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  1. daddio

    Melodies and chord sequences and stuff

    this discussion is a little silly. Anyone who thinks there's only one way to write a song hasn't spent much time around songwriters or hasn't written very many songs. Read Paul Simon. He's very clear that his writing process is to come up with a riff or rhythm and then compose his melody over it.
  2. daddio

    What are these chords?

    there are several ways to look at it. Basically you're playing some variation of a G chord in all the pics except #5. That is usually identified as a Cadd9. It's used in a lot of Taylor Swift, Colbie Callait type songs.
  3. daddio

    S. O. S.

    Strong, quality production. I thought the first 8 lines were, lyrically, the best of the song. Very evocative and well drawn. After that, the lyric was ok but not at the same level, for me. Musically, it was pretty well thought out, nice instrumentation.
  4. I smiled all the way through this. I never thought I would like a song that uses the vocabulary that you use here but you nailed it. This is very engaging and well done both musically and lyrically.
  5. daddio

    Everybody Wants

    I liked it musically a lot. That nice little harmony part in the chorus was a great lift. I liked the rhythmic, driving acoustic guitar and the melody. Lyrically I wasn't as moved. I think it's a good idea but needs a break or something lyrically different to break it up. It seems a little like a list after a while. A friend once made a similar critique of one of my songs, and after hearing yours, I think I understand what she meant. By the time you get to the fourth verse, it seems like you're having to work harder to make it work. And in the end, what is your point? It was a good listen, I'll listen again. But I think you can improve it.
  6. daddio

    Cold Grey Eyes

    Possibly the most entertaining critique of a song I've ever seen on the Muse....and spot on. thanks Mikey
  7. I am amazed and surprised. I am also honored to be considered on a par with a great songwriter like WendyD. All songs in the comp were winners. Thanks, Mikey for all your hard work.
  8. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    "Wrecking Ball" is a decent song (I wish I had written it). I would love to hear the Blackfoot Daisy version. This 1+1 by is okay.We had no choice but to work up our own version. Wendy balked at stripping down to her undies and licking the hammer and my twerking abilities leave much to be desired.
  9. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    It's interesting that you bring up Wrecking Ball. One of my guitar students, a young girl, wanted to learn it. I told that she should not imitate Miley but that she should do her own version. To illustrate this for her, Wendy and I worked up a Blackfoot Daisy version that we started performing at our gigs. It actually goes over pretty well. Certainly not a great song but we do it with conviction in our own style.
  10. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    And my response was not disagreeing with you at all. I think you are absolutely right.
  11. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    Otherwise your comments resonate with a lot of thinking I have been trying to organise sensibly of late around duplication and interpretation Did you know that, when an individual player came up with a solo the crowd loved, Duke Ellington would insist the guy play the same damn thing the same damn way every damn time? There is a certain domain of packaged professionalism where the audience dictates. (Paranthetically - despite what I suspect the majority of us might otherwise be traditionally thinking, the real historical record reveals that to be how the blues evolved - but that's another story.) (Also another story is the history of the manufacture of country music) The dominance of commerce is our core culprit. And, occasionally, we get high art. I've seen and heard McFerrin sing Blackbird live - and I also have a recording - and each performance is significantly different - as is the linked one. They are each performance interpretations. Not duplications. They may use the same pattern as model - kinda like the "derived works" protected by copyright law - making each performance-interpretation a uniquely original event. My realisation when I saw do a Blackbird version at the Shaw Theatre in London, however, was that despite its stunningly novel brilliance the rights licence would nonetheless be throwing payment in the direction of Lennon & McCartney. What most consumers seem to want from a show though - those who have gone out and bought the record, learned every word, and practised posing before the bedroom mirror - what they want is faithful duplication of the commodity they fell in love with. It's what they paid for. Absolutely zip! to do with the song contest - but f**k it. Happy New Year I am proud to call Jimmy Robinson a friend as well as one of the finest acoustic guitarists in the world. His unique playing style is born of disability. He developed a neurological condition after years of studying to be a classical guitarist. This condition causes uncontrollable tremors in his fingers and ended his classical career. This version of Blackbird also does not use the Harrison guitar figure directly but plays off it. He has several different performances of Blackbird on Youtube. None are exactly the same.
  12. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    Makes me sad too. I have songs on my Soundclick that I don't even remember how to play. I'd have to learn them all over again. But I think that's one of the reasons I gig so much. To keep some of those songs alive a little longer. Probably just an over-sized ego. Your comment also reminded me of Native American sandpainting. They created incredible works of art that were only intended to last about 12 hours. Sandpainting
  13. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    I couldn't find a recorded version of the Paperboys but I found a live one. Pretty good. It definitely didn't blow me away or anything. Is this more of a local type unsigned band? The Paperboys are an Irish band I believe. They have CD's and tour internationally. Edit: They are, in fact, a Canadian band. The Paperboys
  14. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    Actually, The Paperboys bring the most energy to All Along The Watchtower. But the fact that it's been covered so often and so diversely indicates that it's the song not the production that makes it great.
  15. daddio

    Dec. Song Contest Discussion Thread

    Let's try and keep it real, Mike. We need to hear the melody and the changes to make our judgement. Being as poorly rendered and out-of-tune as you suggest would mean none of us could make sense of it. Honestly never considered that sort of hypothetical mess is what you were talking about. And it certainly isn't what I was talking about. But you knew that anyway. Didn't you? Nonetheless, the song and the recorded performance are different things. Are you honestly challenging that self-evident distinction? A good example is to check out Dylan's version of All Along The Watchtower, then Hendrix, then The Paperboys. Same song, three totally different treatments.