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  1. Break Free

    Acid-inspired, even! Far out!
  2. Bravo! A lot of truth and lessons in those words. Welcome back. Very sorry about your loss.
  3. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    It sounds like some are doing AABA with footwear theme, and some are not. It doesn’t really matter to me, but seems like we would all have the same constraints, or no constraints.
  4. Collaboration Contest

    How is the pairing to be done? Just random draw, or other considerations? The reason I ask, is some folks are very genre-flexible, and some aren’t as much. Pairing “genre-opposites” could be challenging, but maybe it would be fine. I am stronger on the lyric side, but would throw my hat in for lyric or music.
  5. Hello, everyone! Newbie here.

    Welcome! Forum traffic must be a little bit light at the moment. Are you a musician, lyric writer, songwriter? Hope you enjoy the place!
  6. New logo

    I have no real bias or criticism in any direction on this, but I do notice in the newest designs that the head phones are much more dominant in size, and become a focal point. The smaller current phones do indicate there is sound going on, as the new ones could appear to be for hearing protection.
  7. Water

    Any reason you have this posted 3 times? We are drowning!
  8. Collaborator

    Hi Mylene. It’s very generous of you to join this site mainly to invite collaborations at the site you cofounded, and also to “follow you” at another site!

    Just my opinion, and many will disagree, but the lyric (before there is music) gets treated far too often as an independent finished product, when it isn’t. Lyrics are posted for critique, and there are lyric contests, etc. Sure, there are comments that can be made about the lyric, but there is a LOT that cannot be said until the lyric is put to music. When lyrics are written and viewed as stand-alone, they are often “overdone” to compensate for the lack of music. The more “elaborate” the lyric, the more likely it would be to win a contest. A simpler lyric would be less likely to win, but it could make a great song. A lyric can make for a nice story, but may be very difficult to sing, and just not flow well with the music. It is often difficult to tell until a completed song can be reviewed. On the other hand, we don’t often see music posted (not instrumentals) without the lyric/vocals, unless it’s in the collab forum, and we don’t have contests for this music. Why? Because it is not a finished product, and that fact just seems to be more accepted when it is music alone. Like the lyric, you can make some comments on the music, but it seems to be more understood that the vocals are needed to consider it complete. I have no bias here. I did lyrics-only before I started into music, but I recognize that either one alone is an unfinished piece of work.
  10. Doom Porn (Language)

    Yes........you were holding out on us with those vocals!! No need to cover that up at all!!
  11. No Middle Ground

    Short, sweet, and to the point. Crank up the guitar distortion and let ‘er rip!
  12. 100 Days

    I think the song sounds very good, and has a lot of strong points, musically. I do think you run the risk of alienating those who may disagree. For those who do agree, it’s preaching to the choir, which is fine if that’s what you are going for. The points being made seem quite extreme (“a nation is failing”), and are not stated as opinion, which leaves no room for middle ground. But the points are also pretty vague, cliché, and arguable, inviting disagreement. My comments are not critical of the song, and I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with the politics. I’m just saying it may lose some support that it otherwise might not, due to the biased political position.
  13. Working with others

    Nice collab idea, chaz. Were you thinking cover songs or original? I'm a crappy musician, but could contribute lyric-wise.
  14. Come tomorrow, we sing

    My point about the two different “you”s is the confusion to the reader/listener. The switch could be a negative distraction. To eliminate the confusion, I think an easy solution would be to use “They’ll” in place of “You’ll” for the “break our spirit”/”bring us down” lines. If you are ok with it as is, that’s cool.
  15. Working with others

    I don’t know how any band of 4 or more people stays together for more than 30 minutes (LOL), but, I think you summed up your situation perfectly by saying: “I want to be a team player. However. I want to be in an Acoustic duo.” I would tell the dude this is how it started out, but you think he is going way past the original idea. Good luck!