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  1. slideshow?

    yes I can share a clip with you. this clip was made with "Microsoft Photo story 3 very easy to use program, i`ve had some say the show took them in a different way they thought it would just listening to the song. just trying to get some ideas how to use the slideshow, and when not to. maybe when its directed at a certain thing? but not to when its a generic" let the song take you where it will. this will show you a song with show. any feed back is welcome.. I think there is a total difference between a video and a slide show so the impact will be different. but is there enough difference to "not use the simple slide show? sometimes its a hard call, I have a song , without a video, and the way its written you all most have to have the video or slide show, I think it helps that much, but thats just me, and a different song. you
  2. slideshow?

    its been a while, I`ve been around I was just wondering what others thought. Does a slideshow have much of an effect on the listener? or does it just get in the way of where the listener would go with just the music.
  3. Singing Country Music?

    it seems to me that a lot has to do with the way the lyric is written. Can you sing: MOTHER She is CRAZY? now sing it: MAMA SHE`S CRRRAZY... just a thought. [from the Judds Mama He`s Crazy]
  4. that really is a good job lyrical. very descriptive write, hell just add a few chords, your there.
  5. Need help with music for my song

    very simple song, to me that says clean simple music not to much...don`t want to over ride the lyric in this. genre: pop , country, alt, post that it will help.
  6. great music, I`m not much of a critic in this style of writing, but! if I go through it a couple of times I think I get the story line in this. I can imagine very well with these words. I just stopped in to listen, that really was nice.
  7. just my two cents you have a nice voice, I thought you needed to sing with a little more force, power that voice up a little. nice chorus. I`ll let others judge the lyric, I had no problem with it. this is going to make a song! Lane
  8. Battles

    lyrics are so tough to write for me too, expect to re-write over and over. this lyric doesn`t get interesting to me until the third verse. but that's just me, its a good start, hang-in there. Lane
  9. nice thought, I`ll say Happy Birthday to Gwyneth too, hope thats ok.
  10. hi Desertrose, its always a little sad for me to read things like this, I haven`t been around to much of this kind of thing. all good questions I would ask. Modern psychology tells us, we can mend you..if destiny doesn`t get there first. me..I`m a believer in tomorrow will bring something new. [just my thoughts]
  11. For Bode Miller,,that was such a sad thing to watch. I have pulled on boots the cloth over my shoulders, and all you see that is new merely covers what is suspected... I am so broken.. Together again those moments..free..and they whip me with sorrow.
  12. hi Rob, I can relate to this story, I`ve been to that airport..lol it took them so long to get through my belongings, we took my guitar out and I was sharing willie nelson songs with the agents! didn`t get to see much of your country, I was limited to Woy-Woy, and Umina. Booker bay area. but I loved it.
  13. thank you John for taking a look, just little thoughts I try to pretty up some. thats a very cool story you shared with me...I can imagine.
  14. Nothing at all Torrid night the world sleeping. No moon up above, no breeze carries music the desert is charmed and quiet. Here one can sit and realize, here one can sit and mourn. The loneliest sound I have ever heard, is nothing at all.... ======================= ARRIVE days mean nothing without her nothing is easy to let go. Voices echo in the ruins fate has not brought her near.. standing bare beneath waterfalls, and heartache, letting night have it`s way. © Copyright 2013 Vincent. All Rights Reserved. losing someone after 36 yrs, its hard to find air" its hard to rise" Recluse I met someone with no hearing.. She placed Her hand upon My guitar, a hand upon my throat. She smiled at the silly songs, and as I went on, steadied Her touch, and the music played on. Though sorrow floats between hand and Souls there is no mourning. She understood, as it came to and end... tomorrow`s ash... The scent only wanders in my mind not the halls and rooms where once prevalent...She is not there. but the music, the music rises. I felt the cool eagerness, and rhythm of Her touch hopelessly listening as She.. and would redeem nothing more. flat and still upon the ground, that time that was not measured or counted I misplaced the language, not hearing another man`s words. The hungry light stings paled eyes, and the music..the music plays on. © Copyright 2013 Vincent