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  1. Finals - 2010 1+1 of the Year

    Congratulations to all the winners. Speaking of gobsmacked, I am such that "Birmingham" didn't place. It was my favorite in the list. I also enjoy this format, as it really levels the playing field for songs as opposed to arranging and recording. A terrific list of songs overall! jim
  2. Finals - 2010 Song Of The Year

    Congrats to all the winners. This seemed like an especially good crop of songs. I also had "A Kiss-Me Shade of Red" in my top 3 list. jim
  3. Mums the Word 13

    I'd rather be Hannibal the Cannibal or in Alexander's Ragtime Band. What's the quare root of red?
  4. Roundabout 18

    All my songs sound better in reverse The trend may be only getting worse If I may be completely candid Perhaps it stems from being left-handed
  5. The Person Below Me 5

    Unfortunately, it was my own. The person below me can't stop loading apps on his/her smartphone.
  6. The Person Below Me 5

    I did! My dog loved it too. The person below me has returned after a prolonged absence.
  7. Limericks 4

    She stood, looked me square in the eye She said she would give it a try She took a deep breath Like some Lady Macbeth Her mouth had become dusty dry She endeavored to try it again But the effort drove her insane Now she haunts British halls Placing obscene phone calls…
  8. Mums the Word 13

    Forgot to take my phone with me. For the umpteenth time. What's the best pickup line you've ever heard or said?
  9. The Person Below Me 5

    Especially on a warm summer night, with no city lights in view. The person below me will now quote one of his/her favorite lines from a hit song.
  10. Limericks 4

    As I left there it started to rain Bloody Manchester's always the same As I walked down the street A strange hand grabbed my feet And demanded to know my first name Alarmed, I resolved to deceive And attempted to make her believe I could not be scared So I lied, “Alistair…”
  11. The Person Below Me 5

    And all the ways I can give it away. The person below me has cross-dressed.
  12. Roundabout 18

    I'm in the position to to choose Among all the foods in the store But is it a measure of success When it's not better, just more
  13. Limericks 4

    She slipped off her shoes with a sigh Then she slipped off her dress, as did I Know one knows I'm TV But, I think she'd agree .. We're all at least a little bit bi By the time the morning had dawned We had forged between us a bond Over makeup and wigs And strap-ons and rigs...
  14. Double standards

    Gay people can't get married or adopt kids in most states, but child molesters, spouse-beaters and convicted felons can. When you're late for a dr's appointment they charge you or move you to the bottom of the list, but they think nothing of making you wait an hour past your appt time. Conservative (Republican) people who who rail against "violating the sanctity of marriage," but don't mind the total perversion of it with shows like "The Bachelor" and "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" Shouldn't they be picketing TV studios? People who complain about the high cost of gas and being held hostage by OPEC, but don't want windfarms to spoil their view. In fact, NIMBY in all its forms. People who want to outlaw all abortions as taking a human life, but demand 'justice' by capital punishment. At least the Pope is consistent on this message. I walk my dog, but she never takes me to the movies. Some specifics: when Sarah Palin condemned Rom Emmanuel for using the word 'retarded,' but defended Rush Limbaugh for using it exactly the same way. When Rush Limbaugh condemned drug dealers and users, then got busted for illegal drug possession and use. This is fun! You should start a whole discussion thread just on this topic!
  15. Mums the Word 13

    I love you, Planet Earth. I'm just not IN love with you. But we can still be friends. I'll be cleaning up the river this weekend. Maybe I'll see you there... Question: Do you know anyone who has sold a song that got released by a major label?