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  1. LinearAmusic

    No Safe Place

    This is a work in progress. https://soundcloud.com/user-796341724-505699795/no-safe-place Hello, I'm tinkering with this little short song. I want to make it partially instrumental. I want to set the mood with the short verse and then let the instruments carry it off into the dusk... Any suggestions for additional instrumentation? Are the coyotes too much? Lyrics: The snake lives in the rabbit's hole the hawk lives in the sky oh where oh where will the rabbit go when she hears the coyotes cry
  2. LinearAmusic

    The Exorcism

    So, it's just about a ghost that is building trust with a person that has moved into his home..so that he can posses them and then exorcise them...by causing the person to commit suicide. Some have pointed out that it could easily be about battling personal demons as well. The truth is that i wanted to write a scary story, but I also wanted to leave it slightly vague because the things that scare us most are the things that we imagine ..I like to leave a little room for the listener to fill in some blanks with their own story or own fears. Thanks
  3. LinearAmusic

    The Exorcism

    Thanks. It is kind of short. I just couldnt think of anything to add that wouldnt detract from the tension or bore the listener. I am trying to write more word heavy songs though.
  4. LinearAmusic

    Seedy Side of Heaven

    I like the idea of a "seedy side of heaven".. I recently wrote a song referencing a bad side of hell... it's really a cool idea because one references ultimate bliss and one ultimate suffering but our division of heaven and hell into good and bad neighborhoods is fresh and humanizes both places a bit.. plus it suggests that things can always get better or worse..
  5. LinearAmusic

    puppet (original song)

    I like the way you arrange your words. Very Pixie-esque but with a touch of haunting jazz.. thanks for sharing.
  6. LinearAmusic

    The Exorcism

    The Exorcism Hello, This is a song that I wrote recently. I recorded it with my growing band, but it revolves around vocals and the acoustic guitar..though the bass line is really cool. We used a volume pedal to get that effect. I wanted to create a Steven King-esque tension between the characters. I'll include the lyrics below. I will also provide a soundcloud and soundclick link so that people can go to whichever they wish. Some people don't like soundcloud, but I can upload the WAV version there. Thanks for listening and helping me grow with constructive feedback. https://soundcloud.com/user-796341724-505699795 https://www.soundclick.com/bands3/?bandID=1437518 The Exorcism I am a whisper I'm the cold on your neck I'm a soul picture Burnt to the world and left I will not hurt you I simply cannot leave the nest except I'll remind you that you too will one day face death I am harmless. You have nothing to fear. I am so harmless staring out from the mirror keep taking half breaths. Reach out and touch my hand. You should have left when you still had the chance. Let us write a note and take responsibility let us tie the rope and leave this world hanging.