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  1. AndyLeF

    June Lyric Competition

    Well done Peko, Iggy, Lyrical! I had you all near the top with Paul's innovative Fox story (really well told!) narrowly ahead of the field. A tight month for my scores - I had a narrow range of 2 to 3.5 so well done everyone - and to Fabkebab for running the show and coming up with a great colour chart which really shows the scoring trends well Thanks to all the non-contestant voters - kudos! Andy
  2. AndyLeF

    Gone Gone Gone

    (sorry - pressed the C/R by mistake here!) Pretty good start here for a 1st draft. Flows well and some good ideas/images in the lines. Maybe the repetition of the "gone, gone, gone" gets a bit much? Enjoyed the read Kuya Andy
  3. AndyLeF

    The Truth Comes Stumbling In

    This got my number one vote in the contest and is one of the most original lyrics and fresh 'angles' I've seen in a while - great job Paul. One tiny nit but no biggie either way... Great job Paul! Maybe worth considering some court room sound FX to complement the music... Andy
  4. AndyLeF

    "Another Life"

    Thanks for all the comments guys and some very, very useful feedback.... Thanks for your insight fab! I tried to make the "special insight" resolve in the last verse with her standing where he died, looking down at him. Guess I fell (no pun intended) a bit short. Thanks 9thSL. Afraid it was a coincidence; the posting of the lyric on Memorial Day. I guess that's a sad reflection on world history - that almost every day could be an anniversary of some very sad historic conflict. I felt uneasy about writing some of the lines - but, I guess it's up to all of us to try and keep the memories/deads alive in the hope that successive generations wont make the same mistakes. Thanks for your very kind comments Patty. This was actually an old lyric of mine from way back in 2006 - I didn't have anything new for the lyric contest so looked back though my 'discarded' lyrics (I have hundreds!!) and tried to improve it enough for the contest where so many good lyrics were in evidence. Thanks SongWolfe - I tried hard to paint a vivid picture. Regarding your difficulty in understanding her photo of him falling in V4 - it was an attempt to join with his fallen photo of her, in memory, in V3 - but not entirely successful! I like your suggestion to change "comrade" in V3 - you are spot on there - thanks! Many thanks for your kind comments Barney. I thought the 4 verse structure was unusual and to try and make it more unbalanced (for the topic) I tried a 7 line verse structure which I found quite interesting to write too. Great feedback Paul - really excellent and: Haha - that really made me laugh - well, I put myself there (uncomfortably) so hoped I could pass on some of that uncomfortableness to any one else who read it that far. You have made some really excellent suggs - I will consider them all Again, thanks a lot guys Andy
  5. AndyLeF

    "Another Life"

    Here's my attempt for the May lyric contest. I was quiet pleased with the last verse - but I thought I ran a bit 'dry' in the first three in terms of poignant/emotional content. Any ideas to help improve them would be most welcome - have at it guys, many thanks. Andy Another Life © 2018 Andy Lefevre Verse 1 Shattered bones heal given time but there is no time Comrades pulled back with the flag I’m left behind in smoke and rags I cannot move, can barely groan Pain blocks pain, I’m numb Rain drives me sane at what’s been done Verse 2 Silence then a distant shout, The enemy’s about I watch helpless as a line of men bayonet and loot my dying friends Your photo’s warm, close to my heart Your smile lingers in my distant eyes I welcome peace, whisper goodbye Verse 3 A shadow falls across me A blade rises to set me free Somewhere close a comrade cries But there will be no sound of my demise A photo flutters free and flies Our ragged flag we hoped would win the day Now like our prayers simply blown away Verse 4 I know you’ll come, stand at this place Remember me with your loving grace I know you’ll bring my photo, set me free To join yours in memory I’ll be here for ever darling, take your time And find the strength we spoke of wife To find another life
  6. AndyLeF

