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  1. Lane

    I need a voice.

    Moso, I can do that, or just put it away for a while and keep an eye out, its not a have to have done thing.. o`crap Tracy don`t do that I might like it...lol
  2. Lane

    I need a voice.

    in this David thats what I was trying for, that little vocal melody, almost like a narrative, the front clip is just the intro..and I wanted to keep this as bare and basic as I could. I have looked everywhere for some kind of chant for this, I was thinking of that at the end of this song. kinda like a cadence when people worked in fields. I can find songs but that will not fit in here in my opinion. thanks so much for taking a look at this and your thoughts..if I come up with anything I`ll let you get a look at it..
  3. Lane

    I need a voice.

    I was thinking the first choice ....lol hey HoboSage how are you... I`ll post here it is just inquiry maybe I can find a singer thanks.in this the voice does not follow the lyric, I have changed the lyric for historic reasons, and have to change themagain..that being said..its not the "norm on writing lyric...AA B AA B kind of song. please forgive the voice its me and I`m no singer..this song needs to be sang "dirty" if you know what i`m talking about.the music track is tribal, primitive sounding. its historic, and emotional I think.and if you can`t then maybe you can suggest someone for this song..thanks so much if you make it here to read and listen.. All the lyric is in video and I`ll post the change here too. the video will change, mostly for effect for this song.revise:Dancing horses on every sidemake men nervous when they drew the linesThe second shot heard around the world...some ran for cover, and some held ground.https://youtu.be/K6yxs490W9s
  4. I need a singer to do this song for me, its not tough 2:30 length, simple lyric...I`ll supply the music, [track] this song needs to be sang "dirty" if you know what i`m talking about.the music track is tribal, primitive sounding. its historic, and emotional I think. can let you hear me singing this, but i`m no singer, it will give you my idea what I wanted. nothing in this world is free,I know that. if you would like to hear let me know, and if you can`t then maybe you can suggest someone for this song..thanks so much if you make it here to read..hope this is the correct place to put this note...
  5. Lane


    yes I can share a clip with you. this clip was made with "Microsoft Photo story 3 very easy to use program, i`ve had some say the show took them in a different way they thought it would just listening to the song. just trying to get some ideas how to use the slideshow, and when not to. maybe when its directed at a certain thing? but not to when its a generic" let the song take you where it will. this will show you a song with show. any feed back is welcome.. I think there is a total difference between a video and a slide show so the impact will be different. but is there enough difference to "not use the simple slide show? sometimes its a hard call, I have a song , without a video, and the way its written you all most have to have the video or slide show, I think it helps that much, but thats just me, and a different song. you
  6. Lane


    its been a while, I`ve been around I was just wondering what others thought. Does a slideshow have much of an effect on the listener? or does it just get in the way of where the listener would go with just the music.
  7. Lane

    Singing Country Music?

    it seems to me that a lot has to do with the way the lyric is written. Can you sing: MOTHER She is CRAZY? now sing it: MAMA SHE`S CRRRAZY... just a thought. [from the Judds Mama He`s Crazy]
  8. that really is a good job lyrical. very descriptive write, hell just add a few chords, your there.
  9. Lane

    Need help with music for my song

    very simple song, to me that says clean simple music not to much...don`t want to over ride the lyric in this. genre: pop , country, alt, post that it will help.
  10. great music, I`m not much of a critic in this style of writing, but! if I go through it a couple of times I think I get the story line in this. I can imagine very well with these words. I just stopped in to listen, that really was nice.
  11. just my two cents you have a nice voice, I thought you needed to sing with a little more force, power that voice up a little. nice chorus. I`ll let others judge the lyric, I had no problem with it. this is going to make a song! Lane
  12. Lane


    lyrics are so tough to write for me too, expect to re-write over and over. this lyric doesn`t get interesting to me until the third verse. but that's just me, its a good start, hang-in there. Lane
  13. nice thought, I`ll say Happy Birthday to Gwyneth too, hope thats ok.
  14. hi Desertrose, its always a little sad for me to read things like this, I haven`t been around to much of this kind of thing. all good questions I would ask. Modern psychology tells us, we can mend you..if destiny doesn`t get there first. me..I`m a believer in tomorrow will bring something new. [just my thoughts]