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  1. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    greatly appreciated. i did not produce the music myself. i do have access to the files so i will experiment and see what happens. this is really more of a "practice" song. thats why i felt it was a little too simple. especially because of the reasons you stated.
  2. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    thank you. thats what i was aiming for.
  3. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    thanks everyone for the listens. it means a lot. this is a great community.
  4. the pure

    dag gone

    it didn't exactly take a year to edit, i was just lazy and didn't do it until a year later. procrastination sucks. but its done and out. i am very surprised by your comment. i didn't think anyone would think it was that great. i appreciate the words and view. hope you can spread it and show others who'd appreciate it.
  5. the pure

    dag gone

    you know, its funny you say that. the premise of the song was basically your last sentence. i gave the song that title because i feel the world can feel like how the instrumental feels. just a rush, and im trying to convey a message amidst the madness, then here comes my friend. i asked him to freestyle a verse and he came up with that. it kind of countered my first verse and then ended up just spewing madness over the madness, its also his favorite phrase so that just adds to the comic value as an inside joke for us. "a minefield of useless information"
  6. the pure

    Home is You

    great song. delivery could be a little smoother but its fine how it is with a little engineering
  7. the pure

    New demo. Any feedback please

    its a demo so cant really complain about the mixing but its really off. still sounds great though. i would write a song to this. i love this style of production.
  8. the pure

    Where Were You

    i like this a lot. this is a timeless song
  9. the german language seemed too harsh to me at times but this is great. and the music is a bit off as you said but you're right on point with where you're going.
  10. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    that means a lot, really! im aiming to increase the flow of creativity in music. in a productive way
  11. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    noted: sticking with it. thank you☺️
  12. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    really appreciated. at this point, i just want to show what im capable of. to where i can get to a situation that allows me to fully get into creation of the music im truly after. whether it be for me or someone else.
  13. the pure

    pure purple paradise

    thanks. i just might do that for the album version.