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  1. I Cannot Remember

    Hi Kuya - I saw this song on youtube recently, hilarious! - made me think of you and may be of interest if you haven't heard it before.... The Remember Song - Tom Rush... Andy
  2. I Cannot Remember

    I can't remember now - I must have made a mistake. Andy
  3. If I Ever Meet the Devil REVISION 6

    Very promising start Donna - but (and 'sorry' bout this) - the devil's in the detail...... (queue special echo effects laugh: "hah hah ha ha...." ) Andy
  4. I Cannot Remember

    I wonder if "I Cannot Remember" is actually your strongest hook here? Logically, he only can't remember one weekend in the year but when I first saw your title I thought this was about a continuous condition - perhaps dementia. "Lost Weekend" might be a stronger hook to consider while still retaining "I Cannot Remember" as development... If he can't remember how does he remember he's had a 'ball'?! Maybe "They tell me I had a ball" or something would fix this problem... Nice development here and introduction of every day things in his life. Maybe in the last line "round" rather than "back around" would be smoother? I can hear an effective Irish accent here with the peculiar word delivery used. In the last line the "I'm still" might be replaced with something like "swaying" to intensify the imagery... For me the chorus lacks something - maybe weaving in the "Lost weekend" could fix that... A good read Kuya - all the elements are there for a cracking St Patrick's day song! A few comments and suggestions above. Think this one will polish up very nicely Andy
  5. Home in the Stars - LOCKED

    Nice hook Cool spacey lyric here Justin - think you're gonna need to put that old trusty acoustic guitar away on this one and join us synth users on the 'dark' side! Enjoyed the read Andy
  6. How can we improve the site?

    Ahhh - good point and what a shame!
  7. Dream This World Away

    Very good write here Frankee - enjoyed the read! Andy
  8. Goodbye, Titans of Avarice

    Many golden lines as usual... Particularly liked: Great bridge lines throughout - and particularly the couplet with vultures/cultures in it - superb. Great lines and a sad reflection on the young. This line seemed awkward to me: Think I understand the intent but this sentence is struggling to make sense for me. The lyric is poetic both in the feel and rhyme. It would be interesting to see how you approach a lyric with a more natural conversational approach - maybe without any rhymes in it. A challenge for a future collab. contest....? Very solid lyric all-round Jonie! Andy
  9. How can we improve the site?

    Probably thought of before for the site - but a couple of ideas occurred to me... ... don't know how practical they would be as they might need actively running macros (if that's the modern software term?) actively monitoring forum content.... Both these ideas could be maybe implemented under a new "Most Popular" tab on the main "Forums" page... 1/ A "Most Popular" list of the most viewed topics on the whole forum - any topic... I'd certainly be interested in this sort of thing as there are many (popularly viewed) areas of the forum I should probably be reading for a greater breath of knowledge. 2/ A "Now Trending" section - maybe showing the 5 most popular topics that have occurred over the last 5hours (or however long). Bit of a steal from popular search engines on the web, but again of interest I would have thought. Andy
  10. "When Galaxies Collide"

    Many thanks Patty and Donna Think the end is in sight for that Tag Patty....! Yup, you guessed it - I've got to the point where that fighting/squabbling line is going round in circles. shall have to turn on the news briefly to get inspiration....!! Yes, it does - more thinking required here - Donnna! I was caught in that lyric trap of trying to say too much - 'Tag' - RIP!!!! Ending with the chorus is the right way to go now I'm sure - thank you Donna & Patty Andy
  11. "When Galaxies Collide"

    Many thanks guys @R-N-R Jim, @Peko Patty, @Oswlek Justin, @Clemo Mike Lyric changes in red above prompted by all your discerning comments. Think this is just about there now... Andy
  12. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    Sounds like you guys are really - 'pumped' up.... Maybe you should go for 'sole' music - or is that genre a load of old cobblers these days? (that must be an end to all the foot ware related puns....or is it...?)
  13. "When Galaxies Collide"

    Yes, keep 'her' name for sure! Nice angle Patty - those stars like many lost souls out on the streets - participate in their unavoidable 'dance' and - never meet - love that idea! Thanks for following up Patty - maybe you should develop a "Catherine" lyric yourself some time....! Andy
  14. Allmost the same - A sad tale

    Afraid imho this needs a fair bit of work to rescue this one Mike.... Really tell us about Beth and why she was so close to you with fresh images. If this was me, I'd completely forget about rhyming anything to start with - jot down 20 one/two heartfelt liners about 'you' and Beth - really tell us about why you guys were so similar, why things changed when she went too Uni and so on... Get the fire going in the lounge, sit down with a pint and stare into those emotional flames waiting to erupt for this story! All just imho - hope this is of some help, Andy
  15. "When Galaxies Collide"

    Hey Patty - thanks so much for the positive comments and taking an interest in this rather niche/neerdy subject area - well away from the lovey-dovey stuff (which I occasionally delve in - with mixed results) Red and blue "giants" are common star types that make up a lot of the night sky - seen from afar. Maybe "Catherine wheel" is an English exclusive expression? - see this video here...? skip to 20sec ... - what would you call it? Agreed! - this is difficult to understand; I'll have another go at this verse - especially the last line which needs to be more aggressive Roger Walters style (Pink Floyd) stinging social comment. This verse attempts, vbadly, to describe our ring side seat as the Andromeda galaxy 'collides' with us. It will be a magnificent sight in the night sky with swaths of stars criss-crossing the sky - but in 4 billion years time - time for a few more Shakespeare/DaVinci/Mozarts to have lived and died. Interestingly, although there is a collision of galaxies, very few stars (if any) will collide as they are so far apart. Thanks again Patty Andy