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  1. Submitting lyrics

    Wow.... negative vibes galore! The guys are right, though. No lyricist can make it on their own in today's market. I do however feel that zmulls is wrong when he states that only Nashville artists are looking for outside songwriters. This is simply not the case, but it is PART true I admit. BTW, there are 50,000 or so songwriters in Nashville alone, and not one of them is purely a lyricist (unless they collaborate with a composer). This is the way to go: Find a composer. Make brilliant songs together. Record the best three or four professionally. Pitch them to adequate possibilities, like movies, commercials, web sites, TV shows or artists (if the shoe fits them, and it has to be a perfect fit). Or you could, of course, find a local band and pitch your material directly to them. Chances are they'll ignore you, though, unless you know them personally.
  2. Young Girl needs Help

    Hi Gret! Too bad I didn't find this thread until now. I think it would be a fantastic challenge to co-write with an 11-year-old. Never thought of writing with or for a child. Let me know if you'd like to work with me in the future. Like you I have my songs demoed in Nashville. Currently waiting for 11 original songs, due mid-February. Best of luck to you! Morten
  3. January 2011 Lyric Contest

    Optional to stick to the theme? What if an industry professional asked for, let's say, "a song about a drunken sailor".... would you write womething completely different and spend your money pitching that song? "Here's my song. It's about Martians landing on the Moon, but you can interpret it as them being drunk and sailing through the universe." Nah, I think it's better to be very strict about the themes. That said, if Jonie doesn't disqualify something, who am I to say it's a swing and a miss? BUT personally I think she should be more of a nazi about the contributions. lol. I entered the January contest with a lyric that's not even in my Top 100, just because of the theme. A challenge is a challenge. Ah, what the heck! As long as we all enjoy writing our songs I don't really care! Looking forward to February's contest.
  4. January 2011 Lyric Contest

    Congrats on a well-deserved victory, Len! Like others have pointed out, I couldn't see the connection with the theme, but man.... no choice but to score this a 10 no matter the theme. lol. It's the best piece of lyric writing I've seen from an "amateur".... ever! Now make a melody, record the song and post it! That is, if you haven't already - and then I'd like a link to it, please. Totally reminds me of epics such as "The band played Waltzing Mathilda." Thanks for sharing! (A note regarding the "sulphur" part of my lyric - I got a text from a buddy Jan. 1st, probably still slightly drunk, where he "ordered" me to write something with the line "I love the smell of sulphur in the air" in it. So I did. lol. The idea with the text is that it's something that could've been said by a drunk boyfriend on New Year's Eve).
  5. Pitching Music to Artists???

    I've written songs for promising bands and artists for fifteen years, and it has been quite fun and I've gained a lot of experience by doing it. BUT the truth is, I've hardly made a single buck from it. That's why I'm taking the plunge and going in a different direction from 2011 on. That entails pitching songs to big(ger) artists through songplugging agencies and more direct approaches. Me and two collaborators are investing close to $8000 in our songs to begin with. Let's see if it's worth it....
  6. Ideas from the tub

    "It came from the tub!" 1950's horror movie. Nah, just kidding.
  7. Mixing and mastering competition

    Yup, what Tom said. Five or six tracks maximum. Basic instrumentation. No adding, just plain and (not so) simple mixing. And divide the mixing engineers into sections: Beginner, intermediate and advanced so nobody has to listen to a whole bunch of versions. Eight mixing engineers max per category. Does mixing in this sense also include mastering?
  8. Mixing and mastering competition

    Sign me up as a remixer, please! Not that I'm any good, but I'm trying to learn and getting better all the time.
  9. Interesting Metaphors

    1) Clay 2) Horoscope 3) Twin 4) Ocean 5) Murderer
  10. Nocturnal all the way. But idead pop into my head all the time, I guess. Sometimes I wake up at night with bits and pieces of lyrics in my head, or even a complete chorus. Yeah... I'm always very tired in the morning...
  11. FAWM!

    Yeah, FAWM rules! I recommend collaborating if you want quality material, though.