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  1. February 2011 Lyric Contest

    Oh yeah, I must admit that True Love is honestly the best lyrics I have read in the last weeks. I am really impressed, keep it up man! I was not expecting a lot from my entry... I will come back stronger next month mouhahaha!
  2. Hey, I love punk music, thanks for posting on my page. anwsering ur question, I have tons of influences, my influences are: operation ivy, early green day, bowling for soup, rise against, lost memories, the ramones, iggy pop, simple plan, link 80 the list goes on & on...

  3. November Lyric Contest

    Yeah, congratulations to the winners. You were my first pick as well Dottie! What a great song!
  4. Hi, My name’s Alex Viau and I’m 21 years old. I come from Quebec (Canada) and I actually study in Oslo (Norway) in marketing. I’m member of this wonderful community since 2009. I play guitar a bit, but I mainly consider myself as a part-time lyricist. I write since my younger days and I already have tens of good acoustic songs (I think so) in English, even if my mother tongue is French. I’m seeking for an experienced guitarist-singer to play and, eventually, record them. This is a serious project, I invested a lot my time and efforts in it. I don’t wish to be rich and famous, just to hear my songs. What will happen will happen… I won’t post my lyrics here, so contact me if you’re interested. I’ll be very thankful to the person who will accept to help me. Below is one of my songs (it doesn’t tell you a lot, but at least you have something!): ROTTINGHAM (this one is particularly dark, I must concede... ) Copyrights Alexandre Viau My gaps emerge and my strengths soften My feelings merge, my thoughts darken Everything stinks, I get sick, get rotten My breath slows down and my vision fades Over this blinding, dazing, endless parade I regret the future, wait for the past Can’t see, can’t move, all goes so fast Repeatedly knocked down to the ground by stress In the dust, out of sight, I melt away voiceless I try and try and fight to get free But the only person I hurt is me (Refrain) Too often crushed by lies Now I can’t get up, I can’t get out Don’t clear me up, don’t make it up I’m rotting, yeah I’m rotting, I’m rotting I try to play, abused by rules, I always lose Can’t understand, misunderstood, I’m all confused Confined in my mind, their world’s not mine Bland stories, gross realities, fool prophecies Should I have refused to see? Now it’s hard to cope Just a mope hoping for nothing but hope Hurt and numb, in suspense Now, I’m condemned to innocence (Refrain) Too often duped by truth Now I can’t get up, I can’t get out Don’t clear me up, don’t make it up I’m rotting, yeah I’m rotting, I’m rotting No progression Day after day after day after day after day Mirrors are watching, walls are talking, doors are dancing I’m rotting Like a small crumb we pass over A flower we don’t give water A corpse buried six feet under Yeah I’m rotting (Refrain) But I’m not dead ----- That’s it, are you interested?
  5. May Collab Contest

    Yeah, congratulations to the winners. You were my first choice too. These were all great songs!
  6. What Should I Add?

    You website is beautiful, simple and it is, I think, complete. A ''Upcoming shows'' section would be, if applicable, the only needing page. Good success!
  7. May Collab Contest

    I am really new to collaboration contests, but I would like to try by participating as a lyricist.
  8. April Lyric Writing Contest

    Congratulations to the winners!
  9. is looking for collaborators