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  1. UK Open Mic Grand Finalist

    Congratulations and good luck to you. That's very exciting! Billy
  2. The Fall Collab Contest Song Entries

    Congratulations to the winners! I had Don and Wendy as my top pick and Decker and Jonie 2nd. I felt as though Don and Wendy had more of a 70's vibe going on and I dug the duo, while Decker and Jonie's song sounded much more modern and contemporary. I liked that aspect of it a lot but felt it didn't meet the requirements quite as much in that regard. Overall, I felt as though everybody's entry had something interesting going on. I loved the almost Tom Waits-like vocals in the verses of Mark and Graybeard's song and I always love listening to Stews music and Alistairs lyrics. I find them both very intriguing. I liked the fright night song but it really sounded a lot like all of the other fright-night type songs I hear. I don't mean that to sound overly critical but there's a certain sound that's associated with many of these halloween-like songs. Although I must say, it did have some interesting lines! Billy
  3. The Fall Collab Contest Song Entries

    Thanks to everyone for the extension. It's nice to see a full field! What a good bunch! Billy
  4. The Fall Collab Contest Song Entries

    "Yeah baby", we're back in! Billy
  5. The Fall Collab Contest Song Entries

    Jonie and Alistair, you always make me smile! Neil was fantastic throughout this whole process and I simply didn't get him anything to work with until it was too late! I appreciate his patience and understanding. Like I said to him, I'm overwhelmed at work right now and I simply didn't have the time to devote to this project. At this point, I regret entering and wasting his time. I can't help but feel as though I robbed him of his spot! I know he'd say otherwise, but it's true! I wish everyone in the contest the very best and I'll make every effort to vote when the time arrives. Once again, thanks to Neil for his willingness to work with me during a difficult few weeks. If only we had a couple of more! Never been a good deadline guy! Take care, Billy
  6. The Fall Collab Contest Song Entries

    Hey Andrew, Sorry to hear about your injury. I've had my share of sport's related injuries over the years so I can certainly relate! It really effects everything you do. It's easy to take for granted all that we have, toes, feet, legs, fingers, etc... Once one or more of them ain't working, it's no fun! Hope you have a speedy recovery. Take care, Billy
  7. Great Pop Track Recorded

    In most cases, artists, managers, agents and/or publishers won't even open your song. Too much fear over lawsuits to bother. I think the Taxi route is your best option right now. If your song is good enough, you could possibly get a song plugger to pitch it for you but he/she will take a sizable cut for their services. And most legitimate songpluggers won't bother with your song unless they think it's worthy of being cut. And remember, the bar for such things is incredibly high. You're competing with industry folks that have been at this for a long time and your not even a spec on their radar. I'm not trying to be discouraging but you've got to get lucky, and have the right connections. Taxi has the right connections and if the song is geared towards the right audience and the right opportunity presents itself, this may be the way to go. Additionally, you might want to get a professional critique from NSAI or Taxi to see if your song is resonating with others the way it's resonating with you. I've used a woman named Pamela Oland in the past to critique my lyrics and songs. She charges $60.00 for a review and it's very thorough. She's written hit songs before and authored a number of songwriting books. In fact, she's still an active songwriter. She'll be able to tell you whether or not your sitting on a hit or not and she doesn't pull any punches. I suspect her feedback would be very valuable to you as a songwriter and in the big scale of things, the price is pretty cheap for what you'll get out of it. Something to think about. I'm sure there are other legitimate critique services out there as well. I wouldn't put a ton of effort and money into your song until you're pretty certain you've got the goods! Good Luck. Billy
  8. The Fall Collab Contest Song Entries

    Hey Bruce, I'd like to be added as a musician but a lyricist will have to do for now! THough I can now competently play jingle bells on the piano, I'm not ready for the big time quite yet! I've worked with Daddio, Ron, Funkdaddy, Psyve, Ian and Nige. Thanks, Billy
  9. Blood Upon The Stone

