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  1. Welcome aboard, Rainchaser! Dive right in and start posting your material (and providing critiques for others) - hopefully, you will find what you need here.
  2. My bad (I should stop skip-reading!) - pretend I wasn't here
  3. I don't think he's trying to tune an instrument. He's trying to adjust the pitch of some recorded audio (from a vsti).
  4. I probably should rewrite the whole thing! It's (almost) the identical wording that has been there for 8 years or so I'll correct it, at least
  5. Yes, if you'd like to post a lyric for feedback, J.W., simply: Go into Lyrics Feedback Click on Start New Topic (on the right, just below the forum rules) Add a Topic Title (usually the song title) Start typing your lyric - (or cut and paste from wherever you have it written) Click on Submit
  6. There are a bunch of ways in which this could be done. However, it all depends on what you are willing to sacrifice. What's good about the current way of doing things? Contestants are anonymous Votes receive scrutiny because someone is tallying them Contestants cannot vote for their own entry People can only vote once Only members can enter and only members can vote Entrants all receive a level of feedback on their entry (i.e. they see ALL of the scores) The downside is that it does require some work from the person running the contest. What alternatives are there? 1. We could use polling, built into the site. This could be just a simple "vote for your favourite" or it could be 2/3 questions (vote for winner, vote for second, vote for third), to be translated into points. The person running the contest would still need to post the entries and would need to set up the poll (and close it on the end date), and post the scores if we do more than a "what is your favourite". We could also allow people to post their own entries, removing anonymity. I would suggest we would also need to remove anonymity from the scores (or we wouldn't know if anyone voted for themselves). 2. We could use a separate tool, like Survey Monkey. If we wanted it to be free, we would need to limit the entries (10 seems to be the magic number for most, but some go to 15). Anyone running the contest would need to learn to use Survey Monkey (or whatever). We would have no control over who votes or whether people vote for themselves. This is unlikely to be a useful option. 3. We could stick with what we have (mostly) Either keep it as it is, or let people post their own entries - which would cut down the work involved but will cause suspicion that votes are based on personalities (almost certainly). I'm happy to work with any alternative. However, there are reasons it is run as it is. If people are willing to sacrifice anonymity, alternatives could be explored more easily. The other aspect is whether every entrant wants a set of scores (which could be lost with an automated poll, for example).
  7. Agreed. Also - The real question should be - does it work?
  8. I was looking at including blogs in the site (so that anyone who wanted to could set up their own blog and use it as you suggest). However, the way the software works, it proved impossible for people to have their own, individual blogs (so that you could look at a member's blog rather than a mix of bog posts) - which made it a bit useless. I'd still be interested in finding a way of doing this but, for now, I think the best/only way is this: Set up your own site/blog/whatever - you could use Wordpress.com as an example, for free. In your profile, give the link to it (there are a number of places to do so) and it will then show up when people view it. Add a link in your signature (see my sig below as an example) If anyone clicks your profile, they will be able to link to your work. If anyone clicks on a link in your signature, the same applies
  9. Never used Garageband, but would the AUPitch effect work?
  10. I applied a small update to the site today. You shouldn't see much different (but do let me know here if anything is broken - thanks!). One thing it does fix is that you should now be able to lock your own threads if you are the thread starter (this is done by using the "moderation actions" at the top right and bottom right of the thread).
  11. Good spot. Fixed. Thanks
  12. I'm not convinced that higher sample rates will necessarily improve very much, but that may depend on your kit. There is even a chance that they could make things worse due to anti-aliasing (if you went for 192, for example, which you aren't suggesting. That said, some kit does seem to work better at certain sample rates, so you may want to try it. At one point, I felt that my interface "liked" 88.2, so I recorded at that rate. However, I could easily have been deluding myself and, these days, I just use 44.1. I suspect that other factors will be much more significant than the sample rate used, but there can be advantages. One thing that a higher sample rate will give you is lower latency - and that may be worth having, depending on whether latency is an issue for you. 24 bit is definitely worthwhile. I never saw any point in going higher, as it gives plenty of headroom, so just stick with that. There are plenty of arguments about sample rates, so I'll just leave it at that - and share this link (it talks about playback rather than recording, but explains the concepts well) - https://people.xiph.org/~xiphmont/demo/neil-young.html. There's also this - http://www.trustmeimascientist.com/2013/02/04/the-science-of-sample-rates-when-higher-is-better-and-when-it-isnt/ Maybe just try 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96? See what "feels" best to you? The higher sample rates use more disk space, but that's not usually a consideration, these days.
  13. You know, you are right - but sometimes that is exactly the situation that sets up friction that generates the most learning and/or the most interesting result!