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  1. Hi guys - thanks for taking a moment to join in the discussion. Many of you guys know me, I've been a long-time Muser and my songwriting journey really began here. I've been pretty absent for the last 7 or 8 months because I've been working really heavily on a website that helps you collaborate with other musicians. You can link up with other people from the MusesMuse and work together through the site - removing a lot of the hassle from working together online! The site is here: FindMySong I'm Thomas, a songwriter and a student at USC. I've been developing this website since the beginning of the year with 3 other USC students. It lets you find other musicians based on their skills, preferred genres, and influences (like an acoustic guitarist or songwriter in your city, influenced by Coltrane). You can also create a project, audition members to it, share files in the cloud, keep a group chat, and set up a copyright split sheet - all for free. The site is social, in that other people can see a public view of your project where they can leave feedback and rate your song. You can get feedback on your song from the community while you work! The top projects are viewed by everyone when they log into their account. Here's what a project looks like: A FindMySong Project And here's my FindMySong profile! I would love to hear what you have to say about the website! Would you use it? Not use it? Any feedback or critiques are welcome! Thanks so much guys, and an early Merry Christmas to everyone! - Thomas
  2. I actually did my first collaboration ever right here on MusesMuse, with kimberlyinnc! The MusesMuse was essentially the place where I started my songwriting and the best place to get feedback on it. However, I also feel like the forum does get a bit segregated between music and lyrics. I know that I initially came to the Muse because I needed help on my lyrics moreso than on the music - so even though I was writing music, I typically did the lyrics as well since I wanted to improve on my ability. It's not too easy to overcome this barrier, because collaboration is a bit clunky; there's slow communication, it's hard to share files back and forth, and a lot of time you and your writing partner have different styles which may not always mesh that well. The key, as it is with everything else, is simply practicing. No one is great at collaborating to start out!
  3. Envato

    I'm not sure how many of you have heard of the Envato network, but it's a fairly comprehensive collection of subdomains focusing on educating people on a variety of topics. This includes things like web design, Photoshop, and most importantly...audio. You won't find anything terribly complicated at the site, but it does have a lengthy collection of interesting tips, tricks, and techniques for different audio workstations, processors, recording styles, that sort of thing. I've found a few of their sites very helpful in a variety of interests (their Photoshop section is awesome). In any case, you can find that here: Audio Production - Envato
  4. ASCAP Daily Brief

    I know, it's odd that I've finally struggled back to the haven that is the MusesMuse, but I have returned. Can't keep away for too long!
  5. As most of you know, ASCAP is one of the biggest performing rights organizations in the United States (the other being BMI). I became a member a while back when I released my first album and knew it would have some airplay on internet radios, college, and other small-scale stuff. Anyways, one of the benefits was that I was automatically subscribed to the "Dean's List" - also known as the ASCAP Daily Brief. This is a newsletter that goes out periodically, simply listing 5-10 articles on the music industry that ASCAP thinks would be interesting, informative, and helpful to its members. I've gotten a lot of value from reading these articles (especially during the turbulence of SOPA), and people interested in keeping more involved and more up-to-date with the music industry may find the information equally as valuable. I'm not sure if you can subscribe if you're not a member of ASCAP, but just in case, here's the signup link: http://www.magnetmail.net/actions/subscription_form_ascap.cfm Otherwise, you can get an RSS of ASCAP's "Headlines" which includes the Daily Brief among other articles. http://www.ascap.com/News-And-Events/2012.aspx Enjoy!
  6. Hey Fab - how are you liking your monitors? A little easier to mix on, and a little less fatiguing than headphones? Just wondering (since this has a large effect on what you're hearing); do you have any room treatment, or are you just listening in a regular room? This wouldn't affect you so much in headphones, but it'll make a pretty huge difference now that you're listening in open air. Also, depending on how much flexibility you have, you may want to look at some resources detailing a proper mix setup. I'm sure Lzi has some input on this, but this article may help you as well: http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/mar02/articles/monitors.asp
  7. Cross the Edge - Single now on iTunes

    Just an update - RUINS has come out on iTunes/Zune/Amazon MP3/eMusic and is available for download! You can find it here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ruins/id445942572
  8. What should you do...

