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  1. AndyLeF

    "Out Of Control"

    Many thanks for listening QF and the vote of confidence I'll pass it on to the guys! Cheers, Andy
  2. AndyLeF

    Goodnight Texas, Goodnight Carolina

    Lovely write here Steven - really enjoyed it Good rhyme scheme and rhythm throughout - except.... In verse 4 the rhyme scheme is different from ABBCDEFC you setup in verses 1,2 & 3.... In verse 4, the references to 'your' father make it feel to me more like a break section - kind of pulling the threads of the verses together, so maybe you could restructure it and solve the rhyme inconsistency at the same time since a break could do anything. The changes to the last chorus are good - but, for me they are hinting again at a need for a break where maybe those ideas could be incorporated - then you'd be able to repeat your great hook again with your 'standard' chorus at the end... Just some 'tobbaco' to chew on! Cheers, Andy
  3. AndyLeF

    Perfect Moments

    Hi SW, I gave this a 2.5 in the comp. The two sides of a hard fought relationship pan out well - think we can all recognise elements within this! ;-0 Will work well as a (Country?) duet I think, but for me, the main structural issue with it is the very long sections of male and then female vocals - kind of makes it sound like a bit of a rant from each others points of view. Maybe better to have more of a his and her answer duet where he and she are effectively answering each other after 2 or 4 lines each and then they can join in unison/harmony (literally!) in the chorus. The one liner replies to each other are good later on in the song and would still add contrast. Just a thought. Good luck with it Andy
  4. AndyLeF

    It's All Gone

    Hi Kuya, This was one of three songs I scored 1.5 in the contest - I don't give those out easily; really enjoyed your take on this! Regarding your delete verse question... …. there was an email-banking scam sometime ago where the subject of this verse happened and became rather infamous and I'm guessing that's where the idea came from... ….however, in this world of ever increasing political correctness I myself would feel uncomfortable leaving it in. The length of the lyric is more than adequate without it - just my 2cents. Cheers, Andy
  5. AndyLeF

    Uber Love - updated 08/10/2018

    Hi Paul - I gave this a 2.5 in the contest - mainly for it's originality. I love way you are always finding a different take on something topical Shame "Uber" is such an ugly sounding word for a song but maybe in your intended genre (humorous pop), it will work. I can hear in my head, all the ones in the bar who have had a few drinks, joining in with the chorus! In this verse: ...maybe he shouldn't drive away.... may lead you in a different direction and add a bit more story line to the song which is why I didn't score it higher. Enjoyed the read Cheers, Andy
  6. AndyLeF

    Just Down The road From Babylon

    Hi Gary - good one with lots of great images! A few very minor comments below... Cheers, Andy Very good Gary - really like this; look forward to hearing it with music!
  7. AndyLeF

    Those Eyes

    Hi Ty, I scored this one well in the contest with a "2" - I really liked it Not sure I can add much to a great lyric - just a few thoughts below. Andy Great verse! I wonder about the repeated "roll"s though - what are they adding? - takes it into 'comedy' central for me - is that your intention? Could be a great hook though, with the right musical treatment! The other way to play the line might be something more conventional like "...when they roll suggestively" ("seductively", "persuasively" in other verses?)
  8. AndyLeF


    I just love watching puffins - soooo much character....! ...set me a challenge as a songwriter to try and capture some of that character in a song/video. All comments welcome on any aspect of the song/video - thanks Puffins © 2016 Andy LeFevre Puffins, watching puffins Painted face, tear drop eyes scan the skies Digging, now the’re, digging Burrow down, through the earth for all they're worth Where in the world Can you see such clowns? So seriously going about their lives up-side down Under ground Deadpan, oh so deadpan Big orange feet with matching beaks look so chic Where in the world did they get such looks? So smartly made up for kids colouring books or song hooks Fishing, they've been fishing Beaks crammed with eels so surreal Puffling meals Oh where in the world… And where in the world... Puffins, love those Puffins
  9. AndyLeF

    "Lost Upon The Deep"

    Thanks Tom - have posted it in the songs feedback section. Cheers, Andy
  10. AndyLeF