    Waitin' On You Blues

    Hi SOK, I gave this a 4 in the contest. On the positive side - there is structure and a start here; but now the hard work starts for the songwriter... - an interesting idea; "I've been waitin' on you while you've been waitin' on me' - that's great! but needs filling out with interesting/surprising development in both the chorus and verses imho On the negative - there is no real development throughout - there is a lot of simplistic rhyming going on (you/blue/glue...) which is a turn-off for me I'm afraid There is structure here but now the hard work begins - I'd recommend trying to find some surprising relationship issues for the verses - one liners - lots of them (20-30) - don't try and rhyme anything too early - that will tend to limit the ideas. Don't be satisfied too easily - work at it and then whittle the ideas down to the best ones to hang the verses around. In the chorus your main idea is very good! - just needs to be developed it a bit - for example: I've been waitin' on you I didn't know Oh I didn't know - you where waitinn' on me too I didn't know... This would be something both the man and the woman could sing (at different times in the song) which would set-up the verses for the 'pay-off' - the fresh and surprising lines about their relationship that will take some work to tease out, but will take the lyric to another level. There is potential here - keep at it! - it's hard work but the buzz it will give you if you can find some good/fresh verse ideas to complement the interesting start idea you have in the chorus will be worth it. Best of luck with it SOK! Andy
  7. AndyLeF

    A little meadow (Updated)

    Hi SW - I scored this a 3 in the contest. I liked the sentiment and love story - charming! Some good ideas throughout - think it just needs a little more development in the 2nd verse and bridge imho. Some comments below. Good luck with it, Andy I wonder if you could then develop the verses a little here: V1 "My little meadow", V2 "Your little meadow" and V3 "Our little meadow" - just an thought... It's unusual to have the Br before the first Chorus (is it a good idea to delay the chorus?) but I guess sometimes 'rules' can be broken to good effect if the reason is strong enough. Here the bridge seems equally capable of being put after the chorus or V3 or 2nd chorus - so I'm thinking the reason to delay the chorus isn't strong enough - just mho....
  8. AndyLeF

    Shadow of our Guns

    Hey Patty - never guessed this was one of yours! I have a few thoughts below... You have chosen a very difficult subject matter to deal with successfully here - the major nit for me is that the lyric, in it's current form, is only reacting to the crime ("oh, isn't it terrible" kind of thing) and not trying to get inside the "why" it's happening... If you could successfully do that then the chorus and bridge would be easier to react to the verse content. Just my 2cents - sorry if it seems a bit negative.... Andy Of course there is no justification for the action and trying to understand what is going on in the mind of the perpetrator could turn into quite a difficult and disturbing challenge - if you wish this lyric to be a serious look into what is really going on here... Yes we all do but in not understanding why the kid went "off the rails" the chorus can not focused on the 'right' message here for me.
  9. AndyLeF

    May Lyric Contest

    A strong field again this month and another huge entry; quite a read from top to bottom! My top 3…. 1/ Paul’s “The Truth Comes Stumbling In” – a touch of genius here; so refreshing to find a new angle on something every day and the play on words with the "The Lie" and "The truth" taking on personalities of their own - just excellent and topical. A very creative write. 2/ Clemo’s – “The World of a Child” – some lovely kiddy world imagery here. Tied equal 3rd for me: =3/ 9thStLine – “Gypsy Heart” – lovely moody lyric here; agree with the poster about the VanM vibe… =3/ Kuya’s – “Un Recognized Genius” – neat humerous angle on someone with the ‘hide’ of a rhinoceros, about their own abilities... =3/ Tony P’s – “Battle of the Bulge” – a neat humorous lyric here; made me smile. =3/ Fabkebab’s - "Human Doings and Human Beings" – loved the long verse structure contrasting with the short sections here – great potential for a classic song. =3/ Eric’c =- “The Greatest Story Never Told” – this flows really well as a lyric and was a song inside my head as I read it. Great stuff and applicable to most couples. =3/ Iggy’s – “Can't Write No More Love Songs” – another well written lyric which flows well in my head. Excellent! =3/ Barney’s – “Alexa” – topical and humorous! =3/ Donna’s – “Naked Near the Tree” – some great imagery. A dark lyric to be sure and a surprising winner for me – maybe pitch it to Nick Cave? - it'll could be a No 1 ! Well done Justin for handling such a big entry and - the restless results seekers! - kudos! Andy
  10. AndyLeF

    Banjos Are Welcome

    Hi AMK, As a list song this would work really well I think. Yes, agree with the too many "Banjo" line comments but dead easy to fix with no real change to your lyric intent.... Maybe keep the listener 'off balance' waiting for the "banjo" hook line - for instance in the verse maybe something like: V1 At any backyard party At any outdoor jamboree At any fancy jubilee Banjos are welcome Where there's you and me In the chorus with a few minor tweaks suggestions…. C For those feeling low Gonna get you tapin' your feet Common now it's bluegrass Banjos can play most anything If you just have the strings... You have the potential for a really effective toe tapper here - just needs a few "Banjo" line deletes and some minor tweaks imho Good luck with it Andy
  11. AndyLeF

