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  1. 14music

    Let Them Go With Love

    Musically, vocally, and emotionally - very nice (and my condolences). Emotion aside, too much compromise was made on rhyme and meter for the “song” to work for my taste. It sounds like more of a story put to music, and this isn’t meant to be negative, it’s JMO. Tradeoffs have to be made when a certain story must be told in the manner you want to tell it. If you had done the song to “my” preference, you probably couldn’t have said the things you wanted to say. It is nice, and it only matters that it works for you. I look forward to hearing more.
  2. I like it. Nice writing, nice flow, and simple. Planning music for it?
  3. Other than that, it was a pretty awesome concert? LOLOL! Yeah, I can see it if the event were free, or very low priced, but not for that kind of money when the performance is far from what it used to be.
  4. 14music

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Yep, we are at opposite ends of this one. I think at least part of our difference is we enjoy, or favor, different types of music. You are missing some of my points, though, but maybe I was not clear. I’m not referring to “an earlier time when there was no accompanying music”. I’m talking about lyrics written independently of music, like those posted in “lyrics feedback” – and treated like a finished product. Without music, there is nothing to comment on except the words. So, IMO, the comments tend to call for more “story”, imagery, and description. I’m not the first one to say this. JMO, but I think this “steers” a lot of lyrics toward the poem direction in order to compensate for lack of music, creating bias. And maybe this is not for the best, when we have no idea about the music, vocals, etc. I would say it can even be a little bit misguided, or flawed, because the comments are on an unfinished product. You DID comment on my lyric as part of a completed song, so where am I going with this? My point is that, “in some cases” I think these “description rules” (coming from lyrics-only i.e. biased) carry over and become universal, even when the lyric IS written to music. I certainly don’t think this is always better. There are a whole lotta successful songs that do not “show”, and I would argue they would not all necessarily be better if “show” were added cuz something else might be disrupted in the process. In the big picture, I try to write from a neutral position. My goal is to say what I want to say, with all the lyric “ingredients” coming out naturally to accomplish this. I don’t intentionally “show” or “tell”. Hopefully we can agree that my “better” is not necessarily your “better”, as all of this stuff is personal taste and preference. These are just some of my thoughts, and I completely respect anyone who feels “showing” is a requirement, and always better. Yes, if we had been paired for the contest with you doing the music, and you wanted more “show”, we probably would have had a “vigorous discussion” LOL. Then, I would have worked to do that in the name of cooperation, but I would have considered the lyric change to be “different”, rather than “better”. Good discussion – take care.
  5. 14music

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Ouch! Ouch! My lyric has been dismissed as inferior! Actually, I completely understand the comment, but challenge the general assumption or philosophy. I’m aware of all the basic “rules” of lyric writing including “showing”, imagery, description, and often a literal story where everyone understands what everything means, and it is all spelled out, etc. BUT, I also feel that many of these “rules” developed when lyrics are viewed as a stand-alone finished product (which they aren’t), and there is no music or vocals. The lyrics are often “overdone” in order to compensate for the lack of music (like a poem), and don’t necessarily make for the best resulting vocals/song. I am all for imagery, but I don’t think it should be forced. And if given too much priority (like anything else), it’s actually a constraint. IMO, there are many other factors to consider: Flow of the words, sound of the words, rhyming, rhythm, sing-ability, intent/purpose of the song, topic of the song, genre, music style, vocal style, etc. Personally, I am heavy on the “sound” of the words. I can like a song where it is difficult to make out many of the words, but that’s just my own weirdness.
  6. 14music

