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  1. Publicity

    Neal- Thank you for the feedback. I am currently trying to put an accompanyment to the songs but I just want to get an idea of how my voice sounds and if the lyrics of the songs hold up without hiding behind the music. Thank you for your advice. Sarah
  2. Publicity

    I am an aspiring singer songwriter who has a myspace page. I have been recording my songs and asking friends and family listen to the songs and they say that they like them. I update the myspace page about every two weeks to see what songs work and what songs need work... depending on the number of plays. It is only recently that I have been getting some activity on the page and I really value the opinion of other singer-songwriters. In terms of getting a recording contract, I have emailed many record companies asking for advice on how to advance my career. I know that they do not accept any demos without you knowing someone at the company who is familiar with their work. However, I do believe that songwriting is a constantly evolving process that can allow you to grow. If you are interested in providing me with feedback, my site is http://www.myspace.com/sadieanne2009 I wish you all the best with your songwriting endeavors and look forward to hearing from you on this forum. Sarah