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  1. Hello old friends. I have been weighted down with the delights of different health issues. Both my husband and I have struggled with getting past them. As always I squeeze in music at every chance. I will have a new knee in April . Tra la la. I have been editing my Husband's book forever it seems. I love it but I am the last person on earth who should be doing this job being dyslexic.u Bes...

  2. Aug Song Comp

    A big round of applause for the winners Wendy D and Steve! Congratulation! Kim 's song received my top score for the smiles it gave me. Great job Rick, I really liked what you wrote and how you sang this.."chemo is a Liar" Wendy, your song is beautiful and as peaceful as a lullaby. "I Wanna Save the World" felt like an instant hit and I really liked it and still do! Steve, you dig very deep and give us much to think about. You did good work ,as always. All the song have merit. I learn from each of you. (BTW thanks Alister)(and Thanks Tom & Rick & Zeek) Thanks to all of you who keep this contest so interesting. I hope more keep coming to participate. You all set pretty high standards in MHO. Annie
  3. Aug Song Comp

    I have dyslexia. It makes spelling difficult. As a kid it set me apart from the bright kids. This song was built out of the feelings I carried back then. It made me feel stupid. The voices I am singing over belong to Phil Marshal. It was fun to do. Some people hated this song. I love it. Annie I CAN'T SPELL August Contest I Can’t Spell I can’t Spell
 If you tell Mama you’ll go to hell I Don’t know why I don’t know why All those letters Pass me by I can’t spell I can’t spell If you tell mama You’ll go to hell They seem to smack Me in the face, Pass on by All out of place. The Other kids They do so well It's only me I can't spell They say I’m stupid They call me names They won’t let me Play their games. I know one Four letter word. But I’d get spanked If mama heard. My bum would hurt From Daddy’s belt But that won’t change The words I spelt. ©2009Ann Mayo Muir / Phil Marshal
  4. Thanks Nigel, Should I call you that? What do you prefer? Thank you for setting me straight.

    And another thanks for liking my songs in general.. Annie

  5. July 1+1 RESULTS POSTED!

    To both Song Contest winners, I send a Big Congratulation. I had both of you Marked very high. Sarah , Your voice sounded extraordinary singing this song. Rick's .."FOREVER" is a wonderful song which I enjoyed very much. I also appreciated "SMILE" and "Their Longing Hearts". Thank you to everyone who entered because your work is what makes this contest possible. And Thanks to Denise FOR all the work done on our behalf. Annie
  6. July 1+1 RESULTS POSTED!

    When You Smile That Way I'm coming over to kiss you're lips comb your hair with my finger tips Cause baby I feel in the chips when you smile my way I saw you when you caught my eye I turned my head to say goodbye I was just leaving that other guy So I could find out why Bridge My heart started a thumping dance Seeing you stepping my way For my part I knew I'd take a chance If you said what I hoped you'd say If romance came out of that bright smile I would dance a country mile I 'm sure that I don't want to miss to be the one you'll kiss Bridge I'm already loving the way you're walking and we haven't even started talking I don't feel the slightest shame tho I don't yet know your name Could it be in another world I already lay in your arms all curled It must be so cause I'm all unfurled and waiting as if I'd planned to take hold of your hand I hope your coming to kiss my lips Comb my hair with your finger tips Cause baby I feel in the chips When you smile that way ©"In The Chips" Ann Mayo Muir Music BMI
  7. June Song Comp

    I posted very early and was sad to find it had gone awa. I love that Zeek commented on every song in such an intelligent way. For the first time in memory, I scored the one and two spot correctly. Congratulations to the winners, Jonie, I loved the strong emotional pull that I felt in your beautifully constructed song. It pulled me in for sure. I felt your song belonged on the top. It was beautifully sung and played. Brovo! !0 Fingerprints by Zeek Also carried a powerful emotional tug. The sadness is deep and dark and it certainly hooked me. Great job Dottie and skingswell. 9 With two exception, all my lower scores were 7s and 8s I will break my reserve about telling my scores by listing who received an 8 from me. The Shadow's Are Behind Me, Singularity, The King Of Sweden was 7.8,& Manufactured Heart. All of these are very exceptional songs. I very much liked Jungle Room which was also a high 7,"Can Jesus, Can Any Of You"...7.7 and Ever onward 7.5. All of these songs are just wonderful. Rick, you had an amazingly catchy professional result so I see you in this list. "Dorothy" is here and I loved how you played and sang this story song. Then when you added Over the Rainbow at the end, I was so pleased. The songs with slightly lower scores were also very good songs. I don't have the lyrics now so it is too hard to be accurate. I think I felt they needed another verse to help fill them out, but it has been too long for me to be sure about this. Sandra's Face, is a great song yet I felt it needed more material. ( that is, if I recall correctly) I waited too long too long to comment well. Best to everyone. Sorry for any mistakes, I had no sleep last nightzzzzzzz Annie Annie
  8. Hi Wolf,

    I have joined 50/90 but I really won't make 50 songs, I just want to participate and do what little I can. My name is rhymetime. I will be happy o see you there and I appreciate this message. Thanks so much. Annie

  9. Hey, Annie

    Hoping I'll see you, and importantly HEAR you at the 50/90. Look me up or drop me a line and let me know your user name over there. I'd have never have found you here with this "undercover" michigan moniker of yours. I don't want to miss a thing.


