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  1. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    Dear Lord - A gooner! Where's that ban button???
  2. Technical Help Please

    I'm a little confused and a few more details may help. He has a Tascam (not sure if this is a hand-held recorder or an audio interface - Tascam make a variety of devices). I'm assuming it's a hand-held device and he isn't getting the quality he would like - and is struggling with using computer software and an audio interface? Can he make it work at all? What does "raw form" mean? A recording? What instrument(s) does he play? Is it sheet music? It's a little unclear what is being asked - but it seems a fairly big ask and quite difficult to do unless face to face. What is he looking for? A simple, one instrument and one vocal, demo? A full band with drums and bass? Another thought is that I assume he can perform his songs - in which case, I am sure there must be studios closer to home than London that may be able to help - and where he may even be able to learn the basics of home recording if he wants to (though getting a GOOD recording does take a number of skills and the right room and equipment, I admit). Alternatively, they may take a bare bones song and record it for him - for example, here's one in Chorlton, which isn't far from you - http://www.airtightproductions.co.uk/#Offers (I have no idea what they are like but it looks as if they have a £250 package). P.S. Please be aware that there is very little money (or none at all) to be made from songwriting. Virtually everyone on here, if they have made any money at all, has spent more than they have made from writing songs. I would approach this as an investment in a hobby unless you can network strongly and make the right connections, and play regularly and develop a following. He may be a genius, but there are a surprising number of geniuses out there who also struggle (I'm not trying to be mean or snarky, but it's important to know the reality!).
  3. Online Credibility

    Yeah, but I may well ignore advice from unqualified sources ... I think many (most?) people would. Feedback, however, is feedback - whatever the source. And I do think that Tom was talking about advice, specifically.
  4. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    I do see flaws in the SOTY approach, though it does have the benefit of being very simple. The main flaw, as I see it (and I'd be interested in knowing whether there are others) is that it provides less individual feedback to each song. It simply separates out the winners and, in the Song of the Year, that (to me) feels appropriate. However, I also think that most people would like to get some information on the spread of people's reactions - did most people put me in the middle of the pack or did I split opinion with some people loving my song while others thought it was bad? I'd like to encourage people to provide additional feedback (in the scoring thread that I'll open later) on each song - even a simple one-liner. I can't enforce that, but I do think many people will provide it. But that doesn't address the scoring. So, what am I thinking of doing? Well, this: Imagine you have 4 buckets. You need to put one song in the first bucket (this is for your overall winner). You need to distribute the remaining songs in each of the remaining buckets. One bucket is for your next 3 songs (not the winner but in the top 4). One bucket is for your middle 4. Everything else goes into the bottom 6. Your winner will receive 4 points. The next 3 songs will receive 3 points each. The middle 4 will get 2 points. The lowest 6 will get one point. When voting, you will be asked to list your top 4 teams (in no particular order), the next 4 teams (in no particular order) AND your overall winner (i.e. which team from your top 4 teams do you think should win). That's it. If anyone fails to vote, their team will lose 3 points. This is to mitigate against any advantage gained by not scoring (deliberately or not). When I report the scores, each team will be able to see: Their total score in points The number of votes they received for each bucket (winner, next top 4, middle 4, low 6) Any deduction they received (hopefully none) It will look something like this (except with values entered and (hopefully) no deductions!): Team Lyrics Music Song Win Top Mid Low Ded Points Kuster Kuya Murphster Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Spider SpanishBuddha Dinorider Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 TriffidWolfe Songwolfe Triffid Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 IronAndy Ironknee AndyLeF Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Mobody Tracy Somebody Moso Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Duck DonnaMarilyn PaulCanuck Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Jotto Jonie Scotto Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 1 4 Rock 14Music Onewholovesrock Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Cluda Clemo Dan Barracuda Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Peek Peko Oswlek Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Iglow Iggy Bruce Callow Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Quart ART1108 Quintin Penola Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Tymed Ty Cobb syl_a_med Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Lyres Lyrical The S Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 Barron Barneyboy Neuroron Song-name here 0 0 0 0 -6 -6 I think this system will be easy to score and easy to administer, while providing useful quantitative feedback to each team. Qualitative feedback will have to come from comments provided in the thread. But let's discuss it, by all means!
  5. Music first lyric wirting?

    Yup! Me too! Mostly, anyway. I HAVE written lyrics first but I'm never quite as happy with the outcome. (By the way, that is VERY cool, Mr S :))
  6. Online Credibility

    I do agree that credentials count. I suspect we are all more likely to take advice from people we respect than from those we know nothing about. I also think that it helps to get to know people and their capabilities. I'm a bit more lazy than Tom and am less likely to do a bunch of research, but I will get to know people by their work and by their posts. I think this, for me, is one of the advantages of a community and of becoming part of one - people get to know you and you get to know them, over time. It's a trust thing. Once I know someone, I get to know what I think their strengths are. That way, when they say something I don't immediately agree with (or give me feedback that stings!) I am less likely to dismiss it, especially when it concerns an aspect of songwriting (or anything!) that I know they are skilled/knowledgeable in. That said, I have received useful feedback from people who (imho) lack songwriting skills and who have few credentials. Sometimes this may be because they are effectively representing my audience and sometimes this is because they have simply held up a mirror that shows me something I missed (for example, they misunderstood something I thought was clear but can now see was confusing). But it's still a trust thing
  7. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    Andrew! Good to hear from you. I suspect you are too late for the contest now, sadly - but let's see if anyone steps up.
  8. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    OK, so we have a new team (Barneyboy and Neuroron) - Team Barron! Better late than never
  9. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    If you end up with someone new, Ron, I guess you will be a fully-fledged contestant. Just let me know!
  10. looking for a little advice

    While I absolutely agree about being able to play chords in different positions (though that can always come later) I still think it is worth getting that fingering on the A chord. It will be needed, for example, if you wanted to move it up to the 5th fret and play a C (for example). Personally, I find this fingering simple and give easy transition to D and C (and leaves the pinky free to hammer on/off on the 1st string, if required) - and you can also hammer on/off the index finger.
  11. looking for a little advice

    Justinguitar is a great resource - he explains things very well, I think. https://www.justinguitar.com/ - and his beginners course is free.
  12. looking for a little advice

    I'm not sure what fingering you are using. I'd do it this way: Fingering is discussed very clearly in this video:
  13. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    I think, apart from the fact that we have the interested lyricists on board already, the other aspect is time. By the time we got someone on board (if there is anyone) and they had come up with some lyrical ideas, time would be running very short. Ron doesn't mind starting behind everyone else but, by using the other teams' "leftovers", he doesn't get to start even further behind (we are already one third through). It seemed the simplest solution when I suggested it to him.
  14. Collaboration Contest Instructions and Discussion

    OK - a new dimension. Neuroron has woken from his slumbers and would like to participate. I've collaborated with him and he's a great collaborator! He will be starting late but is good with the timelines. Here's what I suggest. I know some of the lyricists have "spare" lyrics that aren't being used. If you are interested in the chance of participating in two collabs, could you send your "spares" to Neuroron by PM by the end of Saturday. He will then choose a lyric from whoever steps up and that lyricist will then also collab with Ron. Ron just needs to let me know who the lyricist is! This is amazing - I've never had a surfeit of musicians before! Edit: It's been pointed out to me that this approach gives one lyricist two bites at the "cherry", which is not an issue I had considered, admittedly. For that reason, I will take up Ron on his offer to be left out of any placings (but the song will be shared along with the others and scores gathered and fed back privately). The main contest itself will be unaffected.
  15. Unrecognised genius

    Not at all! I understand you "metal heads" are sensitive souls