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  1. Double standards

    ** Governments of countries such as the US and UK saying Iran and North Korea shouldn't have nuclear weapons when the UK and US have nuclear weapons themselves. ** The US invading Iraq because they said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (it turned out that Iraq didn't) when the US themselves have vast stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction including nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.
  2. Double standards

    **The US giving terrorist groups in other countries weapons and money for decades and then crying foul when the planes crashed into the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. **Politicians condemning people for advocating violence when they themselves advocated a war that left hundreds of thousands of civilians dead. **Me being told in the club called Déjà Vu that I couldn't undo the front of my shirt when I was too hot when Déjà Vu is owned by the same person and is part of the same building as a strip club. **Police officers who feel they have the right to swear at members of the public and be rude to them but will make trouble for any member of the public who swears back.
  3. What is "Music" to you?

    Lazz: "Birdsong is birdsong. "In the hands of, say, Olivier Messaien, it can become music. "We might just as well ask, and with equal productive reward: “Were the Sex Pistols birdsong ?” " I disagree. I think "were the sex pistols birdsong?" is equivalent to "Is birdsong human music" I think an equivalent question to "Is birdsong music?" is "Do wolves run?" or "Do people swim?" or "Do lions hunt?" If you want to make things more specific, you could ask "were the sex pistols singing?" to which Johnny Rotten would answer "No", atleast with regards to his own use of a microphone.