  10. June Song Comp

    The musicians, all good friends, are Sue Richards on harp, Hanneke Cassel on violin and Carolyn Anderson Surrick on Viola de Gambia. Near the end , playing a lovely starlight slide guitar, is my friend Ken Damkier, from Denmark. the last is John Holworth who has put in bells and a few soft violins. I feel it is a Lullaby for all ages. I wrote this at dinner one evening. It flew out like a blackbird escaping from being cooked in a pie. http://www.songramp.com/mod/mps/viewtrack.php?trackid=74237 Words and melody by Ann Mayo Muir Title Is "A KISS TO KEEP" Sleep tight, Everything will work out right. Let go - anything that brings you low. Don't fear, love is all around it's seems. I'm here - fill your head with happy dreams. There're sunbeams- dancing in your eyes tonight Your soft song -makes the world feel alright. Let's go - dance upon those moonbeams there. We can - make believe we're Fred Astaire. Then why not - fly up towards the moon , you know Like Wendy - and Peter Pan did long ago In stories - many of us loved , I'll bet. Like children, playing games we can't forget. We've counted - all the stars above our head Sandman's - coming if you're in your bed Say prayers , here's my kiss for you to keep Time's come - now for you to go to sleep. Sleep tight, - Everything will be alright Angels are watching over you tonight. Don't fear,- love is all around us here I'll stay - till the dreams have come your way. I'll stay…… ZZZZzzzzzzzz
  11. MAY (1+1) Song Comp - RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    It's times like this I wish we had a "Like" button for Muse posts. Me too, this is a great post. This is the attitude we should all bring. I need to tell you that what you have written makes me feel very good. I think it does help us grow and strive to improve. I am surprised when egos enter into a discussion when it is the songs that we are gathered together to focus on. There is no winning when there is whining. In the end all evens out and there is no way one can't learn and grow if that is our goal. Thanks for your post, I should have let it be the last word for as you said, the best reason why we are all here is to participate and that act alone makes everyone a winner. I agree, Thank you for saying it...Annie
  12. MAY (1+1) Song Comp - RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    Have you heard of Phil Marshall, He works as a musical therapist. I sent him song lyrics and he had already done and amazing experiment singing alone laying down many tracks of jazz harmony that was so beautiful. It was sitting around with no place to party when my lyrics arrived and he somehow felt the two could work together if I was able to make up a melody to fit his chorus of voices. He is such a creative fellow always pushing the envelope of possibilities further out. He sent the idea back to me and I could not resist the fun of making it work. It is so dramatic compared with most of what I do... I went away with the vocal music, out on that proverbial limb. Could I enter something like that in such a contest. I'll check out your A Capella choices above and I'll leave a link to my vocal with Phil just in case, but with no obligation attached. Annie http://www.songramp.com/mod/mps/viewtrack.php?trackid=73447 It is my experience when young of being dyslexic.
  13. MAY (1+1) Song Comp - RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    I read all the posts.. toward the last quarter it began to get interesting... and I really enjoyed it and felt everyone was heard, all issues unpleasant were sounding less pathetic thanks to Alistair's comment about how funny it would be to hear thinman's accent etc.. Things did lighten up after that. All and all there are a lot of great people participating here..which is why I like the muse. I too like the idea of singing alone.. or with yourself.. Annie
  14. MAY (1+1) Song Comp - RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    You deserved it alright. BTW-- Your vocal was really outstanding as was your melodie the best I could ever imagine because it fit together with the lyrics as twins fit together in the womb. You did a teriffic job. Annie
  15. MAY (1+1) Song Comp - RESULTS ARE IN!!!

    I gave no scores below 6.5... but I would suggest letting it go.. I have had some of the lowest scores ever in my time here. Certainly knowing who did it is not going to make it better because, if your are upset now, you will always know and feel bitter about it. There is always a next time to knock 'em dead...which means "impress them, a term with a far different meaning then it appears. One thing for sure is this, I want my voting private and if I find that others find out about it, I will not participate again. Annie