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  1. Lonely guitar track

    DanJames...your link is not working for me.
  2. Hello all, I am just wondering if anyone is interested in writing music together. I am a guitar player who likes to write and sing songs. I am not prolific or uber talented but I have a lot of passion for music and I am a good person. If anyone one, or more is interested awesome. I look forward to hearing from you. btw I didn't put a style or anything because I am all over the place.
  3. Holding On

    Very cool tune! I Like it. I like the poppy intro. I also like the rhythm of the vocals. Very catchy. I really like it when you take it down after the "torn up and broken" I really felt this. Great lead work! Twin leads!!!!!! Go Iron Maiden!!!! I really like how the song picks up and again the leads are awesome! A couple of suggestions - I think the second half of the first verse could use something else. Maybe a vocal harmony or even a clap, something to make it stand out a bit from the first half. Also, the chorus "Holding On" I feel could use some backing vocals. (Btw, nice harmonies on the last line.) Anyhow, this song is really really good. I look forward to hearing more from you.
  4. Dirty Money

    I just want to say PaulCanuck, that "Dirty Money" keeps popping in my head. Ear worm!!!!! Good job.
  5. Hi Jonlint, I agree, and like the fact, that this song reminds me of AIC. I like the music. Very dissonant. I really like the rhythmic breakdown. I thought you could have developed that a bit. The only lyric point I would suggest is on "time" the second syllable is started with a "y" like tiii yme. I would humbly suggest using the "h" sound there instead. "tiii hme". It might make a difference, round it out a bit? lol rock on SlowD
  6. Cool song idea. I really flows well. I find myself being pulled up and down as I listen. Your ability to create dynamics is great. I don't have any advice to offer at the moment as I think it all sounds great. I look forward to hearing this song as it progresses. SlowD
  7. Sundaze

    Kerry Parr - Thank you for your honesty. I really appreciate it. I like the two chords but I agree it needs some dynamic or rhythm change up. Moso Thank you as well. The truth is the lead is a complete one off with little working out before hand, so a bit of goofing around. I was looking for ideas to take out and I liked the whole thing so I kept it. The more songs on here I listen to the more I realize I need to step up my game a bit which is great motivation and with people like yourself willing to listen and give advice a lot easier. So again thanks. GoldenBlue Thanks again! I am no on Christmas break now so I will be looking to work on the suggestions you gave for both songs.(lyrics, dynamics) Funny thing...the bass part was created by the trio pedal. lol
  8. Hello again, So I thought I would give this song a try here. It is a simple little song idea. I would just like to know what people think of it. Thank you in advance.
  9. First post

    Thank you Nicetalkintoya and GoldenBlue. Your comments are greatly appreciated. This was just a one off demo idea but the yours, and the other comments give me the incentive to work on it. Again, thank you.
  10. Filthy Minute, Your song has definitely hooked me. This is not my usual style of music but it is really good. I am not even sure what to say about it just that I like it and I want to hear more! I like the vocals and the lyrics too. The music, though weird to my ears was wonderful and appealing. SlowD
  11. First post

    Moso Thank you for listening and taking the time to reply. I agree that the lead guitar is too loud. OMG PaulCanuck...you flatter me with the reference to one of my all time favourite artists!!!
  12. Grammi

    Hi, I just want to say that this song ended too soon. I felt like I was just easing into it when it ended. I was really left feeling like I wanted more I guess I'll just have to listen again...and again Nice song! SlowD
  13. Dirty Money

    Hey PaulCanuck, I am not going to critique because this song is beyond anything I cold do but I just want to say COOL SONG!!!!! SlowD
  14. Never A Reason

    I don't see a link to this song.
  15. Always

    Hi, Catchy tune. I like it's drive. I got it right away. The production sounds really good to me but I am bedroom recorder. I like the vocals as well but like others said the chorus could use a little more something. Well put together song. I will listen for more.