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  1. It's All Gonna Work Out

    I don't think its just a cookie cutter although it's a little wordy it's a good one
  2. It's All Gonna Work Out

    IT'S TO WORDY Verse 1 The bills are piling up your stressed out But don't worry Cuz i got this Everything will be okay Chorus Take a deep breath Close your eyes and picture us on a beach Sipping on Coronas Watching the sun set It's All gonna BE OK
  3. You Don't Gotta Die Tonight

    Great writing But the title is a little harsh Maybe You don't have to bite the dust
  4. Untitled (maybe "In my memory")

    I'm drowning Great verse but a little to wordy Stuck in quicksand Caught in a whirl wind Just tossing about My heart is hurting title Excuse me if I cry My heart is hurting Because you said goodby
  5. Come to the Table

    The title also doesn't grap me Maybe The table prepared
  6. Your Love is Treacherous

    Our love. is it love ? Or has my heart forsaken me Taken me where I swore I'd never go Racing for the sake of it Out of control
  7. War song

    In times past we fought With sticks and stones Then we turned them into swords Because war was our goal Now the swords are obsolete We have the boob To blow us all to hell
  8. Nothing Says Love Like Flowers

    Nothing Says Love Like Flowers Love the title But I was expecting the true meaning Something like I forgot the flowers Best title on the board LOVE TO SEE YOU WRITE IT FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE
  9. I Didn't Stay

    (verse 1) I remember her We hit it off really good Shared a place and each other And then I came home one day Guess what she nailed my Carolinas Into the hardwood floor, Which gave me pause to ponder “What’d she go and do that for?” I didn’t stay.
  10. It Hurts

    Loving you was all I needed You said that's what you wanted too If that's true why am I crying And home all alone I hear the sound of the wind Whispering in my ear What I don't want to hear And it hurts it hurts
  11. I Don't Care

    I don’t care anymore All my steps are missed steps I'm not concerned about anything Or who’s in charge I just don’t care anymore Nothing turns me on All my dreams are pipe dreams I don't care anymore And there's nothing’ I can do But I’ll tell you right now I want to care
  12. A Beer Will Have to Do

    She told me we were over She told me , It's over Here, I thought we were fine When I thought we were fine I guess she just got tired Guess she just got tired Of being last in line Of being left behind I might have been neglectful but I might have been neglectful I never was untrue She can blame me for that But not, for been untrue I know I can’t - have her tonight Yet she's giving up on me So, a beer will have to do So, a beer will have to do
  13. A Beer Will Have to Do

    Hi Jonie Well written lyric but maybe a little too well written "I Think I'll Just Stay Here And Drink" Merle Haggard Too many beer labels Think I'll just smoke some weed?
  14. The Course Of Love

    Verse 1 You can spend your energy ignoring me Go for it, ignore me I got things to do if you don't stay I got better things to do Maybe take some timeout, since you're so blase. Then waste my time on you Build Like you always say You had all the answers “The course of love did not run smooth, today” You were always good at that Making me believe Your love was real Chorus 1 The course of love does not run smooth Love dosen't always speak softly The course of love can challenge you Obstacles and hurdles that exert you
  15. Moving on

    have an old mansion and a few dwellings more I have all I could wish for I have stocks n' shares n fast cars n motorbikes galore But I still want more Please don't envy me, my time will soon be done What ever in the hell that is I wish I knew