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  1. Little Girl Lost by Tammy Jann © 2016 Little girl lost, but no surprise the vultures came when they heard your cries they laughed at you and pecked out your eyes what choice did you have but to believe their lies tripping, stumbling finding your way it's hard to move on when it seems safe to stay the shadows are watching you like you're their prey maybe it's time to admit you're afraid Little girl lost, stands on the edge an owl flew by with its wings outstretched so wise and calm it talked you back from the ledge and you grew the courage to keep moving ahead back on the path, the vultures came swooping and teasing and calling you names but this time you laughed, and it wasn't the same so they flew off to find someone else to maim.
  2. WONDERFUL!, The poetry it leaves behind is always the greatest gift, but I do know how you felt. Just a week ago, I left my purse in a shopping cart, I imagined so many scenarios and abductions of my personal belongings and luckily in the end, an honest employee found it and nary a thing was touched....But, I know the sense of loss and frustration! Loved the write and always appreciate your drops of humor! Always enjoy reading your works! Tammy
  3. Random regurge of a random sage Ahh, there lies the truth of us all....LOL Great write Larry! I really enjoyed it, especially the chorus and a very original idea! Would love to hear this all produced someday! Hope you are doing well, I am already counting the days to FAWM, I need to go back home...LOL Tammy
  4. Hey Gregg! What a wonderful medium and I really enjoyed hearing it read! I like what you have done, very sensory and the wind helped make it feel sad and full of longing... Great stuff! Nice to see you and hear you.... Tammy
  5. Hello and Welcome! I really like the rhythm you have with this write, anyone can relate to this. There is a simplicity, almost Seuss-like in the write, but there are still complex issues. I really enjoyed it and hope to read more of your art. Tammy
  6. Randy, Rob, Oxe, Smithy, Thank you all for giving this a read, sharing it is what it is all about! Tammy
  7. Bernd, So nice to see you! I think this is a wonderful write, so poetic! I was surprised to hear it as a rock song, but I certainly see how you heard it. I like the more staccato playing on the "kiss you awake". Great write Bernd! Tammy
  8. Fall by Tammy Jann © 2016 Stripped naked, standing bare the leaves have fallen from my hair Making piles at my feet their beauty lies beyond my reach Frost came to this place and kissed the colors upon my face Clouds blew into my hands when the wind begged the leaves to dance My ears long for Mother Earth to sweetly call for our rebirth Sleep has come, time to dream and wake when spring comes beckoning
  9. LOL!! Your usual cleverness I see!! Love how the "Can I gets" get so outrageous! It is always wonderful to be so lucky to read your art! Tammy
  10. And now I suspect that lonely specter Wishes me to share that briny nectar Cut my anchor and forsake my tether So that we can walk the seas together Robert, sigh... sadly romantic and a little bit chilling great write and story! Tammy
  11. Last night, at a monthly open mic I attend, a man arrived that no one knew. When I was done singing, he said to me, "you did a great job" and I thanked him, very nice guy. He was second to last to play, he took the stage and began to sing songs that were so funny and well written, he won everyone's heart. The audience was singing along to his original songs and clapping and laughing (in the right places). The entire time I kept thinking, "wow, I know I heard a song once with a title like that" and "I swear this sound familiar to me". When he was done, the crowd leaped to their feet, I have never seen a standing ovation at this café before, but he deserved it, he won them all over. As he gathered his things to get off stage, the "regulars" were all excited, wondering if they could convince this new guy to come again to entertain them. The gal who runs the open mic yelled over to the last player and said, "Follow THAT" and the next player was intimidated! The man got off of the stage and walked up to me and I said, "You did great, everyone loved it!" He said, "I know you". I asked how and he said, "From the Muses Muse, I'm vtoutlander". I have met a few musers in my time, but this was the most surprising and exciting way to get introduced to one!! I DID know his songs, I had heard them all, it was wonderful to meet John and talk, he drove 2 HOURS to meet me and play. I hope you all get to meet each other someday because I have met John, Bubbles, Colin Ward and Zeek and I have never been disappointed, all great folks! Keep in touch with your Muse friends, take a listen to them every now and then, just because we are faceless, that doesn't mean that the six years of the people here mentoring me doesn't matter. Keep the family in the Muse folks!!
  12. Ahh, lucky me to not have been here so long and to see you at the top, your name gave me a smile for sure friend! I am sure we would all love to have a "butterfly" to take us to a new place in our lives. A positive thought and spin on escaping the troubles that surround us and I love the production on this, so catchy and happy sounding. What a treat, a beautiful song and seeing a friend again...I ended the day on the right note...
  13. A Simple Gift by Tammy Jann © 2016 The pencil held promise, it was such a simple gift, but that was the point, and the purpose of it. Excited to touch the paper and right from the start it leaped for joy across white pages, happy to make its mark. A heart sketched out in letters of graceful loops and swirls twisting and turning out a story in fanciful, wavy curls. Suddenly it slowed, became darker and more haunting, pushing through deep sorrows with words of loneliness and longing. The pencil was a simple gift and once it was engaged it wrote the story of a heart and soul and married it to the page and every ounce of its lead was given happily it's life had a purpose, to set the author free.
  14. Very nice flow, any girl could relate to this, some nice descriptors and gives the feel of longing.
  15. What has happened to the Muse world where something this funny and relatable has gone so long with zero replies?? I have been missing you and your humor and this great take on the most annoying of all daily calls is played out to such great satisfaction. A brilliant write and it was my pleasure to read you again sir!! Tammy