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  1. 2009 Song of the Year - archive

    Goodbye Sweet Child http://soundclick.com/share?songid=8219790 Terry Strickland- Lyrics Bob Turk- Music and Vocals Goodbye Sweet Child ©2008 V1 We don't talk about the accident, there's no need to We're just thankful for the time we had with you But we still can't think about you without crying It's hard to look ahead but we're trying V2 Last night we attended your class graduation It was really hard a bittersweet situation Made us so proud when they called your name All your friends said without you it wasn't the same Chorus Goodbye sweet child now you're home Holding God's hand pure and free I can almost see your face Saying "don't cry for me Don't worry I'm happy here I'm where everyone wants to be" Goodbye sweet child Goodbye sweet child V3 Your grandpa and grandma don't have much to say To them life is not supposed to go this way Their hopes of watching you grow through the years Have been replaced with memories, grief and tears Repeat Chorus