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    First, I must recognize the one genius among us – Tracy somebody! Thank you for the vote! LOL Second, I must thank my guitar-playin’, video makin’ partner. I give him a lot of credit for the performance! I also need to take the heat about the comments on the tempo being too slow. He had it faster initially, and I recommended the slow-down. As he kind of mentioned, we may have been one of the more “efficient” teams. I think it was about two emails, and the song was done – LOL. Also want to thank Alistair for putting this on, and all who participated to make it fun. Congrat’s to all! Walking Shoes – I liked the elec guitar parts (more! more!) Vocals reminded me a little of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young in places. Good sound. Well done. Shoes – Simple and sweet music/vocals. Yes, so much does come down to “…the place of our birth…”! A lot of what we have (or don’t) is based on that. Footprints in the Snow – Well done. Nice to listen to. Vocals remind me of someone, maybe a little Don McLean – don’t know. Some good variation in there. Congrat’s on #1!!! Crocodilly Lilly – I wasn’t a fan of the way it started out (and it’s just a taste thing), but I grew to like it as it picked up steam. Very unique. Indecision – I was really drawn to the bass when listening, for some reason; really liked it. Nice overall music sound and vocals. I Ain’t Looking Back – Nice Blues tune, and cool guitar solo. Lyric held interest very well. Lucky Man – Cool old Rock & Roll feel. My favorite part was the “oooooh la la la”. That just “worked” for me very well! Coyote – Roy Orbison! Good all-around sound and feel. Well done. You Better Believe – Nice guitar – nice music. Seemed like the vocals could come up a bit in volume. (I keep having trouble when trying to play this one – “Video not available”) Lost in a Thought – I think I hear a little Moody Blues! Very nice, easy listening song. Well put together. Walk a Mile – Could just be my laptop sound, but the vocals were a bit muddy/bass-y in places, but it was much better when the higher pitched vocals came in. Nice listen. Dancing Shoes – Nice and simple. Good to listen to. Very good lyric and music union IMO. Sole Mates – OMG – How do I talk about this one! Very up-tempo and I fell in love with the vocals….was going to send a PM and ask who sang this!! Then I started reading the comments about the synth vocals (and I’m not a fan of that!). No clue here – LOL! “She” got me – hook, line, and sinker! This was my number 1.
  7. 14music

    Break Free

    Acid-inspired, even! Far out!
  8. Bravo! A lot of truth and lessons in those words. Welcome back. Very sorry about your loss.
  9. 14music

    Collaboration Contest Discussion

    It sounds like some are doing AABA with footwear theme, and some are not. It doesn’t really matter to me, but seems like we would all have the same constraints, or no constraints.
  10. 14music

    Collaboration Contest

    How is the pairing to be done? Just random draw, or other considerations? The reason I ask, is some folks are very genre-flexible, and some aren’t as much. Pairing “genre-opposites” could be challenging, but maybe it would be fine. I am stronger on the lyric side, but would throw my hat in for lyric or music.
  11. 14music

    New logo

    I have no real bias or criticism in any direction on this, but I do notice in the newest designs that the head phones are much more dominant in size, and become a focal point. The smaller current phones do indicate there is sound going on, as the new ones could appear to be for hearing protection.
  12. 14music


    Any reason you have this posted 3 times? We are drowning!
  13. 14music


    Hi Mylene. It’s very generous of you to join this site mainly to invite collaborations at the site you cofounded, and also to “follow you” at another site!
  14. 14music


    Just my opinion, and many will disagree, but the lyric (before there is music) gets treated far too often as an independent finished product, when it isn’t. Lyrics are posted for critique, and there are lyric contests, etc. Sure, there are comments that can be made about the lyric, but there is a LOT that cannot be said until the lyric is put to music. When lyrics are written and viewed as stand-alone, they are often “overdone” to compensate for the lack of music. The more “elaborate” the lyric, the more likely it would be to win a contest. A simpler lyric would be less likely to win, but it could make a great song. A lyric can make for a nice story, but may be very difficult to sing, and just not flow well with the music. It is often difficult to tell until a completed song can be reviewed. On the other hand, we don’t often see music posted (not instrumentals) without the lyric/vocals, unless it’s in the collab forum, and we don’t have contests for this music. Why? Because it is not a finished product, and that fact just seems to be more accepted when it is music alone. Like the lyric, you can make some comments on the music, but it seems to be more understood that the vocals are needed to consider it complete. I have no bias here. I did lyrics-only before I started into music, but I recognize that either one alone is an unfinished piece of work.