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  1. Hi Matt I haven’t been on this site for quite a while, that’s why this pitch may seem a little late, anyway, if you’re still not fixed up, maybe we could collaborate on a number or two, ‘A little pedigree’. I’ve been entering lyrics in the UK song contest since 2010 and I’ve had ‘what I call’ a little success in that since 2011 I’ve had a least 1 semifinal placement every year, depending on how many entries I make, as an example I entered 6 lyrics in this years competition 2016 and managed 5 semifinal spots, and I like to think I have a little credibility there, I write a lot of country, look, you may be all tied up at the moment Matt, so I’ll leave it at that, but what I will do is leave you my email address, then if you have any interest at all, drop me a line and I can send you some lyric samples, then we can take it from there. ‘jond2408@gmail.com’ oh I forgot to mention my name, it’s Jon bek and I’m from the UK. Have a good one, deker
  2. deker

    Lyricist seeks opportunities

    Hi Penks just been listening to some of your music on soundcloud, 3 of them actually, although they sound brilliant to me, I noticed one little problem in all 3, 'for me anyhow' although the singers can sing, there's not a lot of effort put into the delivering of the song, I mean it all sounds a bit flat, the songs are great as far as I'm concerned, but if I can see this problem, would a prospective publisher see it in the same way! just a thought for you bud, the singers need to literally hammer it out, that would make a vast improvement to your/his/both work. I still think they're excellent quality apart from the nit I suggested. have a good one pal.
  3. deker

    before the end of time

    Hi Mick thanks for stopping by with a comment, as far as particular phrases go, whereas some people will see it for what it is others may take exception because they don;t understand the massage, all I will say Mick 'is', 'it's kind of a telepathic thing' but if it makes you happy to see it as some kind of childish outburst, then feel free, because I understand everyone has their own opinion, what else can I say. later JB
  4. deker

    before the end of time

    Hi Randy really pleased you liked my song, not everyone did, most did anyway, thanks for taking to time to stop by and read it to begin with, bit of a bonus when you seemed to REALLY like it, anyway thanks again for your call. have a good one!
  5. hay pianomaz I PM'd you a couple of days ago whithout reply, it doesn't seem like your too dedicated yourself does it! have a nice day
  6. deker

    before the end of time

    Hi Nexilius Look there’s nothing grammatically wrong with the line, don’t tell me you didn’t understand what I meant when I said [for all mankind] sticking the word ‘[of]’ in is an extra word that doesn't need to be there because it screws with the easy flow and it’s a syllable too far in that line as far as I’m concerned, it just doesn’t need to be there. As I said in the words of the song Nexy it’s really an American thing taken from a program about the voyager launched nearly 40 years ago, and by the way it's still probing outta space, space beyond our galaxy even, maybe in another 10 years they might publish another program logging further discoveries, lets hope so? The genre, well, that’s an open subject as far as I’m concerned, I think that will come from the eye of the beholder so to speak, if you followed the program at all you might be grabbed by the fascination of what the US are actually doing, and that should come from the heart as you read it, to put it another way, if you have a melody in mind that could suite the song, why not give it a go, what you got to lose! Have a good one
  7. deker

    before the end of time

    well barneyboy these comments you made here, I'm afraid I'm gonna take with a pinch of salt because you don't seem to have any idea at all what the words are trying to say, I'm not going to go into any detail trying to explain it, because you've already shown you don't get it at all, to hazard a guess I don't think your very old, and to take it a step further maybe you've never heard of voyager, the US sent into space over 35 years ago now, because a documentary was shown on TV a few months ago listing all the planets/world they have passed some they'd never seen before, it was after watching that program this song seemed to materialize in my head, it's a little fact but most of all it's a fictional write, maybe when you grow a little older, you may understand at least a little, of what the song is trying to say. you have a good one now 'and 'oh' thank for your wonderful comments'
  8. deker

