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  1. sumonicky

    A Toad in b flat

    This is what's great about this site- I'm writing about divine intervention in a darkest hour, some virtuoso pianist has composed a stunning classical piece, then I check out a guy writing great modern hip hop and now there's a squashed toad. You can't make this stuff up!
  2. sumonicky


    I must apologize, the production is fine. For some reason I could barely hear the vocals before. A problem my end ie tablet/headphones.
  3. sumonicky

    Wrote a piano piece.

    Wow. This is incredible and moving. Thanks for making me feel thoroughly inadequate. Good luck critiquing this guys!
  4. Yes, and please post a clickable link, you'll get a lot more interest as it is much more convenient for the listener.
  5. Oh I love the Dutch! This is bonkers, especially with the video, and makes me smile. The drums are a little out of time but the production is clear. It's random, unique, charming and fun. The chorus melody is good.
  6. sumonicky

    pure purple paradise

    Excellent. You're very talented. A real top down cruise control song. Just a touch more musical variety in the song would make this 'A' class in my opinion ie a refrain or bridge with slightly different musical elements. But I'm only critiquing as a listener; your production and commercial appeal is beyond my stuff.
  7. sumonicky


    Good stuff. It's stuck in my head which is a good sign. Nice to hear an old fashioned demo so I can hear the song and not bells and whistles. Can't find much to critique in the songwriting; good lyrics, love the chorus. Obviously you would need to get it produced again if you're looking for it to be published.
  8. Thanks kuya, yes you're right, you can learn production and i'm getting a little better but it will never be my forte. I record on keyboard and mic on an 8 track with no computer. Thanks for listening Gary, yes that section is fine for me, the island is still their home, and they have their memories. The song is inspired by the film but, as with most songs, there can be different ways of interpreting the lyrics. Songwriting is rarely literal. Let's just agree to disagree. Thanks Gijs, you are right with the production being safe. My original demo is on my soundcloud page along with some other of my dodgy auto tune ridden demos! 😜
  9. sumonicky

    Even Though

    I think this is a good vintage track, evocative of Everley Brothers and the early 60s. It's bouncy, memorable and charming. Good structure. Sounds genuine. Lyrics flow nicely. I've noticed some modern bands are including a vintage sounding track on their albums now so it has that vintage appeal. Others can comment on the production in more depth as I am no expert ('mr autotune, cher voice' 😒 but it would just need remixing and polishing, nothing drastic.)
  10. Thanks spanishbuddha, your trip sounds terrifying! We don't have anything wild and dangerous here in England. And yes, I preferred my arrangement and vocals on the original but my production and mixing skills are quite rudimentary so I thought I'd try an outside source. The true essence of the song was lost but they did a decent job. Sadly unless it's a song like 'true colors' or 'landslide', to name a couple, I've learned that production really matters; how many modern pop tunes would sound good without all the glitter and gold? Not too many in my opinion.
  11. It most certainly does. The close bond that the lead character and tiger establish (or human depending on different perspectives which is explained at the end of the film) is in doubt when the tiger walks off into the jungle without acknowledging the main character. Fits perfectly.
  12. sumonicky

    Life - Rock/Jazz Ballad

    Very good! I can't find anything to fault. Sounds like an undiscovered softer alice in chains album track. All musical components are strong and come together beautifully. In my opinion you don't need a critique for this just get it out there! Cracking voice.
  13. Got this produced for me. My original had indian percussion, instruments and had a more 'world' feel which they've lost for a more commercial western feel. Inspired by the film 'Life of Pi'. https://soundcloud.com/user-52999477/cd8482-home-by-nicholas-harman-1-1 I lost my faith I lost it all Was nowhere left For me to fall But into the blackness Of my heart Had not the strength To carry on Until you came in Like the sun Your eyes burning bright And lighting up the dark This is our home This is our home All that we know This is our home We're here alone Where we belong And so we found Our common ground An island paradise We found Yearning for our feet To feel the earth But all was not As it seemed Was our connection Just a dream? For you left Without saying a word (Repeat Chorus) We've faced the cold, the dark Near drowned in raging seas Invincible I feel As long as you're with me (Repeat Chorus)
  14. Thanks for the feedback Gary. Yes, I thought structurally this song would divide opinion. I did play around with making it more 'to the formula', flourishing choruses etc but it was just spoiling the flow and meaning of the song. Its repetitive nature was intentional like a prayer but not for everybody.
  15. Thank you Patty and Dominick. Good advice on the auto tune. I write songs and am not a performer so I cut corners with my vocal. I'll sit on the auto tune naughty step and think about what I've done! Next task; learning how to sing in tune again.