    Speaking of this mentality, since I'm moving to Los Angeles and won't have space for a studio the size of my current one, I've been selling off all of my mid-quality equipment and rolling with much smaller, portable (ish), and higher quality equipment. This would be an Oktavamod MK-319, Golden Age Pre-73, Apogee Duet 2, and a Macbook Pro running Logic 9. Match that with my electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Egnater Tweaker, Sennheiser e906, and Shure SM81, and I've pretty much got the full setup I need without too much equipment.
  9. Cross the Edge - Single now on iTunes

    Thanks! Still a long long road ahead, but I've got time.
  10. Cross the Edge - Single now on iTunes

    Just an update - Cross the Edge was FM102x's Song of the Day yesterday and has also become part of iRadio LA/FM 104's online radio rotation!
  11. Hey guys, Cross the Edge has finally been released to iTunes, Zune, and other online stores! I think most of you have heard this song, but if not you can hear it here, streaming, for free: http://listn.to/meteoric The link to buy is there as well. If anyone could leave a good, musical review similar to the song critiques, that would be amazing! That's possible without buying the song, so no pressure. Thanks! Thomas/Meteoric
  12. May song comp

    Congrats, everyone! My top picks were: 1. Liberation - Jason Kalman 2. Parting Gift - Blindcommissioner
  13. May song comp

    Fake Life V I'm the melody inside your head that's fading I'm your shaking hands before you lost the feeling What is it like to lose the passion That drew you close to me? CH Come back to the real world To find the path you lost Let go of the fake life The glamour hides the cost V I'm the key to all the doors you locked in your haste I'm the only way to bring the smile back to your face Let me take you home from this nightmare Open your eyes and wake up CH Come back to the real world, to find the path you lost Let go of the fake life, the glamour hides the cost Look away from the spotlight, just drop the phone and run Let go of the fake life, before you get too numb
  14. I sing all my background vocals as well, and they definitely have to blend into the background properly for them to fit into the song well. However, there's a difference between harmony background vocals, which you want to stick out a little bit to emphasize the part they play, or layers that are simply meant to give power, control, and other elements to the main vocal (such as doubling or whisper tracks). If I'm doing harmonies, I'll typically take all the low end out of the background vocals and pan them at around 3 and 9 o'clock. Delays work well to blend them in without using a ton of reverb, though generally I'll have reverb on there as well - I work in alternative rock and metal mostly, so clean vocals are not meant to be completely dry. I make the harmonies so quiet I can't hear them, then bring them up to where I can barely hear them, then back them off around a dB. If I want to be less subtle, I'll keep them where I can barely hear them - then add a harmony central, panned at around 11 and 1 o'clock so they sound central without being in the way of the vocal. This works for me, and may work for you depending on your style. For layers, I'll typically have the main vocal track, a pair of doubled tracks, and a pair of hard panned tracks L&R with choruses or flangers on them. The chorus gets them to blend in well and I can use them to add width to the vocals without making it sound fake. Normally one double has really heavy compression on it, and the other is simply a dry track, without compression or anything. If its too close in tune with the main vocal, I'll add modulation to that as well to make sure its not getting any weird sounds going on. Sometimes a main vocal is missing some high end 'air' and emphasis, so I'll record a whisper track (just the main line, whispered, with compression) and slap that on as well. That's easy to overdo, but so is everything! Hope some of this helps, I'm sure a lot of it works for me but does not work for other people. Some tools I've used in the past plugin-wise are Audio Damage's Discord (split harmonizer, can help get that 'doubled' sound in vocals if you can't get another vocal track recorded), Waves' Doubler, and Antares Harmony Engine. These plugins are unnecessary, results can be just as good or better without them, but sometimes they come in handy. If your voice is too distinctive, Harmony Engine will remove that, though it sounds robotic so you can't turn it up very high. Tom
  15. March Song Comp

    After All V1 We knew love was volatile You were scared of being burned Now I'm the victim on the woodpile No lessons learned With my arms and legs tied I waited for you to save me Blinded by smoke I can't see you walk away. CH After all, love's just a feeling Can it really be that strong? It fills the air for just a season Can it really last that long? Aren't we all just searching For someone else to share What we hold inside V2 I've been looking for paradise I'm scared the search won't end I let fate roll the dice When I let you in When push comes to shove Reason never holds its ground Thought that I had finally found love Just found a new regret