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    Dear friends,
    my great love are lyrics and writing…
    I joined this forum in the hope of finding aspiring musicians/songwriters who would be interested in a collaboration and put my words to music.
    If anyone should be interested in a collaboration, please leave me a message or contact me via email plavi.mesec@freenet.de
    I am looking very forward to hear from you…

    Thank you in advance,
    Best regards,

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    Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Cash, Robbie Williams, Charles Aznavour, Salvatore Adamo, Djordje Balasevic, Zeljko Joksimovic etc.
  1. The Best In You

    These lines maintain a certain "rhythm", in deed, so I think they could work as a poem as well as lyrics (only in the 2nd case you would be supposed to create a chorus, of course). I liked also the rhymes. Nice piece of work!
  2. Lovely as a Rose

    Please, accept my condolences, too... However, I would like to tell you that it is a great song, so wonderful words...! Hats off! It nearly made me cry (and this is not that easy at all...). I really "enjoy" (if "enjoy" is here the right word for it, but I could not find any more appropriate one) everytime I read or hear it, regardless of how sad it is...
  3. Imaginary Mermaids

    Nice and powerful pictures that you draw with words... I know it is not always obligatory for a poem, but I loved that you have maintained the meter and that you have also used rhymes (which I know is not obligatory for a poem either, but IMHO it is much nicer if someone does). I liked to read it very much!
  4. I think I may love these lights

    Very cryptical and metaphorical, I would say maybe even a bit philosophical... Nice to read things that leave enough space for different interpretations...
  5. Who Are You

    This is very well written and I have enjoyed a lot in reading it. In fact, you have maintained a certain rhythm, it is very "smooth", if I were you, I would consider to add an adequate chorus to it and you would "upgraded" it to a beautiful songtext... compliment!
  6. I agree some nice ideas can occur at any time of the day or night... However, as a doctor, I know that for example the hormone levels (like for example melantonine) are different on different hours and this might have some effects on creativity... at least, cincerning me, I have to say that some of my best ideas came up at night or during the early morning hours, when woke up from sleep, though it might be also purely coincidental...
  7. Do you "have to" write songs

    I love to write... the same way like some people like to smoke... or to dance... though there are sometimes also very long periods, sometimes even years that i am "abstinent"... I try to write all the ideas that I have on pieces of paper to use them by an occasion, but sometimes also this blocks me, too many ideas waiting to be realized can have a paralyzing effect (at least on me). I enjoy in the creative process by being a witness and at the same time the culprit while new lyrics are born though I think I have never been completely content with the result after it was written for the 1st time... most of my lyrics have been revised several times and I like to read them from time to time and to corrct those things for that i believe they could have been made better. all in all, without writing, honestly, I think I would miss a very very precious part of my life...
  8. The first song you ever wrote?

    The first rhymes I wrote as a lad of 7 or 8 years were in German and they were poems inspirated by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller... Sometimes when I read them I am surprised how little my emotions have changed from then until now and how much I see also there what is still topical for me today... I started writing lyrics much later and now I prefer writing lyrics, once because of their "living element" (= the music) and 2nd because one can reach much more people and touch them emotionally in that way... in fact, I cannot remember any more what was the first piece I ever wrote
  9. Interesting Metaphors

    1.night 2.dust 3.door 4.hill 5.rain