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  1. SlowD

    I Dream Too

    Cool Song! It has a real 311 vibe to it. The groove is great. Your lead playing is awesome!!! I really don't have anything constructive to add lol your skill level in all areas of songwriting surpass that of mine. I look forward to listening to more of your work.
  2. So I worked on this song based on feedback from this site. I added a more defined chorus and added some instrumentation. It is still in the works so feedback is appreciated. Thank you all. https://soundcloud.com/billy-gallant-2/gods-plan-1 Your family grew up on the land They got their from by their own hand They got their clothes the same way Your family was raised by the land My family grew up in the city We had to get our food from the man We got our clothes the same way My family was raised by the city Does anyone know god's plan? Has anyone seen her hand? How can anyone know god's plan? Has anyone seen her hand? You grew up in a small town you always knew everyone around you always knew where you belonged You were raised by a small town Does anyone know god's plan? Has anyone seen her hand? How can anyone know god's plan? Has anyone seen her hand?
  3. SlowD

    "Maybe Tomorrow"

    To be honest, I wanted to stop listening when the chorus hit but I really really liked the first 4 lines...a lot...that drum in the beginning was great too. I kept listening and I am glad I did. I guess what I would like to hear lol, a different melody or rhythm to the vocals for the chorus. I really like the verse's vocals and I really really like, well all the lyrics. Just to clarify, the second and third times I listened to the song the chorus kinda grew on me. The verses however kept getting stronger and are my favourite parts vocally. Your guitar work is great. This is definitely a very cool song and I look forward to hearing more.
  4. CapM That clip is great. I don't listen to John Mayer but I think I will.
  5. RoberMundane...I hope you stick around this place.
  6. SlowD

    puppet (original song)

    OF COURSE! LOL Another fantastic, emotionally engaging song. I am sorry to say but you just don't look like you have the experience (age) to be writing these insightful, deep and compelling lyrics. The lyrics are heartbreaking but have a real edge and depth to them. "Ive got no parents...the other just neglected", No soul, no words. And then piggy piggy - I love this line. I really like the outtro. I just wish you sang it with a bit more clarity. I hope you are writing and recording and then practicing all of these songs because I think you should be playing these for real people like at a coffee house or some low key place like that. Really, all I want to say is keep doing what you are doing. You are obviously born for this. Of course.
  7. Thanks you tunesmithth
  8. SlowD

    fish guts

    Such a nice song. I had to listen to it as soon as I saw the title...Fish Guts...and then I saw it was one of your songs and new it was going to be interesting. As your other songs, I really like the whimsical nature of your singing, voice and guitar. It is very soothing. I also like your lyrics...they are like an impressionistic painting...they are there in front of you but what do they really mean and perhaps it's not that important. Another great song song. I look forward to hearing more.
  9. SlowD

    Pretty Blue

    Hey Paul, I like it. Your intro, guitar and vocal remind me of Neil Young. The song is rockin and that is what a rock songs purpose is. The drums are not great and the organ part is a bit rough but you bring it back. I really like the outtro vocals. I would really like to hear this song in a bar some night.
  10. Triffid, Man...can you write songs. I have read all the comments and can't add anything technical other than ya maybe the song needs some tempo work, maybe, but it is so well written. The intro, the guitar so delicate and playful...great! I also really like the soft intro to the vocals. I could go on and on about what is great about this song but I just want to say that you write great songs and I will listen to everyone you post. I am a fan.
  11. SlowD

    A Different Kind of Darkness

    Hello wilberthenry, I really like your song. I like the guitar part, simple and supports the songs. The Instrumental bridge was nice. I enjoyed your singing. It drew me in right away. I did feel, as the song went on that you could put more energy or expression into the singing, not all of the singing just to add some spice in places. I also really liked the lyrics but at times I found myself trying to figure out what you were saying eg...the terabytes of data...I don't necessarily need to understand what the lyrics are saying as long as I get the gist enough to feel it and I found my self thinking and fallout of feeling. But your voice and the chorus brought me back each time. Great job. Thanks for posting and I look forward to listening to more of your songs.
  12. Hello everyone, it's been a while since I have posted but I have a new song that I just wrote and would like some feedback on it. I recorded it on my laptop in my kitchen at the table this morning so I am not looking for mixing, or sound recording advice. What I would like to know is how the song impacts you, if at all, and why or why not. I have found this site to be very helpful in fine tuning my songs and am very thankful to everyone who contributes.
  13. SlowD

    March 2018 Song Contest

    My first song contest ever is over!!!!! I thought I would be crushed if I didn't win lol! I in fact feel grateful. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated. It's not always easy putting yourself out there. Big congratulates to ScenesFromPalacio. I don't remember how I scored it but after listening to it a couple of more times I think it's cool that I have a song in the same contest as your song. I can't believe your a bedroom recording artist. Billie Joe Armstrong once said something like there are many people who can play and write songs better than he could (he is no slouch of a songwriter either) but they only play in their bedrooms so you never hear them. If you are indeed a bedroom songwriter then you are also proof of his words. Nice song. I definitely will listen to more. Extra thank you Moso, Eric Borgos, RoadDog, and Oswlek for your thoughts. I appreciate them and they have encouraged me to continue working on the song. Thank you PaulCanuck for hosting. This has been such a great experience for me. Thanks!
  14. SlowD

    The Trouble is...

    Paul, these lyrics are fantastic. I believe very high level stuff. I would like to hear this recorded by a great vocalist. No offense please. I like your singing but these lyrics could go places. Chills! thanks for sharing