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  1. Hi... Anyone up for doing the vocals for this one? Male or female... A true romance He’s been watching her From a distance every day Never gathered up the courage To take her hand, just to take her away Many love songs later Behind the curtains wetted with lonely tears Drowning sorrow in Sir Daniels Drowning sorrow as well as fears Chorus: She’s been kissing strangers On her front porch all life long Up until that moment Where all hope for that special one was gone And she shut her self in Never leaving him a chance To showing her how much he cares To offer her his true romance All the rednecks boys that she’s been dating Up so far All they really had to offer her Are their pick-up trucks and the backseat of old rusty cars Empty words and promises Diluted in her tears Somehow she neglected to notice The boy who in a crowd would disappear Chorus: She’s been kissing strangers… And when finally she gave up And her very last time had come The church was full of empty spaces Of empty chairs all except for one Chorus: She’s been kissing strangers…
  2. Co-write with Cathrine Ramskov
  3. Nicolej


    Nice one. Well written, great guitar and solid vocal. As far as production goes it gets a bit boring with the sampled drums. Not enough diversity. I’ve listened to some of your other song and must say that “Good to me” and “Moonshine State Of Mind” are excellent and “Band-Aid” has the same potential
  4. Nicolej

    Lyrical Collab

    Hi Chris Has anyone made something for "Gh"? Cool track :-) Check out this one...
  5. Nicolej


    Hi I would like to give it a try. You can listen to somme of my stuff at Do you sing? Best regards Nicolej
  6. Hi Andy Like you I’m here to colab. I really like your work. Especially songs like “Always waiting” “Saying it to you” appeals to me, so if you are up for it check out my soundcloud Best regard
  7. Nicolej

    Need a melody for the words

    Just a Quick idea http://soundcloud.com/nb-music/never-to-late
  8. Nicolej

    Lyricist here :)

    Hi Do you sing aswell?
  9. Nicolej

    Anyone in need of a male vocalist?

    Hi Steffen Just the guy I need Would you be interrested in doing this track https://dl.dropbox.com/u/18645052/The%20willow%20tree%20m%20q.mp3 If you like it Im more than interrested in doing some colabs with you...
  10. Nicolej

    Pop/country Co-writes anyone?

    Hi Mark Do you have some samples of your work so far?
  11. Nicolej

    Co-author needed

    I Alek Me and my partner would like to give it a try as well. You can listen to some of our work here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18645052/Broken%20v%203%2C2.mp3 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18645052/Be%20strong%20-%20master.mp3 Best regards Nicolej Brink www.nbmusic.dk
  12. Hi Rachel Do you have ideas for the melody? Do you sing as well?
  13. Nicolej

    Songs Needed

    Hi Marie Are you still looking for songs? Regards Nicolej