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  1. 9 year old accidental shooting of instructor...

    Maybe you think you're being "truthful", but you're highly inaccurate. I live in Colorado, home to Columbine High School and the Aurora Century movie theater. Also, your statement isn't "politically incorrect"; it's racist. My apologies to Kim for skewing off topic. I was Pinot Noired and it just came out. Hi Salley, I don't think Im being racist. I merely stated in my opinion where gun control should be applied and enforced. White folks do commit the most heinous crimes but year in and year out, 14% of the population commits 75% of violent crime in America. Here is only 1 of many articles backing up what I have said. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/commissioner-kelly-defends-stop-and-frisk-targeting-african-americans-article-1.1332840
  2. 9 year old accidental shooting of instructor...

    Is that your idea of drawing the line? ;)/> I don't think I'm drawing a line, I just know from experience where the problem exist. My business is in 37408. At one time we were the most dangerous zip code on America. Guess who was doing all of the shooting? The Police came to my business and advised us we need to be armed.
  3. 9 year old accidental shooting of instructor...

    The instructor who died was lax in his duties. It cost him his life. I wish I lived in a world where guns did not exist, unfortunately that is not the case. In America when it comes to gun control this type of thing is rare. If you take away Black gun crime we basically have no problems with guns in America. I know I'm not being politically correct but I'm being truthful. The law should read firearms in the hands of African Americans should be controlled.
  4. Jokes

  5. Guitar Lessons

    Im a minor pentatonic scale addict, I also blend the major pentatonic scale in with my blues. I keep it simple and try to be bout the groove and not so much about the complexity of the structure. The luxury of the blues is, You can step up and play as a band,with complete strangers if they understand the blues and are capable of the groove.
  6. Studio Invites

    Very cool piece of your history. 2 questions; who's Daniel Earl Lamon, and what's the "TA" for in the formatting of the song-structure? I assume that be a "bridge", correct? That's Me ! In this case it was where the Instrumental break took place.
  7. Studio Invites

    I found the original document we worked from. It was 1988. Jack actually got a song on one of Waylon's later albums. Everything I did with Jack had to be to the format he listed here on this song. Vs Vs Ch TA Vs Ch tag. I was wrong about the children, My daughter was still in the oven at the time of this tune.
  8. Guitar Lessons

    Make sure you have a decent guitar which is set up properly and use light gauge strings. I use .014 -.058 on my Cole Clark acoustic which I almost play exclusively. I would suggest some extra light strings for starters .010 -.047. They will be much easier on your fingers.
  9. Studio Invites

    You never know. Odds are they are going to try to take a shot at your bill fold. In the late 80's early 90's been so long I could not honestly say. I wrote a tune about alcohol,drugs and Jesus, I banged it out late one night at a neighborhood bar, a guy came up to me and sais I can get that recorded. I sais really? A couple of weeks later he called me and sais, I got us in the studio this Saturday morning. I banged it out again for the owner onsite. He said if you will let me be the co writer I will record it. I sais deal. It was my 1st experience in a recording studio. I laid it down, me and my flat top to a click track. Ritchie Albright who was Waylon Jennings drummer just happened by and took a listen, liked it and laid down the drum tracks. Next thing I know I met Waylon , Johnny and some heavy hitters. My song was pretty controversial for the times and even though they liked it t they were reluctant to record it. It got put on hold for Alan Jackson, but he decided against it also. My song could have been a career maker or breaker for a country artist. No one was willing to take the risk. By todays standards it is G rated. They sent me to meet Buddy Killen @ Tree Publishing. He gave me a job as a staff writer which I had to turn down. It was my dream but I already had a very successful small business which I still operate today, a wife and 2 babies. I have no regrets and made the right decision for me. My baby girl and latest grandchild. I could have blown it all for 15 mins of fame. I went almost 15 years before I picked up my guitar again. I have fun with it and do my best not to take things too serious. If i were you i would approach it from the aspect of hey guys i love to write lyrics and express my self, if there is something of mine you would like to re write and record go for it !
  10. Guitar Lessons

    After all the mechanics that folks instill on you. Think liquid ! Your goal should be to feel it and let it flow like water.
  11. Late 90's. I had a patented wrench that was a Tim Allen Signature tool. Small world ! aahaahaha
  12. August Song Comp

    Hi guys ! I missed the voting. All I got to say is do not hire Lumber Liquidators to do your hardwood floors. it's been a real pain in the double S for me ! My 1st question is, can you dance to that ? I really liked Scotto's Honey Bee. When looking for the profound pertaining to love between a woman and a man. I say Mikey nailed it ! A finer 5 lines never been f'n writ in my opinion. Chapter by chapter, verse by verse Written straight from the heart It's a damn fine book so far Everyday's another page in the story of us Oh, how I'm lovin livin the story of us Although I might have changed the last line to, Oh how Im lovin livin the book of love. Nick Nasal did do a fine job on his tune, Unsaid. I loved that one thru and thru, even though it was never entered into the comps. Congrats to the winners ! My apologies for failing to vote.
  13. Robin Williams Death

    Agreed. Furthermore, nothing that's come to light thus far suggests that he made a reasoned, rational decision to take his life. A person in the throes of a depressive episode isn't capable of that. Who has the right to state the norm ! I don't buy into the bi polar thing. People get totally discounted when they are classified Bi polar, when in fact they can perform at levels that your every day classified normal people could never touch in their lifetime! There are extremes in any illness or any other thing in the world. Some of the most brilliant people in the world would fit the bi polar category. One thing you have to take into account with Robin Williams is his mind is much more quicker than yours and totally in a another time zone. I would not classify him mentally ill. He felt it all and verbalized it the best he could. I forget who said it but it was, life would not be so bad at all if I were not on a mountain when I fall. We all got to go low. Cheers to those who touched the highest !
  14. Robin Williams Death

    Like I said earlier. I had hoped this was the reason.
  15. Robin Williams Death

    Mork and Mindy before Jonathan Winters was over the TOP ! It was the best ever for me !