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  1. Walkin' Money--Final, I think!

    Hi,Paddy Great lyric just a few nits My man’s lifting weights and he’s dyeing his hair He says he’s working late, and I think I know where But I’ve got my Walkin’ Money waiting for me But I've got Walkin’ Money stashed away My backup stash of cash is gonna set me free ? Cold hard cash from my secrete account
  2. Lady of the Lake (slight re-write)

    As soft as a feather You're a real live angle Invoking need in me You're the air I breath
  3. Lost On The Highway OF Love

    Lost On The Highway Of Love Lost on the highway of love v1 Somewhere between somewhere and nowhere Love took a detour and now I'm not to sure Why I ended up here Lost on the highway of love chorus Going east going west Going north going south Going crazy Lost lost lost Lost without you Trying to find my way back Before I go out of my mind Lost on the highway of love Speeding down a dead end street Without any warning sign in site Just me and what used too be
  4. One More Second Chance

    Thanks’ Peko For the encouragement
  5. One More Second Chance

    OH Did I ever screw it up maybe I had to many beer when I posted But I do thank you for your input All the beat Barneyboy
  6. I Felt Like A Butter Fly

    I Felt Like A Butterfly I walked on streets of gold v1 My world a castle was I had everything a man could want Because I held your love You made my world a heaven v2 Every star was shining brighter You made everthing in my life Come alive You swept me off my feet Chorus Like a leaf in the wind I felt like a butterfly And then you clipped my wings That's what you did to me Bridge Tell me what I did to you That made you stop loving me And left me wondering why The stars have left my sky You swept me of my feet Chorus Like a leaf in the wind I felt like a butterfly And then you clipped my wings
  7. Playing Dead

    That's what I thought it meant But with the religion line I expected the science line to enforce it Hate to bring this up again But how is the dead fly on the window sill
  8. Playing Dead

    Hi, Donna Your back again, lucky for us Wow that lyric gave me goose bumps In lighten me, I didn't get the meaning of the third line in the second verse
  9. Babe

    "Babe" Babe I'm down at the tavern V1 This time without you Down at the tavern Drinking for two I'm sitting at our table V2 Starring at your empty chair Getting a little wasted While wishing you were here Babe, I'm getting drunk V3 Drinking all alone Babe, I need you to join me Before I get stoned Babe, you got that right BRIDGE I'm drunk I didn't see you leave Or hear you say goodbye What did I say V4 That made you leave Everything was going fine Until I heard the waiter say Sir, its closing time
  10. Not so long ago

    Not that long ago Not that long ago we were lovers V1 now we're not even friends loving you forever has come to an end And not because I stopped BRIDGE you stopped loving me When not that long ago we were making memories when the touch of your hand bridge was enough to make my world now it’s gone Except for the memories- Not that long ago v2 Losing you never crossed my mind Now it's the first thing I think about all the time Not so long ago, before goodbye v3 All I saw was love in your eyes I never saw it ending Until you made me cry
  11. Not that long ago'we were lovers

    Hi Andy Sorry I didn't respond earlier I wanted to revise it first Taking your advice Steve

    can’t wait another minute Can't wait another second A night like this won’t come again I’m too far gone; too deep in it Do you need the it? Don’t waste time Let’s not pretend let’s get to it. Put the it here Like a river that’s rising Think it flows better without THAT'S We’re overflowing Blood keeps boiling Boiling over We’re both knowing Like a river rising I like it well written I'm not into pop so take my suggestions with a grain of salt
  13. Crits needed please

    I saw the black and white reference as a metaphor to how it was to the way it is now
  14. Crits needed please

    Back in the days when life was black and white I like it a lot but I found it a little confusing And I also remember the black and white days This is how I remember them Back in the days when life was black and white Things were much better back then Although the homeless slept in doorways While the righteous prayed and some of us even starved But I'd rather be there than how we live now In the black and white days, life was tough But their was always bread on the table And we always shared what little we had Back in the days when life was black and white
  15. A Summer Place-Final unless I get more help

    Summer is gone fall is in full color Morning woke me to the sound of rain Wrapped in a memory of Yesterday As the rain played our summer place song I picture you and me in our summer place Bringing back the memories Playing over and over again Memories from our summer place Taking me back to when we met Swaying’ to the rhythm of the waves As we played together on the sand I got lost in you charm