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  1. I did write the music and the lyrics. I have been using https://songwriterdemos.net to demo my songs for me. I use others but this guy did the song in question. I think what Neal meant by demo mill is companies like songwriterdemos.net that are all over the internet, What I meant by industry was publishers. I submit to publishers 1-2 songs with lyric sheets and a cover letter, and hope for a response. I've been writing songs for a long time but only recently started taking it serious and submitting demos. So I am still a novice trying to learn the ropes. I was under the impression you put a halfway decent demo together and submit it so they can hear the song and melody and determine if they like it and if they do they would take the song and produce it and make it ready for tv, radio , ect. What I learned from Neal and the response I got from some of you with more experience is that is not the case. It needs to be a finished product, complete and ready to go. I have a follow up question about demos. Guitar vocals,- piano vocals, - guitar, piano, drums, bass, flute, violin, ect. is one better than the other? thanks Chad
  2. All good advice. I'll try to find a local studio, maybe post my demo for critiquing. thanks Chad
  3. I called Neal today. I had a pleasant conversation with him that lasted about 10 or 12 minutes. He gave me some advice I plan on taking. He told me he liked my song and the singer who sang it, but the demo was not ready. He said he noticed right away it was done by a " demo mill " and advised me to stay away from them. He recommended I find someone local who I can work with. And that doesn't mean I need to spend more money than usual for a demo. Just use someone local so I have more control over it to sound the way I intended it to. Instead of someone from another state or country who will use there interpretation of my song. Other than finding a local person to make my demos, does anyone have experience as far as what the industry is looking for in a demo, quality wise? I thought my demos were of decent quality other than the use of drum tracks or machines, but after talking with him I realize I need to do better. thanks Chad
  4. I didn't even think about doing a BBB search, thanks for checking. Yeah I will give him a call this week, I'll post here what comes of it. thanks all. Chad
  5. yeah I will probably call him, just to see whats going on.
  6. I am skeptical, With his credentials he lists on his web page, and the number of years he has been around, I would think he would be all over the internet or at least on Wikipedia. I'm just a little perplexed about how he got a hold of one of my songs when I didn't send it to him. I appreciate the feedback, you helped re enforce what I already suspect. thanks Chad
  7. He sent me a letter with his business card. He said he heard one of my songs that I submitted. He described the song and the vocalist who sang it accurately. The problem is I don't remember sending a demo to him. I keep a list of all the publishers I send demos to and the date I sent them. He told me to call him. thanks Chad
  8. Has anyone heard of this guy or know anything about him? Neal James. http://nealjames.com/ The only thing I can find about him on the internet is his own web page. Thanks Chad