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    I love to write prayers in my journal, design websites, sing, write songs, shop online, post comments on discussion forums, and listen to jazz music. I also love to travel, go to jazz concerts, symphonies, orchestras, dinner plays, museums, and aquariums. I especially like the aquarium in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is very large, educational, and beautiful. If you ever get the chance to stop through Myrtle Beach sometimes, you ought to check out their aquarium. It is gorgeous!

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    Write lyrics and sing the melody. I do not know how to play instruments.
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    Jesus Christ
  1. Hello all, I sing and write song lyrics. I do not know how to play not one instrument. I write the lyrics, sing them on a CD, and get them copyright. I have to hire people to add the music, harmony, mix the beats, and produce the song. Now, I need some advice. Can someone tell me about how much does it usually cost for the following? If you can't provide me answers, can you point me in the right direction to start researching? Thank you, Shaunta - Production or track costs - Mastering costs - High End Picture Fees - Graphic Design Fees - Replication/Pressing Fees - Retail Ready Fees (CDs in Pollywrap)
  2. Paramount Group?

    Hello, be very careful of distant recording studios. I was stationed in Korea and sent one of my songs to a company in Nashville, Tennessee. I requested the guy to use my voice for vocal harmony backgrounds and put instrumental music to the song. He told me he will. When he sent the final product back to me it was an old lady's voice singing my song and the music was very traditional. He used someone else's voice when I asked him not too. I told him I was disappointed and would like my money back. He jipped me off $350 big ones. Some people say that the best recording producers are in Nashville, Tennessee, but that is not true. There are lots of producers all over the United States. You just have to shop around. But try to select a producer in your local area. Another thing 50/50 rights is quite a lot of rights to be taking from the original artist. I am working with a producer who is not taking my rights at all and their is no contracts. He is doing the music, editing/mixing, recording, and Master CD. I have to publish and market the CD myself and I have a friend who is teaching me how to do that. I hope this helps.