    She's only watching the clock

    Hi Gary - a very solid lyric you have here; reads well - I like it. One line jumped out at me though - just seemed a bit awkward: That "mentally empty" seemed a bit cold and lacking emotional impact... Maybe something like "Down, and feeling drained too" or something. Your name seems familiar - think I remember you from about 15yrs ago or so on one of the original song writing forums; think we both contributed a song to a forum CD which I still have somewhere. If you are the same 'Gary' then - good to see you are still around and being creative! Cheers, Andy
  12. AndyLeF


    Well done Patty - when I first saw that clever title I thought that must be either you or Paul. It's really refreshing read a new way of looking at things inspired by an old saying My other favourites where: Graybeard's "Wanda Saves" - I could imagine this one as the theme song to a movie about "Wanda", MusicalKey's "Everything Must Go" - could easily become a bluegrass banjo classic! and there's a lovely country innocence to TyCobb's "Always Believe". What an outstanding entry this month; I didn't score any lower than a 3.5 so well done to everyone. Does anyone know what the muse lyric contest record is? - 24 must be up there.... Well done Iggy for handling it all Andy
  13. AndyLeF

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    Yes, I felt a lack of engagement with the lyric subject matter which was quite clever on an intellectual level but not, for me, on an emotional one - even with your expressive vocals and delicate melody. Obviously not a general view held by others since you scored so well! I did feel a bit miffed at the lack of attempt to make some effort to address either the suggested contest theme or song structure (in my opinion, a standard V V Ch V Ch Br Ch form) - an area on the music side, I had put a lot of effort into - with limited success Andy
  14. AndyLeF

    Collaboration Contest Results - April 2018

    First off - a big thanks to Alistair - tremendous job doing all the organising, theme setting, rule setting, score accumulating, results printing Very well done TriffidWolfe and "Footprints in The snow" - outstanding result amongst so many great entries! A few terse notes I made - just imho - I enjoyed listening to all the songs: Walking Shoes – nice sounding guitars. Found the song a little disjointed and the melody seemed a bit underdeveloped to me. Shoes – good all round performer; nice melody lyrics and vocals Footprints in the Snow – great lyrics, pleasant vocals. Melody seemed a little lacking development to my ear but a high scoring song all-round. Crocodilly Lilly – good verse melody, interesting fun lyrics. The jarring chorus was a real turn-off for me though, especially with repeated listens. In My Shoes – a brave attempt singing/playing it live – kudos!. The whole piece though (lyrics and musical development) felt under-prepared/developed to me though. Indecision – clever lyrics, nice vocals and melody but left me a bit cold. No adherence I could discern to the contest theme which seemed a shame. I Ain’t Looking back – fab blues song, music, lyrics and vocals. One of my top picks. Lucky Man – outstanding vocal expression and a fun song! Great lyrics – got my top pick. Coyote - Great lyrics, performance and - song! Love the piano trills. Guitar parts (electric) a bit ott for me. You Better Believe – Vocals too low in the mix. The mix sounded ‘muddy’ – usually an indication of needing some notch filtering around the 150-200Hz freq range. Melody and the lyrics seemed a bit under developed to me. Lost in a Thought - excellent lyrics from my collab. Tom - different dreamy and atmospheric! Walk a Mile – Nice vocals (especially when high). Thought the mix eq could have been improved (sounded ‘muddy’). Rather meandering lyrics for my taste. Dancing Shoes – very pro assured performance for such a stripped down mix. Great emotion in the vocals. Good lyrics. Didn't do too well for me though with repeated listens. Sole Mates – Nice beat and melody. Quirky vocals (good!) Upbeat fun song. Good job by all – really enjoyed listening to all the collabs.
  15. AndyLeF

    The Corridor Shuffle

    Many thanks guys - further updates in the first post... Great alternative Patty! - "Sidewalk" works well and has the added bonus of the "s" alliteration - it certainly allows the end of V1 line: "Strangers dancing in the street" to work better for the outside encounters. I quite like the sound of "Corridor" and have found "Strangers dance before they meet" V1 line alternative which rescues "Corridor" for the indoor encounters. Hmmm decisions.... Will try them both at the music stage! Thanks Mike. Yes, that was causing me concern as well. Have got two alternatives above now, so should be ok with one of them. Yikes - you mean like the 'terminator'!!! - Many thanks Jonie, I've taken on-board many of your suggs. Many thanks again guys - maybe we'll 'dance' in the street sometime! Think this is now ready for music development Andy