    before the end of time

    The End of Time There was a dream, set long ago Where the cosmos was the place to go Traveling at the speed of light They bid the Martian a fond goodnight Then passing on to an inky sky They’d see strange worlds, as they passed them by On and on with no end in sight The sky right there was as black as night As the mission goes deeper, into outer space They keep on searching for an alien race The discovery will be, for all mankind But will it come, before the end of time The first billion miles was passed long ago The search goes on, because we have to know But deep in space, you lose track of time As they’ve just passed, a world, in it’s prime Some worlds have died while others are born You can see dead planets so old and worn And new life created still embroiled in flame A brand new world still without a name As the mission goes deeper, into outer space They keep on searching for an alien race The discovery will be, for all mankind But will it come, before the end of time But are we ready, to meet this alien race As we clean our guns, for them just in case How can we say our intentions are just When we can’t show, the hand of trust As the mission goes deeper, into outer space They keep on searching for an alien race The discovery will be, for all mankind But will it come, before the end of time 3.10.14 Jon Bek Darlington UK ©
  9. Hi Joey had a listen to you song, and I agree with you, it probably need a tweak here and there, not a great deal but some, and I agree about the chorus, it seems a little light, so I'm gonna drop you a suggestion! do with it what you will. nice write I found true love at a magical age But being so young I made a mistake I messed around and regret to this day I found true love and I threw it away have a nice day joey.
  10. deker

    September Lyric Contest

    well done John and Paul but I must admit, [in the blink of an eye] was my favourite.
  11. deker


    Hi Charles thanks for stopping by with your analysis, and pointing out the spelling mistakes as well, I make loads of them when I'm writing, I get so engrossed with other things on my mind I often use the wrong word, it sounds right but is obviously the wrong spelling, I can read over a song umteen times and still not see my mistakes, anyway I've corrected them, and thanks for the tip, it does look a little crappy doesn't it, with those kind of type 'o's, and yea, it does need a few correction, I'll give it a little a little later on! it was a great in depth critique Charles, and thank you very much for that. have a good one
  12. deker

    Be nice (to each other)

    oh crist yea I can see now buddy, what I did before was, have my word doc. open, next to your lyric and while I read your song I was making 'what I thought' were a few changes to make the flow a little sweeter, anyway when I was done I can see now I forgot to cut and paste it into the reply I made, as I'm a little tired at the moment and just off to bed I'll try and rectify that mistake tomorrow, sorry about that. anyway I've managed to alter the first couple of verses SW before I turn in, just in case you wanted to see the changes. Sometimes this old life can bring you down And grind your soul into the ground When heartache and sorrow are just ahead It’s hard sometimes to get out of bed And we all know this world can let you down Turn a sweet smile into a frown and when close friends stab you in the back you can't understand why they would attack. then just change your chorus to relate to what you've just written! or something close to that later
  13. deker

    Be nice (to each other)

    Ok SW after reading you lyric I think it needs a little something different, so,I've altered your first and second verses to give you my interpretation of what I think your trying to say, to make it flow a little better, 'I think anyway' I stopped at you chorus buddy because I think it needs major attention. so anyway, there's two thing you can do here, dump it, or tweak it into something you can live with! have a good one.
  14. deker


    I wonder if I've caught the moment, do you feel what he's going though! Haymaker I held my piece until the time was right I can’t hold back anymore I’ve got to step on in, to change his mind Because my dad keeps on hurting Ma He came home drunk and could hardly stand Abusing kids and my mama too And now I feel that I’m big enough I’m gonna do what I gotta do So I put him down with a haymaker And he shouted out loud in pain But he stood back up on his wobbly knees So I put him on down again, I put him on down again Then I took him on out to the cow barn And laid him on a bed of hay To give him time to sleep the liquor off And face us all come next day He came staggering home come morning Running his mouth real loose With threats to Ma and I guess me too With warnings of more abuse So I put him down with a haymaker And he shouted loud out in pain But he stood back up on his wobbly knees So I put him on down again, I put him on down again I new my Pa was a tough old guy But I was a tough guy too Cause I’d worked real hard, and had the strong mindset Just to do what I had to do When I put him down with a haymaker He shouted loud out in pain But he stood back up on his wobbly knees So I put him on down again, I put him on down again Repeat/fade I put him on down again 8.12.15 Jon Bek Darlington ©
  15. deker

    There's Nothing I can Offer Up To You

    hi john just read you lyric [there's nothing i can offer up to you]. and I can't seem to get my head round it, it really has me confused, I can't see what your trying to get at, 'sorry' because I don't understand your story I'm afraid I can't make any comment that would be of any help, I just wouldn't know what to say pal sorry so I'm just going to leave it at that! later