissance

    I am looking for feedback, am l evoking enough imagery, is anyone else there with me or do l need more vibrancy? Any other comments/opinions are welcome πŸ€— This is my renaissance (c) 2018 V1 I took a life, l took a life that's mine I booked a night, l booked a night designed I shook a knife, l shook a knife, to fight I took her life, l took her life that's right. V2 I crushed her spine, l crushed her spine in time I hooked her up, l hooked her up, up tight I slayed her, l erased her and her plight Then l walked from dark into the light PC Threw away those murderous robes No-one else will ever know, The everyday's been overthrown. Let's feast and dance, light every sconce... Chorus This is my Renaissance This is my Renaissance All arise and stomp the beat with me Raise your arms, turn clockwise and sway along the street Dance upon rich tapestries laid for our bare feet This is my Renaissance This is my Renaissance Bridge All the words long hidden will once again be spoken All that has been sleeping will once again be woken All that's been imprisoned has once again been freed Love beauty truth is now my creed. Chorus (repeat)
  2. Tracy somebody

    When Do's The Next Train Leave

    Not the easiest lyric to make out with the formatting, but l persevered. I think the first line is the weakest in the lyric. What if you started this lyric off with the urgency of the singer? For example, "Quick, tell/help me, l gotta get out of here! When does the next train leave?" That would grab my attention and put me right next to you. Just a thought. Nice lyric steve! πŸ˜†
  3. Tracy somebody

    Hey Diane

    I think on all levels this is a wonderful example of humanity πŸ€—. Sincere thanks for caring. πŸ‘πŸ’› My only real suggestion would be freshening up the second line of the lyric. I'd like to see something a little less travelled there. πŸ˜‰ Well done! I really like this and l'm sure it will help Diane feel your love through its' medium. πŸ˜„
  4. Tracy somebody

    You've got a banshee in you

    I loved the title, you certainly took it in an unexpected direction😲. Subject seems more like the curious incident of the dog in the night time since we don't know what's gotten pup so upset🐢.☹️ Having said all of that l somehow love it and l vote for leaving it as is. Complete in its' moment of uniqueness. 😊
  5. Tracy somebody


    RobertK said.. "But don't try to justify to me the idea that it's okay or "just part of the deal" to judge something like Medusa a "poor" lyric, or Catch Me On The Rebound "below average". There are only two explanations for that sort of travesty, and I've outlined them already, so that will be my last word on the issue." Robert there is a third possibility, please refer to a thread urgently, l know l refer to it often.... it's by Alistair S and it's called...."Unrecognised Genius and What to do About it". πŸ˜• it helps.πŸ‘
  6. Tracy somebody


    Apologies accepted. Thank you. Sorry if I got too quickly offended at all of this, it's that time of the month 😈 One thing I do want to say is that the winning lyric is not being spoken about enough. Congratulations on a wonderful lyric Patty, you came up with a great hook, eeked everything out of it and made it work. Magic.
  7. Tracy somebody


    RobertK said..... let's just say that, contrary to the maxim, not EVERYONE has the right to an opinion. Apparently not. And.... It should, in a perfect learning/feedback environment, be more a matter of judging complete craftsmanship rather than one's being enamoured with a title or phrase, or one's heartstring's pulled merely on the topic. After all, a lyric isn't truly a lyric unless it presents itself to musical composition and performance. Until then, it's merely an idea for a "song poem", more or less worthy, and the world is full of ideas. Good luck with that. And.... IMNSHO, your song hit on all cylinders but one and should have scored higher. Well maybe, since you're so superior to us regular folk, you should get 3 votes instead of one. Or even better, I can give you my vote next time so that it can get done properly.
  8. Tracy somebody


    I don't think you are helping.
  9. Tracy somebody


    Hmm it seems not only am I ignorant, I try to rig my scores in the chance of winning. These allegations are ridiculous. I usually love DonnaMarilyn's lyrics, in this case I didn't. But I don't think that she will believe I was trying to derail anything. Please don't tell me how I should vote, what my views should be, or insinuate anything about my character. Last time I checked I was allowed my humble opinions.
  10. Tracy somebody

    Poltergeist Boy

    I just finished reading In The Minds Of Millions which is where the inspiration for this lyric came from. Poltergeist Boy Intro Seventeen August 1955 The date that Matthew Manning came alive. V When he was eleven there came manifestations Ghostly silver tankard and puzzling situations Objects disappearing to distant locations Disturbances occurring, experiments taken Pc Police were called Doctors too No one knew What to do C They called him Poltergeist Boy They called him Poltergeist Boy V He caused the school faculty no end of frustration Tables, chairs and bunk beds moving out of their stations Random or dangerous materialisations Headmaster tried expelling him with some trepidation Pc Priests were called Experts too No one knew What to do C They called him Poltergeist Boy They called him Poltergeist Boy Bridge He could automatic write and automatic draw He could heal and diagnose and did it by the score When he chose, he could wield such voltage at command He could probably melt the lights all across the land They called him Sir They called him Sir
  11. Tracy somebody

    Boots O'Reilly

    I like this SongWolfe you paint a good picture with your words. First 2 verses are strong. Under Big ol' skies could be improved, though imho, give us more with that line. Verse 3 is great, you've got me caught in your woven visual. 😊 I think the chorus could offer a little more texture and contrast, it seems a touch bland after the promise of the verses. I don't think the field line is doing enough work. I would love to feel concrete or cement or smell grass or tar, etc. I feel like Boots has more of a story than just jumping straight to the doctor. This guy sounds legendary, tell me more about his adventures. Where was ge walking? Did he help someone one day. Did he do a midnight flick or rob a train? Anyway I think this is a good solid start to what could be an even more interesting lyric.
  12. Tracy somebody

    Xposed Kingdom

    Good on you for embracing a new you! This lyric does have a lovely boldness and liberty about it. Not sure I can interpret it all the way through, but that's okay, you can still sense the ascent to freedom. Well done, and keep up the positivity!
  13. Tracy somebody

    Thoughts on Offensive Lyrics

    I have always been iffy on a song by the Boss, Bruce Springsteen. A top 40 number called, I'm on fire. It's not as much offensive as it is suss. Hey little girl, is your daddy home?Did he go away and leave you all alone? Mhmm I got a bad desireOh, I'm on fire hmmmmm okaay.
  14. Tracy somebody

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    I haven't thanked the people who voted for/appreciated our efforts with Lilly. Thank You, your positive feedback, this collab comp has been really special. We did have a great time making it and of course Moso was the Iron Man to my Pepper Potts. I think I managed about 12% of the work and Moso did all the heavy lifting. I can't help but want to shout from the rooftops about the talent that Moso displayed during this challenge. For a first timer in a collab comp with a lyrics first approach, Moso met and overcame numerous learning curves along the way and managed to stay positive, encouraging, dedicated joyous and engaging. I knew from the outset there was little point in aiming for a winner, that's an impossible target to hit atm. So the only thing I could guarantee myself was having fun with it. We did that in spades, but yeah it was hard work too. This being my best result ever, I am so stoked to know I can be a small part of something unique and (to me) sublime. πŸ’˜β€πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’“πŸ’—πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’β£πŸ’Œ
  15. Tracy somebody

    I need a voice.

    Soz this is so off topic...but everytime I scroll past this thread title, I misread it as .... I need a vice And I always wish to offer you one of mine. 😲