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  1. I'm a big fan of Melodyne (and hyped that ARA is coming to Reaper). It's so much more than a pitch tool. Here's a video on Sound design (it gets more interesting after the part on vocals - you could skip to 1:48 if you choose to).
  2. 2017 Song of the Year (Open Format)

    Votes coming in and we have one leader and 3 tight behind it at this stage ...
  3. The Song of the Year contests are now underway and voting is very easy! To vote, check out the threads ... 1+1 Song of the Year Open Format Song of the Year
  4. Customary curtesy

    Just waiting to see if I can get some working links to a couple of songs before I kick off the SOTY contests. Should start today or tomorrow hopefully. Edit: Now underway
  5. THE CONTENDERS: Here are the songs vying for the Open Format title this year (these all placed first in a monthly contest in 2017) Where the Sun Keeps Shining Down - Clint Leonard The Other Summer - ScenesFromPalacio When this bottle lets go of my hand - Paul Canuck Since I Met You - Jambrains Bourbon Street - The S Disappear for Love - Murphster Elegy on the death of an American girl - The S Man on the Run - The S SCORING: Please select the 3 best songs (if you are a contestant,you must vote but you can't vote for any of your own songs. If you fail to vote, I will simply subtract a vote from your song(s). Each song selected will be given a score of 1, so no need to put them in any particular order or ranking. Please send your selections to me via Private Message by midnight on January 20.
  6. 2017 Song of the Year (1+1)

    THE CONTENDERS: Here are the songs vying for the 1+1 title this year (these all placed first or second in a monthly contest in 2017) Little Stones - Fabkebab Don't Doubt My Heart - IyD There You Are - ScenesFromPalacio The Better Man - Ironknee I Ain’t No Angel - Ironknee Before Love Comes - Murphster Forever Loved - Triffid SCORING: Please select the 3 best songs (if you are a contestant,you must vote but you can't vote for any of your own songs. If you fail to vote, I will simply subtract a vote from your song(s). Each song selected will be given a score of 1, so no need to put them in any particular order or ranking. Please send your selections to me via Private Message by midnight on January 20.
  7. Customary curtesy

    We do need some 2017 "Year" contests, you are right. Many of the other mods have monthly winners and can't run them - so I'll set something up, probably at the weekend.
  8. Need feedback on some lyrics

    Welcome to the Muse! My stepson lives in Charlotte - nice city I like a lot of this but I do think it would benefit from a little more work and much may depend on the music. Three points: 1. While you vary the chords for verse and chorus, every part of the song has the same rhythm (including the bridge, even though you break it differently on the page). This may be OK but will present a challenge to maintain interest throughout unless you get inventive with the melody - and it may currently be a bit long to do that successfully. 2. Others have mentioned the focus - it isn't clear yet. I don't mean that everything needs to be spelled out but I do think it would help to have the song be more about one thing. 3. You have put a lot of work into maintaining the same rhymes - and done it very well. However, as the song progresses it sometimes means we have to kill our babies. Right now, I think the third verse is your weakest and the bridge draws us away from the emotional arc of the song (and it would be nice to be drawing the listener in more at that stage). So, what to do? Personally, I think the chorus can provide a meaning - which is about a relationship. Do you really need all of the parts? You could lose the chorus and go for an AABA structure, for example - and your use of a verse refrain line would support that well. Currently, your refrain line is "I'm in a picture that's starting to fade". Maybe consider shortening this to "I'm a picture that's starting to fade". I think it's stronger. Alternatively, you could go for "And the picture is starting to fade". A couple of other thoughts. If you do keep the last verse, I'd suggest "All of my dreams building castles in Spain" is better than "I will never obtain" (which is a bit forced). Overall, I think you would benefit from standing back and seeing what could be cut, highlighting the weaker lines and replacing them (I just know a few bug you still!) and seeing whether you can refocus. As an example - rather than a suggestion (because I know you can rework this perfectly well yourself!): Starting to Fade V-1 All of my homecoming queens are estranged All of my cowboys are lost on the plains All of my cities have gone up in flames The picture is starting to fade V2 All of my heroes have died on the stage All of my songs end up sounding the same All of my dreams, building castles in Spain The picture is starting to fade Bridge (quick placeholder - need something much better!) The queens and the cowboys, the cities and heroes, the songs and the dreams hold no sway They're means to an end that is getting much nearer as I watch us fading away V3 When we first started, you forecast the end Now we are strangers -- we only pretend You are my portrait and I am your frame The picture is starting to fade
  9. Customary curtesy

