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  1. Where Were You?

    Where were you? Over the Hills and Far Away (Led Zep) Where were you? Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel and centuries of others) Where were you? Where the Streets Have No Name (U2) Where were you? Fascination Street (The Cure) Where were you? Under the Milky Way (The Church)
  2. Where Were You?

    Where were you? Losing My Religion (REM) Where were you? South of Heaven (Slayer) Where were you? Inside the Fire (Disturbed) Extended: Where were you Before I Forget? (Slipknot)
  3. Collaboration Contest Scoring - April 2018

    Team Spider: Song: Sole Mates Lyric: Carl B Music: DinoRider Sole Mates We are sole mates Who belong together In rain, snow or shine Walking through any weather oh, oh, oh, oh We are sole mates Who will take things in stride A pair of a kind Made for the left and right side oh, oh, oh, oh An assortment of colors Twins for the feet Leaving home without one Would be incomplete We are sole mates Who can comfort a heel Just adding support For a well cushioned feel oh, oh, oh, oh An assortment of colors Twins for the feet Leaving home without one Would be incomplete We are sole mates Who belong together In rain, snow or shine Walking through any weather oh, oh, oh, oh
  4. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Team Spider is weavin a lethal web, and chillin. This challenge has helped break up the monotony in the creative process that I have been experiencing. Sometimes ya gotta just step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air. Peace
  5. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    Al, I think people are getting confused due to this in the "interest" thread: 3. I set a challenge - something that provides some constraints but allows for flexibility too - and we agree deadlines. saying there will be constraint, then saying there aren't really any constraints. I was under the impression like others that there would be more of a "challenge" than just write a song. It is what it is I guess, I plan on following through with the as of now "suggested" challenge regardless. Peace
  6. With the lights out, it's less dangerous Here we are now, entertain us I feel stupid and contagious Here we are now, entertain us Smells like teen spirit Nirvana
  7. Collaboration Contest Discussion

    This is gonna kick ass!
  8. Collaboration Contest

    I'll volunteer to make some noise that may or may not qualify as music, if needed.
  9. Thoughts on Offensive Lyrics

    I'll never get why people obsess over what they find offensive instead of indulging in what they find pleasurable. Maybe they find pleasure in being offended? IDK. Peace

    This is what ya do to get the results you want. LEARN AN INSTRUMENT. Once you learn an instrument you can have free reign over how your song sounds. You may even come out of it with a little bit of appreciation for those who you think aren't that "good" Peace
  11. "Todays music vs. "classics"

    If you put me back in the 60's and had me listen to the radio, sure I would hear what would come to be the classics of today, but I would also hear a lot of not so good stuff that would fade into obscurity. I think that's where people fall into the "music was so much better back then" trap. The good stuff gives them a sense of nostalgia and the bad stuff is often forgotten. Not everything playing on the radio today will be remembered even 10 years from now, but the best of this era will remain in rotation. Every era has good artists, you just have to endure the not so good in search of the best, and in the case of 60's music that was determined a long time ago.
  12. poems vs. lyrics

    I personally think it boils down to the intent of the author. SongWolfe gives the definition for lyric used as an adjective. The Noun definition is simply Taken from the same dictionary. 1. a lyric poem or verse. 2. the words of a song. Song is defined as, short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung. ‘a pop song’ (from the same dictionary) And for s-n-g Poetic (poem doesn't have an adjective definition) Having an imaginative or sensitively emotional style of expression. They are still built from the same building blocks and possess the same musical qualities. Rhythm, rhyme and structure being the basics. Peace
  13. Asset protection

    My only concern would be you fall victim to a scammer who has the magic "life hack" that protects your assets. was your original question, forgive me if I was mistaken in thinking your major concern was protecting your assets. Not a waste of time , just a misunderstanding on my part. Peace
  14. Asset protection

    I'd say it is highly unlikely, like almost zero. What is much more likely is that someone: a.) Uses your work without your permission/paying you and profiting off of it b.) totally ripping you off (plagiarizing) and calling it their own, in which you would have to initiate the lawsuit. Imo "a" is more likely than "b" Honestly, I guess that boils down to why you write music in the first place. It's wise to consult a professional when entering any kind of business venture, especially when you are concerned about protecting your personal assets. I'd say that's fairly common for any business (maybe entrepreneur is the right word here) , to include music publication. I'm just curious as to why you would ask total strangers, with no credentials, on a random songwriting forum, about protecting your assets. That could go south in a hurry.(more likely than being sued for false infringement) Peace