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  1. The Black Cat

    Thanks for your comments. It's an enjoyable time of the year for me too. Happy Halloween Birthday. :)/> Thank you
  2. Two Short Poems for Autumn

    Gorgeous I love October I'm also an October child Take care Theresa
  3. The Black Cat

    I really enjoyed your creative writing here Since I was born on Halloween I have always had fun with everything about the holiday.. Take care Theresa
  4. I Am

    Yes very deep Always good to find a way to express feelings and find you are not alone Keep writing and sharing Take care Theresa
  5. Nothing Left Inbetween

    Yes it is personal but happy to report my hubby is home now and is celebrating his 75th birthday today.. He never gave up and neither did I .. So now it has been 8 years since his stroke and 4 years since his open heart surgery.. He is a survivor Thanks for your reply Take care Theresa
  6. Nothing Left Inbetween

    I can't stop wearing Your socks and your shirt These things remind me of you Just for a moment You're back here with me Then I don't feel so blue I see your shoes In the closet Your cologne hangs in the air Our picture reflects in the mirror It's more than I can bear I've opened up the curtains And sun is shining in On the place you laid beside me I long for that feeling again The distance that separates Lovers and friends Bridged by memories unseen Erased by love That always remains Nothing left Inbetween Sitting at the table Sipping a cup of green tea You always used to watch I miss that about you and me I can't stop wearing Your socks and your shirt Soon you'll come home to me But in the meantime I'm spending some dreamtime Wrapped in the essence of you Theresa Loder

    I really enjoyed this poem Great job As a daughter of a wanna be space man ... I grew up looking through telescopes my dad built ..we had to stand on a concrete block in the front yard to see through the lens.. Dad loved showing us the moon and stars Thank you for sharing and bringing back great memories Take care Theresa
  8. A Silent Muse

    Love this Really enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing Take care Theresa
  9. Mystic Hollow Inn

    Really enjoyed reading this work Great job Thank you for sharing Take care Theresa
  10. Ask a silly question

    Very interesting and different Entertaining and food for thought Thanks for sharing Theresa
  11. Creation

    The moon sets down On the ocean's face With eloquent reverent Deserving grace Awesome stillness Transparent beams Undisturbed Midnight dreams Evolution of a butterfly Trillions of stars In a midnight sky Pristine rivers Harvest moon Blistering sun On a desert dune Soaring Eagles Changing tides Majestic mountains Faults collide Blue marble spinning Locked in her embrace A place to love and share With ... The human race Theresa Loder
  12. Who Am I

    Hello I really enjoyed reading this You are someone special , one of a kind No matter where you go Or who you see You'll always be you And I'll always be me Please keep sharing Take care Theresa
  13. Poetry

    Thank you all for taking time to comment Take care Theresa
  14. Dancing on Bleeding Feet

    Very well done Donna As soon as time permits I will listen to the music Thank you for sharing Take care Theresa
  15. "September's Song"

    Just beautiful So visual ... I really enjoyed reading this .. Several times Take care Theresa