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  1. >>>How to review lyrics

    Honestly. you Giniuses (oh did i spell that incorrectly whaaaaaat??) Post your stuff cus all u (shall i use the F word) No. i don't want to , u don't post anything, ur what i like to call terrorist, No one knows where you are coming from cus you wont show or tell. actually post somet constructive or you should go do pottery cus you sound like you been doing this that long you need a new hobby you have been trying to sh111 for this long............................................................. bang bang that's me knocking get off the pot. You better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone. not being a dick just listen to the words of the man
  2. >>>How to review lyrics

    Hello all i am a man who can be very blunt and a man who can go on a bit emotionally depending on my mood. i think sometimes this site can focus more on the writer who have been around on this site since the start than the new ones who are joining. i think we all need to agree on the fact that this isn't American idol/X Factor, i had to search for this site, and so did many other which to me says we want to be songwriter's, weather we are good enough is another thing, but for whoever makes it, whoever doesn't, we should all have respect for one another. i don't care if you have had a no1 album i dint care if this is your first song, whatever you write should be judged by passion/merit not a because someone didn't spell the word LVOE right. I think we can all agree there are some very poor songs out there what have made it top of the charts. and i think its fair to say thats what give us all hope, me for one i don't care, i work a hard day, i have been unemployed, and i like working a hard day. **** it, respect should be the number 1 rule of this site not how much you can post
  3. >>>How to review lyrics

    Lol Funkdaddy your arrogance has a taster of awesomeness (cant believe that word is on spell check) this site puts on bans of so many a week and so many a day. isnt the idea of the site for us to progress and learn more. i think everyday, fantastic i've posted one, now i play the waiting game. Ok ill just go to france for the week and come back............. oh goody 2 posts we get writer block and we sit it ut for a few weeks still comment what not. and when the floodgates open up, we goota hold it for another 24 hours. thats bull**** and un-inspires me more than anythings