    I think, as a minimum, a congratulatory post to the winner(s) and a tip of the hat to the non-contestant scorers is - while not mandatory - a reasonable expectation from entrants. I have to confess, I haven't spent much time on here lately other than basic upkeep, so haven't posted myself. I will say that I think the quality is great when I have listened and offer my belated congratulations to all of the winners (and apologies for not paying attention!).
  10. Learning guitar

    Yes! It will
  11. Learning guitar

    Three things - The first is to do a little every day. 15 minutes a day is better than 2 hour-long sessions at the weekend. When you get in from work, do you get changed? Maybe do a little then? Second, this guy is good (and free) - https://www.justinguitar.com/ Third, If you can find someone locally that can see you face to face - if only to check your posture and to prevent any bad habits developing - that would be excellent! Good luck!
  12. How can we improve the site?

    No problem at all (maybe run it in other contests to avoid any clash with other contests) - and yes, an open contest makes sense (with an instrumental it would be hard to tell if it had been created in a specific timescale in any case!)
  13. How can we improve the site?

    I'd suggest Self Promotion and Advertisements (most are money making schemes, after all). Alternatively, I guess a community blog might work (and could also serve to warn people away from the less reputable contests).
  14. Havana - Camila Cabello , Young Thug

    I don't understand the point. Please don't post other people's lyrics for feedback.
  15. Used

    I spent some time this morning researching the RME Babyface Pro. Looks like an amazing unit! If I were to invest in a mic like the Neumann U 87 Ai (or any high-end condenser), do you think the pres on the Babyface would be sufficient? Or, do you think a high-end stand-alone mic pre like the Avalon VT-737sp should be used between the mic and the Babyface? https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VT737SP And, do you think the Babyface would be better for my purposes than the Apogee Ensemble (overkill?)? And, out of curiosity, are you familiar with the Apogee Mini-Me and Mini-DAC units? They are older (discontinued). I bought them years ago, but never used them. Supposedly, they have amazing mic pres and are awesome AD-DA converters. But, maybe they are just outdated now, and I'd be better off just starting fresh with cutting edge equipment? I have no experience of the Apogee kit. They do, however, have a good reputation. Try them? If they don't work well for you maybe try RME (that I do know). I suspect the Apogee stuff will serve you will (and you already have it, which is key!) As I mentioned earlier, I have a new mic still in the box that got very good reviews at the time I bought it. It's called the M-Audio Sputnik Tube Mic. Do you have any knowledge of it, by chance? No, sorry. I have no experience of it. Again, why not try it? It may be exactly what you need - and, again, you have it already! I'd use it in Cardioid on your guitar and vocal. Again, I wonder if the Avalon VT-737sp is overkill? I was reading that paired with the U 87 Ai, it's amazing. I realize we're talking about a lot of doe, but it's the worth the investment for me. I just don't want to buy things that I really don't need. Would it make that much of a difference compared to the Babyface alone? A mic pre will make less difference to you than other kit, in my opinion. Save the cash! That can come later - if needed! I really like the Sony MDR-7506. Very affordable and reliable for clean, neutral sound. Of course, there may be better out there, but it's what I've used. Again, I have no experience with these but, assuming they don't leak, they will do just fine! Yeah, I really can't wait to get that custom Martin. Should be amazing! I love my Ovation, and would likely always use it for soloing and for plugging in live if the occasion called for it, but the Martin is another stratosphere altogether. I hope so! I have a Martin and a Taylor. Sometimes they sound different and sometimes they sound identical. I would simply advise trying plenty of guitars and buying the one that just feels right. You'll know it when you play it! For recording, just fall in love with the sound of the guitar and record that with a mic (don't worry too much about the onboard electronics, if any). Playing out, maybe use your Ovation or, as I do, just use what is available at the venue (saves you carrying anything and you know they know how to EQ it! ) Very glad you are enjoying the community and also glad you are here!