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  1. I can confirm 1 more for sure and possibly a couple others, there is still a bit over a week left so time will tell! Peace
  2. Still Plenty of time to reach deep and take on the challenge! So far: Computers have blown up! The Force has revealed it's dark side! Ice cream has been eaten! Jump on over and join the festivities!
  3. @14music Yeah that would be ideal, but finding anyone willing or able to "karaoke" their performance might be the toughie. I know no one would want me doing it, that's for sure. I did think about finding the "karaoke" version and vocaloiding the performance, but that would probably be a bit too time consuming on my end. SB does have an idea i might be able to pull off, that would make the video a bit more relevant in the end. @spanishbuddha I think I might be ale to pull off putting captions on the videos so people can follow along with the lyric while watching. There is still plenty of time to put something like that together. It's a great idea! I'll get to work on it asap. Glad you liked the experience so far! Peace
  4. The "Force" works in mysterious ways. I find ice cream helps sometimes.
  5. Hey sofia, This is pretty cool. My question would be, have you said everything you wanted to say? My suggestion would be to make this focal point: Just let me hold on to that little lie Stick it in after your other 2 liner, maybe repeat it a time or two. To me that seems to be the "hook" or the payoff you get from a chorus. and maybe title it "Little Lie"? Just a thought. Peace
  6. Before yesterday I use to have a ha-and Now that its gone I'll just have to defeat my dad Obi wan is Hassling me To fly my ass to dagobah And train with yoda Close? No? LoL Peace
  7. I'm not takin the bait Paul. Troll someone else. Kthnxbyebye
  8. How is this constructive, and in the artists cafe none the less. You do know this isn't a song, don't you?
  9. Did really well for a 15 minute lyric, Congratz! Peace
  10. Bummer, I hope you get ti resolved soon! Peace
  11. Was that a critique on critique, or a joke for Fab in reply to his response to the "critiques"? Ok here's the critique........ A well written lyric with a cohesive story, excellent rhyme scheme and tight rhythm, what genre do you intend this for? Oh and did ya'll know there was a new kind of contest in town? https://www.musesongwriters.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63992-lyric-challenge-contest/
  12. If ya think ya got what it takes, Head over to the "other contests" section and check out the "lyric challenge contest" Or click below https://www.musesongwriters.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63992-lyric-challenge-contest/ Check it out, give it a try! Discuss your experience, ask/answer questions, give/receive tips etc. in the "Challenge Lounge" https://www.musesongwriters.com/forums/index.php?/topic/63993-challenge-lounge/ Most of all have *cough*FUN*cough* (that was the only way to get that word past the censor?) See ya'll there (or not) Peace
  13. Good Deal, at least 2 off and runnin! @A Musical Key I remember seeing that in a clip from one of those late night variety shows! Jimmy Falon... and here it is performed! Funny Stuff! This challenge isn't much different, except for the language being unfamiliar. Peace
  14. Fab Fab Fab-ke-bab Didn't you know? The following is from the Best Seller "Writing Lyrics - Just Because You Can!" By Dr. P. Rosody Page 56 Rule # 73 Unless a lyric contains a.) Death (especially the death of a family member) and/or b.) Copious amounts of self pity/loathing and/or c.) A strong political message, obvious or otherwise With the exception of "love songs" (see page 112 rule #152) They shall be deemed "children's" songs and classified as such. The good doc says so himself! Pick up a copy at Amazon, an amazing read! Peace
  15. Be Safe! Peace