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  1. Jimpate

    Take me or leave me

    I do like this one Willsx. I personally would work a bit in the last line of verse 2. And you have some problems with word agreements. For example, in the bridge2
  2. Jimpate

    My Biggest Fan

    I do love humor. From your "coolest fan".
  3. Jimpate

    The Legend

    Yes, good effort. As pointed out above, there are some minor grammatical errors that lead to some confusion. Good luck
  4. Jimpate

    Broken Man

    I like the lyrics. I know I'm just an old coot stuck in the past, but I didn't feel the F***G word was necessary to the lyrics. You were telling the story very well without it. And I'm sorry, but I guess I don't know the difference between a chorus and refrain. Guess I'm not a "rocker" huh? Anyway, I have to agree in part with Mike. The "Chorus" or "Refrain" does seem disjointed being twice the length of the verse.
  5. Jimpate

    My Biggest Fan

    That's what I heard. So you are telling the story.
  6. Jimpate

    My Biggest Fan

    Paul, I would like to comment but I'm not sure if you're speaking about yourself, you're latest recording or another person.
  7. Jimpate

    Geriatric rock

    It's too real! I love the idea. Good work. To me, in my 8th decade, I surely relate
  8. Jimpate

    Talk to me

    Good! I understand that story for sure.
  9. Jimpate

    I Was The One

    Wow! Great song and great production IMHO.
  10. Jimpate

    His Eyes

    I just listened to this song. It's a great tune IMHO. Love the guitar. To be honest, the only comment I could make is that a bit more to the story would bring it home.
  11. Jimpate

    In Time

    I like the rewrite. But now I am a little confused about the arguments. Is it debt or unruly child? I have found it's easier to write a song about something I've experienced personally. But good job. I know it will be a great song
  12. Jimpate

    I'm losing you

    Actually I read the lyrics a second time and the story began to clear. The problem I had as I read the lyrics and began to hear a melody form, the metre was a bit rough. Just an old coot's opinion
  13. Jimpate

    Last train outta here

    I almost hear the story... But I'm having a hard time knowing who, what and why. The how is great
  14. Jimpate

    In Time

    I'm an old country guy. Like the lyrics. The prior suggestions make great sense