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  1. StarCecil

    What if When We Die, We Scatter?

    There is full instrumentation and vocal melody actually! The melodies are repeated throughout their respective phrases, but the lyrical content itself does not repeat!
  2. A song I wrote recently, it deals with the dreamlike nature of subjective experience, the obsessive compulsion to be one with the universe, and a general longing to die anywhere other than planet Earth. It is intended to be written from the perspective of whatever aspect of conciousness exists separate from your thoughts, feelings, and physical body. The Narrator of your concious experience, and it's attempt to explain to you some harsh truths about the objective reality that orbits your clouded and egocentric mind. What If When We Die, We Scatter Well, the first thing you need to know about the future, Is that it's not going to be a place, Or a place you'll want to stay, But it's not like you have the choice, We leave as time leaves, Does that sound familiar? Like today, and every day? When you wake up in the morning, You are, you are not you, The you that you remember died between dreams, Your memories are false, You've just become a body that looks like who you were when you fell asleep, But sleeping in the road is not going to get your hands to build something, Or wake you up when you're not a problem anymore, Man, it's far out, I can't believe we got so far out again, Far out on the wind that carries us, Were just too far out, far out of our heads, I don't know if we're coming back this time, And it fucks you numb, The way you've been for the past few years, You're proud and dumb, And beginning to forget, You're just a cage of meat, Meant to house a whirlpool. But could you do that? Ignore the promise of a sunny day? Just to save yourself the trouble of staying up all night? So can we do that? What if we never take? And we only use what we find? You're found. What happened to the old sky? The one that men much older that your father cracked a hole in, Just to prove they could. To show us, when our time really comes, We'll have somewhere else to go, That we we won't have to die on Earth, And we don't have to die alone, But they failed when they came back, When they crashed back through the air, Knowing full well that they had lives to return to here, They didn't prove a fucking thing, Or follow Major Tom, And die between the worlds, I need to know that I don't spend, Every day of my fucking life, Waiting to become one of those bodies in a dirty box, Why do we put them in their nicest clothes? It's kind of cruel if you think it out, Dressing them up like that when they're going nowhere, Absolutely nowhere. Every time I go, I feel the need to appear again, Younger brothers and sisters, God I wish you didn't have to know, That no where else is anymore fair, You're fantasies are the fantasy of fantasies, And your brain is mostly air.