    JULY Lyrics Competition

    Well done Iggy!! - should have know "National Bankers Dance" was yours - one of the outstanding lyrics this month, scoring a rare-from-me "1.5" along with "Autobiography". ...shame we can't see where you would have finished - can you PM me your placement? - I'm guessing it would have been a top contender... For anyone interested in my effort "Out of Control" - I've posted the song collaboration on the Song feedback forum. Andy
  11. My lyrics here were entered in the July lyric competition - they scored about a mid-table average. Here's the complete song - a collaboration with my Norwegian friend Kristian Olie Jensen and singer Bry. All comments welcome - many thanks Andy Out of Control Music: Kristian Olie Jensen Lyrics: Andy LeFevre Vocals: Bry Verse 1 Lately when I'm here with you, you've not been here with me And when I've tried to talk to you, you've not tried to talk to me It's getting like a one way street, the direction you take your feet The joy I once saw on your face, isn't there now when we greet Chorus 1 You're out of control, Nicole You're out of control You're out of control Nicole, Nicole You're out of control, of control Verse 2 Lately when I've squeezed your hand, you've not squeezed back at me When I look you in the eyes, you've not looked back at me Is there something I should know, 'bout the way your feelings grow? When I call you on the 'phone, I long for more than plain hello Chorus 2 You're out of control, Nicole You're out of control You're out of control Nicole, Nicole You're out of control, of control You're out of control Nicole, You're out of control You're out of control Nicole, Nicole You're out of control, of control Break I'm wondering who, you've seen me with and what you may have learned I'm wondering what, you've found on me that could get you, so badly burned Your conscience is clear, but mine is not That's why I hide concern I want the best of both worlds I want it but, I can't tell you Chorus 3 We're out of control Nicole We're out of control We're out of control Nicole, Nicole We're out of control, of control We're out of control Nicol We're out of control We're out of control Nicole, Nicole We're out of control, of control Tag We're out of control... I'm out of control, Nicole I know it but I can't tell you I'm out of control, Nicol, Nicol I know it but I can't tell you ...Nicole
  12. AndyLeF

    When You're Alone

    You have a lot of potential here with this song - good start! I like the simple but effective lyrics and vocal delivery - really sets up a lovely wistful atmosphere! Nice melody and a very atmospheric piece with some surprising changes of melody - well done Think the main piano backing on the third and fourth beat could really benefit from some development thoughout the piece as it's the same all the way through and gets a bit wearing on the ear. The extra piano parts, which appear periodically, are good. Good luck with it Andy
  13. AndyLeF

    Today Is Everything

    Very catchy country song here guys well done! Great lyrics through out. Excellent opening into the song - really gets straight in there and catches the ear. Vocals are expressive and clear - really suit the song well. Guitar lead runs are great - really complemented the vocal melody well. Not sure about that 4-note bass run down at the end of the chorus - seemed a bit too predictable and 'easy' and got a bit wearing for me on multiple listens. Maybe worth trying some variations to keep the listeners ears 'off-balance'... Just wondering about the verse to chorus transition on the percussion - there is a little fill but to give greater contrast going into the chorus it may be worth exploring a short pause/interruption in the drums to herald the coming chorus. In the chorus I though there was an opportunity in the second line to really 'milk' the melody/expression on "know" (sung on a "B")_with a small melisma change to "Kno-ow" where the second part of "Know" is sung a semi-tone higher on a "C" - just a though - the melody is good but that kind of thing (here and maybe some other key expressive places as well) could really make it sparkle! Really enjoyed the listen - excellent job all round! Andy
  14. AndyLeF

    JULY Lyrics Competition

    Congratulations all on a cracking set of lyrics this month! My favourites: "Autobiography", "It's all Gone", "National Bankers Dance" (where did that one go?) Also, "Party On Your Birthday" and "Those Eyes" Cheers for running this Iggy! Andy
  15. AndyLeF

    June Lyric Competition

    Well done Peko, Iggy, Lyrical! I had you all near the top with Paul's innovative Fox story (really well told!) narrowly ahead of the field. A tight month for my scores - I had a narrow range of 2 to 3.5 so well done everyone - and to Fabkebab for running the show and coming up with a great colour chart which really shows the scoring trends well Thanks to all the non-contestant voters - kudos! Andy