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  1. Theater Massacre

    That's not my point.
  2. Theater Massacre

    I don't know if it's accurate or fair to attribute all posters' behavior to mere over-reaction to bernabby's way. In my personal observations, and in recognizing similar tendencies here and elsewhere as a human living in the world, I would say there are people who are perfectly capable of being antagonistic all on their own - bernabby does not have a corner on that market. Does bern go over the top? Sure. There is a strong "strength in numbers" vibe here, against which bern stands primarily alone, and we all know (maybe) how it feels when you stand alone against a group of like-thinkers, especially if they don't all stand squarely. That's not meant to give bern a pass. Bern would do much better to take a more even-keeled approach. At the very best, bern can offer a valid perspective, but his approach can be counter-productive. At the very worst, bern can be offensive. But it should be recognized that it's not all one sided, and bern gets drawn in just as much, even in response to benign, neutral posts. As I've said, there are posters here who disagree with bern that are thoughtful, respectful, and fair. I'd never say that's true of everyone. Feegis
  3. Theater Massacre

    On what criteria? And why would I not think you were serious?
  4. Theater Massacre

    No, I agree - Bern is a unique person on this board. No one here goes to the extremes Bern goes in terms of temperament. But, with that said, if someone tried to tell me no counterpart of Bern gets disrespectful or snide, or doesn't take cheap, irrelevant shots, or isn't as one-sided in their thinking as Bern is accused of being, then that's the kind of one-way mind-set that is difficult to abide. There are people on this board who disagree with Bern who are very fair, thoughtful, and respectful. I couldn't say that about everyone. Tidepool, I'm not the biggest fan of Rush Limbaugh because I don't like his style - I agree- he's too over the top. I am more a fan of the likes of George Will. At the same time, Rush Limbaugh doesn't put on false airs. He tells you flat out that is what he's about, and he is not bashful about it. You talk about tactics. Both sides employ tactics. Either you agree with that, or you don't. As for FOX News, I understand they promote the network as fair and balanced. I've watched enough to know that, of course, they are Right leaning. But, I have also watched enough to know they've had good, fair, and, yes, balanced discussions. I have seen the same mix of bias and sincerity on MSNBC, which is left leaning. You call yourself a centrist, and I have no doubt you see yourself that way, and you may very well be. But, on this board, I have seen President Obama called a centrist, and I have read on this board that there is no left-wing counterpart to right-wing zealotry. A centrist? It all comes down to perspective, I suppose. Best Regards, Feegis
  5. Theater Massacre

    In that post, I am not defending bern. I am indicating that bern's views have counterparts.
  6. Theater Massacre

    I thought you were talking about your dad, not fascism: This quote was in response to bernabby's post calling out tidepool for seemingly and supposedly, from bern's perspective, disparaging his father in public. It didn't have anything to do with America or fascism, so I don't see how you are correlating the "never never land" reference in that specific post to fascism. And, again, to not discuss issues that may be best left for private conversation does not mean one is pretending all is well and living in never never land. For the record, bern's reaction to tidepool's post was over the top and inappropriate. At the same time, when I first read tide's post about his father, I, too, was taken aback. As I said earlier, though, I don't know what kind of relationship tide shares with his father, so calling tide out would be out of line. Commenting on it, though, would not be.
  7. Theater Massacre

    Well, that's the way you see it. I see it run both ways. I can recognize bias from the right. Do you ever see bias from the left? It just sounded like the type of language bernabby would catch all sorts of grief for saying. In other words, it sounds like a counterpart argument to bernabby. Of course, on this site, counterpart arguments to bernabby have a lot of support.
  8. Theater Massacre

    They have differnt styles. But diabolical idiots using Nazi style propaganda? That's a severe view.
  9. Theater Massacre

    Good to hear, Stewart. I re-read them and I wasn't sure they came off as general as I intended them to be, and not directed at anyone in particular. Regarding the news in the U.S., there's no doubt, things get spun on both sides with equal ferocity. It's a natural balancing. Diplomatically speaking, the more set in their ways a person is, the more they will believe the spin, the bias, the zealotry, only comes from the other side, and the less likely they will be able to see it from their side. The truth is, it happens equally on both sides. But, there is truth on both sides, as well. The thing that's amusing to me is that the people that just rip on FOX news are so sure in their proclamations, yet they pretty much do the same as they claim the viewers of FOX news do (in my experiences, anyway). Who, specifically, are these diabolical idiots using Nazi style propaganda?
  10. Theater Massacre

    Is it the belief system that you find so difficult, or is it the individual arguing the belief system? Well, of course. Approach notwithstanding, bernabby's sociopolitical positions are in a distinct minority here at the Muse. The fact that bern is tremendously outspoken contributes to discussions involving him. I'm not saying the manner of bernabby's approach doesn't fan some flames, but, from my vantage point, there are plenty of approaches that draw bernabby in, as well. I've always felt there is an interesting line dividing truth to ones convictions and close-mindedness. Again, approach notwithstanding, discussing opposing views is a good way to learn more about the other view, as well as your own, which, to me, is very positive. It's good to be open to other points of views and belief systems. And, in the face of a difficult approach to a discussion, there is an opportunity to learn to handle the difficult approach. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow. I'm not saying everyone should engage in discussion, I'm merely talking about what positives can be found in doing so.
  11. Theater Massacre

    Well..... not airing dirty laundry does not mean you are pretending all is well and living in never-never land. I'm not saying tidepool's post was airing dirty laundry. Maybe tidepool and his father have had very open discussions about their disagreements and they are both aware that the other talks about it freely in public to people the other one does not know. If that's the case, then post away. There are things about people I know that I would never broach to friends or strangers, and some things that I know are open and fair game. We know in our heart of hearts when we cross the line - at least most of the time, we do (I would hope).
  12. Theater Massacre

    I'm curious - where does everyone here stand on drug legalization?
  13. Theater Massacre

    It's the thread where you asked that we stop the talk about libel. The "Living Among Idiots" thread.
  14. Theater Massacre

    Accidents will happen......
  15. Theater Massacre

    If you meant the zealots, Jonie, then I agree. Your comment came off to me as more of a blanket statement. I agree people take the right too far - almost just for the sake of taking it that far: I have the right, and, dammit, I'm exercising it! I agree that I'm not sure why people want to own automatic assault weapons (guns hold some intrigue for me, but not enough to want one), and I see absolutely no reason to own such weapons. I mean, I know why people who use them in drug cartels, drive-by shootings, and massacre type shootings need them, but, naturally, those are not good reasons to have them. If the government can make it illegal to possess cocaine, then it has the authority to make it illegal to buy and sell these types of weapons. The purchase of these types of weapons should, at an absolute minimum, be registered and reported, but I still believe people that have a need for such weapons will get them illegally anyway. This guy in Aurora stockpiling his arsenal should have drawn some attention, and I'm all for measures being put in place to do at least that much. It's like being searched at an airport. I have nothing to hide, and if that's the price for safety, then search away. I did ask in an earlier post, what exactly do gun control advocates want? I imagine it ranges from restrictions on some firearms to the illegalization of manufacturing firearms for private sale. But, what, in general, do gun advocates want? It seems there are already control measures in place (with waiting periods and background checks), but what is generally being called for? I agree completely.