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  1. BeccaWrites

    Sorry, lover

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 😄 @Baker's Dozen
  2. BeccaWrites


    I really enjoyed this! It's very different, very original, from what most people tend to write about. Did you have a melody in mind when you wrote this? I'm very interested to hear how this song would flow. Very well done!
  3. BeccaWrites


    Hi! I honestly really like it, not to many artists can do what you did with the words. I think we're so used to seeing everything we write shorten, but it all depends on the type of music you're creating. May I ask if you wrote a melody in mind for this song?
  4. BeccaWrites

    Sorry, lover

    Thank you so much for the feedback! With my songs, I tend to tell stories instead of instead of introducing the song's topic right upfront, I thought it may make them listen long enough to hear what the song about. But thank you so much, i'll definitely try trimming it down a bit.
  5. BeccaWrites

    Sorry, lover

    Okay so I came up with about twenty minutes ago, and I kind of surprised myself because I normally don't write this kind of thing. I'd really like some feedback on this one, so if you have any that'd be cool. So these are all my own lyrics but anyways here it is lot: "How do all these thoughts fit in my head anxious, violent, whispering pretty sure i'm dead." "Wish that I could tell someone, how I woke up in her bed the pink sheets crumpled to the floor when I snuck out the back instead" "She's the only girl I met, that looked pretty when she cried but this time it was me who made those tear fall from her eyes" "And darling i'm so sorry for all the good times that we had I'm sorry for them all, because I still can't love you back." "I told you I wasn't scared me and her against the world but I sacrificed your heart, in the name of being "pure"." "I;m so sorry, I've never felt so bad, I'm so sorry but I don't love you back." "You thought that I would be there, honestly I did too. This time i'm not the one who's broken, not the one who's used." "I swore one day we'd tell them all, you're the one that I adored. Honey, you can't keep me I was never really yours." "I'm so sorry lover, I don't love you anymore."
  6. BeccaWrites

    Too much, too many

    Okay, so I wrote this last night around 1:00 in the morning, so sorry if its a little ify but I was a bit tired. Maybe you guys can help me smooth it out some but anyways: Verse 1: "I let you in, thinking my lips wouldn't bruise when I kiss you I puff out my chest, but I'm telling you right now I miss you." "We go from sad to sadder, Convince our selves we are better, than this, we spit on each other we fight like we're lovers but I'm feeling smothered , too much, too much, too many, mistakes already This kind of thing, it gets heavy." "The late nights, tired eyes "take me home's" it's no surprise to me. too much , too much, too many." Okay so keep in mind this is just the first verse, and this song has a sadder tone too it, and the sound is kind of more indie sounding. For refrence you can listen to Zhavia or Billie Eilish, we have kind of the same sound in music.