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  1. Hicham

    His Eyes

    Beautiful song! simple and so deep...i like it a lot
  2. Hicham


    It depends if it is for recording or for performing concerts, for recording it will depend also on your voice genre and the way you sing.. in some case a large membrane condenser microphone is your best choice and sometimes a dynamic microphone (Shure SM57 or 58) will be your best choice. Anyway for 300-400$ you can get a good microphone. For performing concerts dynamic microphone will be great, so again Shure SM58 or Shure SM57 will do the job (in Belgium the price is less than 100€. But of course you can buy more expensive (and more precise) microphone but the SHURE is a really good choice..
  3. Hicham

    Time Stretching

    Melodyne is definitely a great pitch shift and time stretch software, but as you already have Cubase (witch version?) I would recommend to use it, there is few time stretching algorithms, and depending on what audio material you want to stretch, you'll need to choose the more appropriate algorithm. Ten years ago the quality of melodyne was unbeatable, but I tried it few months ago in a project and the quality was the same as Cubase. Also stretching a hole mix depend first of all on your content, sometimes you can double the tempo without any noticeable loss of quality, and in other audio materials after stretching by 20% you began to hear digital noises in the high medium frequencies..
  4. Hicham

    Considering Bitwig

    The guitar controlled (with matrix pad) is very impressive, but it will need such long time to master this way of playing guitar The sound is really great!!!