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  1. Angler Merkel

    Are we talking about refugees or about terrorists? We don't know yet who was responsible for this latest incident, but previous incidents were home-grown, not refugees. Perhaps we should stick to discussing the (rather clever and amusing) poem on this thread. I'm not sure what the "open borders" line was referring to either, but I'm guessing it was linked to her views on whether or not refugees should be prevented from entering. I'm sure Rob will elucidate if he wants to.
  2. Angler Merkel

    "Open borders" refers to the borders between European States and is really only in effect in the Schengen Area, so you can drive between (for example) France and Spain just as easily as you can drive between (for example) North Carolina and South Carolina. There are no open borders to enter the EU - as you would find out if you were to land at any EU airport. Overrunning Europe? Really? We in the EU are closer to the nations in crisis and we all have obligations to take in genuine refugees under international law.
  3. Billy Grey - Casually (Music)

    Moved this here as it doesn't look like it is your own music. Let me know if that isn't the case.
  4. Looking for Musician to Put Music to My Lyrics

    Just a suggestion, Ralph, but I'd remove your email address. There are programs out there scooping up email addresses automatically - and it could end up on a variety of mailing lists. People could always contact you via the messenger on this site (which will notify you by email in any case). Up to you ...
  5. I think people are trying to offer feedback rather than find new music - this is a community of songwriters, after all, and that's how this place works. If you want greater involvement, maybe listen to some other people's work and offer your own critiques? Of course, if you simply wanted to showcase the song, that's fine too - but maybe post in Artist's Cafe next time?
  6. First impressions - seems like a top job to me! Would you post the lyrics? They are key to this and there is some sweet rhyming going on there if I'm hearing them right. I'll listen more (and on better speakers because these speakers won't give me much bass and make me wonder if the bass could do with more of a boost).
  7. Upgrade - please report any issues

    Phew Glad it fixed the problem!
  8. Upgrade - please report any issues

    OK - we may have a fix. I have patched the bad theme css and I hope the issue (which was just with IE11) has now gone. Let me know if it worked. If not, I can reload the whole theme and re-edit it.
  9. Upgrade - please report any issues

    OK - so my fix failed but at least now I know that it is in the css for the site theme (but not in the css for the default theme) - so that helps! Thank you. Now to find where in the css ...
  10. Upgrade - please report any issues

    I made one small change - let me know if it's better now. If not, I may not have time to look at that properly until the weekend. If it's not working, could you try the default theme? You can change theme down at the bottom left of any screen (there is a drop-down menu). I'd be curious whether it is happening there too. I wonder whether it checks your browser and, for some browsers, chooses fixed width and has a bad setting. Do you have another browser you could try it on?
  11. Upgrade - please report any issues

    Thanks Paul - let me know how you get on. It would be good to get to the bottom of what's happening here!
  12. Upgrade - please report any issues

    OK - I'm a bit flummoxed and I'm going to have to think about it (unless anyone has any suggestions)! The width is meant to be dynamic - there should be no horizontal slider at all. I tried it on my desktop too and don't see what you are seeing. Could either of you post a screenshot? It may give a clue ... The only thing I can think of right now to try is maybe deleting any cookies?
  13. Upgrade - please report any issues

    This is all very odd! I don't even see a slider bar - in Chrome or Edge or in IE11. The screen simply adjusts to the width of the window. What devices are you using (I'm on a laptop)?
  14. I've just run an upgrade and a few things probably need fixing. Please bear with me! However, if you notice any issues, feel free to report them here. Thanks!
  15. Collaborator

    So we have two, recent members (not Chris) who are closely associated with Tunedly posting on this thread (and others) largely promoting their site. Yes, the self-promotion is dressed up a little but it is still clearly self-promotion. Please use the appropriate forum in future. Thread locked.