    Nice little piece. Left me wanting more. A few clich├ęd lines, but overall, enjoyable! Billy
  10. Rufus Bad Blood

    Tammy, Great forward moving piece of writing. It really kept me engaged throughout, which to me, is the sign of a well written piece. I love the inspiration. Great idea and follow through! This is my type of tale! Dark and menacing! Terrific job, Billy P.S. I'd like to hear Danny's! In fact, we've got this old cemetary in town that I love (yeah, it's morbid but it's like something out of sleepy hollow!)so maybe I'll give it a go! I once looked through the telephone book for interesting names to build a story around but I love the gravestone idea. Very clever!
  11. How did you meet this guy? Do you trust your instincts about him? Was it a pay for hire arrangement in the beginning? Did you meet him through a music site? Did you find him online? I think there are a lot of questions you'll need to ask yourself before moving forward. I've entered into collaborative efforts where we split recording costs and demo work and it's never been an issue. I sought out musicians to put music to my lyrics and when the decison to record and produce came up, I typically offered to pay 1/2 of any recording costs if that was necessary and to split the rights of the song 50/50. I think that is pretty standard stuff. In a few cases, we used professional recording studios and I simply trusted the figure that I was quoted and moved forward. In both instances, my collaborators asked me if I wanted quotes or receipts from the studio and in both cases I declined. It felt like a mutually trusting relationship and as a result, to me, it wasn't necessary. However, you hear horror stories all of the time so you just need to be careful. I tend to work on one's word and it's always worked out well for me. Although, you just never know what can go wrong. One of my collaborators suggested a 60/40 split since he was doing all of the recording work himself. To me that seemed fair and reasonable and that's the arrangement we agreed upon. It really just varies from one case to the next. The price your being asked to pay, im my opinion, is very reasonable and if you feel as though you've worked well thus far and you like the music that this composer has developed for your lyric, I'd say go for it. A scam artist would probably be bilking you for 3 or 4 times this price. Just my opiniion. Also, does he have a Taxi membership? If so, that's worth something in and of itself! If you've got a good song with a good recording, you might be able to pitch it to someone through Taxi much easier than you would elsewhere. Just one more thing to think about. P.S. I suspepct the moderators are going to have you move this discussion to a different forum. Music related discussion or Buisness discussion? You might want to check it out with one of them before it becomes an issue. I suspect they'll want to keep this forum strictly for song posts. Good luck, Billy
  12. Performance anxiety?

    I played sports for years and just prior to game time, got butterflies every time! It didn't matter if it was organized or pick-up, the anxiety of starting the game made me nervous. Usually, after a few minutes, it all went away! I hear professional athletes talk about it all the time. Even though they've played in some of the biggest games in their sport and they've got a ton of experience, they still get those pre-game jitters as well. I get them prior to a speech and sometimes even before I deliver a lesson plan! Currently, I've been taking piano lessons and I choke every time I play a new piece! It's as though, I've forgoten all of the notes and have to teach myself all over again. The pressure of the instructor sitting by my side makes it difficult for me to think and more importantly, relax! But usually, after bombing in the lesson, I go home and spend hours working on the material and then I can play it relatively well! Even though I'm not a performer, I think these experiences are similar and more importantly, normal! Some of the top-notch athletes that I've heard talk about it, including Jerry Rice, say it gave them their edge and helped prepare them for the game! Even though I hate that jittery feeling, I'd have to agree with them! If you're getting butterflies, it's probably a good thing! And if the "performance anxiety" gets too bad, worse comes to worse, there's always Cialis! Billy
  13. Results - Match the Melody Contest

    If anyone wants to take it further, PM me. Thanks. Zeek Len?
  14. Results - Match the Melody Contest

    I must admit, until I started frequenting this site, I didn't realize how many words we pronounce/spell differently. In fact, isn't realize realise to you? Maybe not, I can't keep all the differences straight! I have a hard enough time spelling correctly period! Billy